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The World Is Broken — Continued

  In This Edition: Churches in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction Christians Pay Islam’s Price for Freedom: Muslims Persecution of Christians January 2015 Why Is Barack Hussein Obama So Silent About The Vicious Persecution Of Christians All Over The Globe? Savages With Cell Phones ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: Death Toll in Nepal There Will Be Earthquakes: […]

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The World Is Broken

  In This Edition: Jonathan Cahn: ‘Follow Baal and go to hell’ ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: Words of Caution The Harbinger-A Matter of Critical Discernment Israelis Who Hate Israel – and the Christians Who Fund Them The Great Falling Away: Christians Leaving The Faith In Droves ‘The Time Is Coming That Whoever Kills You Will Think That […]

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Separation of Church & State

    ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: (Scroll below my brief comments after reading them to learn more) I do not have advertising on this website as almost every other website does. I do not do this to profit. I do not push or sell or constantly hammer over the head of visitors buy this, go to the store […]

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Woe to all you lost and blind walking in darkness!

  In This Edition: Terror Threats Mounting ISIS Calls For Attacks in the U.S. and Europe Christians Are Being Systematically Purged From the U.S. Military (Video) The Other Face of Terrorism Iran “Deal”: West’s Surrender Triggering War A 1,000 Mile Stretch of the Pacific Ocean Has Heated Up Several Degrees and Scientists Don’t Know Why […]

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