Welcome to A Crooked Path

We all take a path in life. We either take the path of this world and trust only in the devices, knowledge, philosophies, and creations of man, or we take the path of light, truth, and righteousness realizing our purpose in being created is to worship God. Jesus calls us. We hear him, respond, and out of the joy of coming out of darkness we embark on the path of discipleship and obedience to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit. We seek the knowledge and understanding of God and His Word. Or else we seek the ways of this world. We cannot serve both or seek both. If we’re double-minded we are liars. Plain and simple. We’re either real, true, and on the real straight path leading to the narrow gate — where few will enter, or we’re on the very wide path where most are milling about, numbing into each other in the darkness.
Scriptures teach us such truth. Life itself teaches each person this in one way or another. I recently heard a man I know say, “Everyone’s life is hard. And we can either go through this life with God and Jesus or without God and Jesus. Why not go through this hard life with God and Jesus?” Simple, eh? And each of us ought to ask, yes, why not go through this very difficult at times life with God, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit and God’s inerrant word rather than be opposed to such and imagine we can go it alone and make things work out better for ourselves?
None walk the straight and narrow from birth. None are good and holy. People are not inherently good as the world teaches. We all are sinners. No exceptions. We are all very messed up, fallen, incapable of living pure, holy lives on our own or according to any worldly philosophy ever created. Imagining oneself, or working at being “a good person” does nothing in attaining the salvation of the Lord and eternal life. Nothing. It is like attempting to catch and hold mercury in one’s hands. None can set their feet upon the path of righteousness without believing in God, believing in Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and without a renewing of spirit and mind — being born anew, a regeneration, a transformative act taking place in them, in their lives — putting aside the ways of this world as we are crucified and risen anew alive in Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and Him in us.
“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there will be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”
Matthew 7:13-14
We’re all on one path or another. We all either serve God or we serve Satan. There are no other paths than those two. One path leads to life the other to destruction. There are countless trails made by each individual as they live each day of their life, but all of us are on only one of the two paths heading in one of two distinct directions culminating in endings that can be known and are known. Just as many tributaries lead to one river.
The Holy Spirit is real, is personal, and an individual part of the Triune God. The Holy Spirit can provide every person truly saved by the shed blood of Jesus the Lord and Messiah power, strength, direction, and help in ways people cannot conceive unless they seek unless they answer the call and commit their lives to Jesus the Christ. Confessing their sins, repenting and discerning well what repentance truly means, asking for forgiveness, and asking — literally — for the Holy Spirit to reside within them in their renewed mind, heart, and spirit.
All things are possible with God.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105
If you’re a true believer reading this now? While there are a lot of current events and news and the like found here — please keep in mind in my mind, in my heart I know without any reservation or doubt that this is not my home. I’m merely a sojourner here. A stranger. A pilgrim. While there is a lot to love and enjoy here on God’s creation, the earth? This is not the home of a true believer. Heaven is our home. I keep that in my mind and heart daily. So, know that while a visitor will find a lot of current events here I attempt to put information on this site that does have some bearing to being a Christian in this fallen world, this sin-filled world. There are many signs of the times. Most are missed entirely by most folks, sadly.
I thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll stay awhile and you are always welcome to come back and stay longer.
Take some time to discover all  A Crooked Path has to offer. I hope you agree this place does have something of merit to offer to you or someone you know.
The main purpose this website came into being is from the priceless gift of salvation given to me in the payment made by our Lord, and this place was created with the purpose foremost in mind to worship, honor, glorify, and praise God and Jesus the Lord and Messiah. Through everything done here. That is the hope and intent. I will fall short at times. I am still flesh and human yet. But my hope is this place is for the Lord’s glory…not mine. To help reveal the times we live in, which are the last of the last days. We are living in Biblical times. Prophecy times. Make no mistake — while always having the heart, the spirit, the eye on Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God. The spiritual life. Not so much the fleshly one that will turn to dust and vanish as the spirit goes on eternally. May we each prioritize the eternal far over the temporal and not love this world, but love God, love the sacrifice and salvation provided by faith in Jesus, be enamored of the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to work in the heart, mind, and life of a true believer, or a person of the world coming into the Light, the Way, the Truth, and the Life found only in Jesus Christ!
Spend a lot more time in the word of God than you do here.
In Christ, thankfully, for if I were not and He not in me I would be among the lost…for eternity,
Ken Pullen