Joe Biden on the left. Richard Levine, on the right, who goes by the lie of “Rachel” and the lie of being a woman — he is now in the Biden Administration. This is the current state of decline, collapse, erosion, deviancy, and sin America has fallen into. And it’s only going to get worse. (photo caption did not appear in the original article posted here, and was added by the administrator of A Crooked Path).


Biden’s budget swaps “mothers” for “birthing people” because men get pregnant, too


June 8, 2021

By Jonathon Van Maren

Reprinted from The Bridgehead


In his June 1 “Proclamation on Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month,” President Joe Biden made it clear that he will be fighting to implement every jot and tittle of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender agenda, calling on the Senate once again to pass the Equality Act and promising that there will be many battles ahead. His education secretary, incidentally, has indicated that the Biden Administration will consider forcing states to permit biological boys into girls’ sports programs, a fundamental tenet of the trans cause. But Biden is going beyond that—even the word “mother” must go. From The Post-Millennial:

The Biden administration has entrenched the language of mother erasure in the new budget proposal. In a section on funding to reduce maternal mortality, mothers are referred to as “birthing people.” It reads: “Reduces Maternal Mortality Rate and Ends Race-Based Disparities in Maternal Mortality. The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate among developed nations, with an unacceptably high mortality rate for Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and other women of color.” It does, however, keep the word maternal. Probably because a new phrase hasn’t yet been coined for that.

“To help end this high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people—and in addition to the investment in maternal health included in the American Families Plan—the Budget includes more than $200,000,000 to: reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rates nationwide; bolster Maternal Mortality Review Committees; expand the Rural Maternity and Obstetrics Management Strategies program; help cities place early childhood development experts in pediatrician offices with a high percentage of Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program patients; implement implicit bias training for healthcare providers, and create State pregnancy medical home programs.”

…In the 2022 budget, the word mother appears once, with regard to paid leave, stating that “Paid leave has been shown to keep mothers in the workforce, increasing labor force participation and boosting economic growth. In addition, sustained tax credits for families with children have been found to yield a lifetime of benefits, ranging from higher educational attainment to higher lifetime earnings.”

It’s telling that the administration notes that mothers exist only in regards to the ability to work, to be cogs in the machine, to be separated from their children, and not in terms of the actual functions of mothers and motherhood.

As I wrote during the election, Joe Biden’s great appeal was that he was “normal”—a geriatric politician who’d been around for so long it was almost impossible for most Americans to see him as a threat. But Biden has been with the sexual revolutionaries for a long time—which is why a man born in 1942 is more than happy to swap out “mother” for “birthing person.” After all, men give birth now, too. Joe Biden is not a modern man—he’s a post-modern one. Welcome to America in 2021.


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