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I am an old man. As such I have experienced much in this fleeting fleshly life which began as the Lord knitted me in my mothers womb. I've been more stupid than many. Probably most. I've made myriad errors each day --- being still carnal and on this earth --- yet the Lord died for me. Took not only all my sins, but the sins of everyone from the point of His death on --- to the end of what will be known world history --- and made it thusly possible for me, as well as anyone else, who comes to believe, repent, submit and obey; to become regenerated, transformed, renewed of mind and spirit to become a disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord the only way to the Father and eternal life in heaven. I think daily of the suffering Jesus took upon Himself for all the sinners of the world and it staggers me each day when I meditate upon that. Beyond my comprehension the pain and suffering our Lord took upon Himself for each of us out of love, mercy and grace to provide the only source of salvation. To make eternal life possible. To restore that which was fallen and lost to once again the perfection prior to the sin of man and woman. I believe every single word within the whole of the Holy Scriptures. I believe every word important and God-breathed. I believe His Spirit worked in the men who wrote each word as God measured out to them while their personalities, experiences and place in history were why they were chosen by God for such a task. That is what is most important to know about me. I will not waver from the Holy Bible. I am blessed to be a part of a living, thriving in the Spirit Bible-centered, Bible-based genuine Christian church. I am blessed with the wonderful wife the Lord intended for me, and which I love dearly and have as my helpmate daily. All this came after many mistakes. Much foolishness, sin and stupidity on my part as I exercised my will and paid dearly for such foolhardy actions. I am richly, greatly blessed today. This fine day the Lord has made. And that is what matters. I do not reside in the past. Oh, sure, Satan is always attempting to whisper and distract, to wear down and inflict his fiery darts --- the Evil One attacks the true believer more than the unbelieving in this non-stop spiritual war every single person on this earth is a part of. In those times is when we all must turn to prayer, to yell at the devil and tell him to flee from you in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord and Son of God! And he will flee. And you can get on with things...it happens to us all dear ones. Daily. Let us keep the full armour of God always on, always shining, not stained nor damaged. I live today in the hope of tomorrow. In the greater hope of being pleasing and acceptable unto my Lord and spending eternity with a new name, a new body in the new heaven and new earth to come. That is all that is important to know about me. I think of myself not higher than anyone else for I do not know their heart, their circumstances. Oh, yes, as flesh and the war of flesh vs. spirit there are those I respect more than others, think more highly than others, but that is how it ought to be. We are to discern wisely and rightly divide the Word are we not? Treat all with respect and love, but when they reveal the true nature within them then we are instructed to judge wisely. Make no mistake. Do not be deceived by the current pagan (New Age) doctrines and ways dear ones. I live to be a watchman on the wall for the Lord our God and His Son, Jesus Christ the Saviour and He who I live to make Lord of my life. If anyone desires to contact me they can do so at: ken@acrookedpath.com All I ask, if contacting me, is to not use profane language, threats, or come with contention and the vileness of the devil in your heart --- if you want me to reply. If civil? I will reply. And, yes, as a genuine believer in Jesus and the one and only Jesus of the Holy Bible --- not a different Jesus, not the thousands of Jesus' created in the minds of the lost and walking in darkness in this world I am as one small fish swimming against the direction the mass, the indoctrinated in the lies of the father of lies mass is moving in. And for that I rejoice and am glad! I hope and pray you, too, are one of those swimming against the tide of this world and its lies and being enslaved to the Evil One and are one of the remnant, one of God's chosen people, a true disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord.

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