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Here’s Why…


Friday, November 11th, 2022

by Ken Pullen




Here’s why I will be simple, clear, and plain and keep writing the same things I have with regard to my priorities.

First, an objective reality check.

In a world of 8,000,000,000 people this place, ACP, has 94 subscribers. An average day sees anywhere between 30 or so additional visitors to 150 or so depending on how many articles are published and what those article headings are. The busiest day ever for ACP saw well over 3,000 visitors drawn to one article when I published information regarding the 3D lifesize printed replicas of the gateway to the Temple of Baal being installed in New York City and other major cities around the world. That was the most viewed article ever. An anomaly. Usually not that busy around here. Since March 2011 when this place began it’s seen over 200,000 visits. In eleven plus years. I’m honest and humbled. Small potatoes. Which is okay with me.

I’ll be 70 years old in January.

I don’t know how long this world has before the Lord Jesus Christ returns. I do believe this world is in its last of the last days. The birth pangs are growing closer in their revelation and contracting to cause all of creation to groan under the increasing weight of man’s sin and evil.

I do not subscribe to the doctrine that there will be a pre-tribulation “rapture” of true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and that Christians will be spared the Great Tribulation. I believe the Scriptures, which only through personal interpretation which we are instructed against can a person conclude they will be caught up in the sky prior to the Great Tribulation — out of their fear of what they may do or not do if there is no pre-tribulation “rapture.” I’ve heard one prominent national pastor on a syndicated Christian radio program say that if there is not a pre-tribulation “rapture” that he would lose his faith. I am convinced he is not alone and he is telling the truth.

I believe the Bible. Where it tells anyone willing to read and discern well, rightly divide the Word that all true believers will be caught up with Jesus Christ — when He returns His Second and only time to this corrupt and fallen earth.

Thus this place does not have a massive voice. This place does not reach many folks considering the world’s population and technology presently making it possible to reach the overwhelming majority of them. As the numbers reveal not many people are interested in visiting this place or becoming a subscriber.

Why should I be arrogant, or foolish in thinking for a moment that what I write should be about worldly politics or an election? I’m not naive in thinking I have any sway with anyone. That a place with 94 subscribers, most of whom are Christians — not all but most — and on a good day 150 or so folks drop by — that I have any material, worldly, temporal impact on anyone. No, with what I am as measured out by God, whatever I can do to serve the Lord, to those who come here it is most important to write of the correlation of every word, every act in the spiritual war taking place and not get caught up as so, so many do in addressing the evil manifesting itself greater and the people turning from God as something political, something solely American or of the West. And I’m certainly not going to lay blame at the feet of Darwinism or Marxism or anything such as that knowing and believing the Bible that it is all due to the inherent evil within every heart and mind of those in the flesh. And all that occurs in this world, and, yes, even in the so-thought separate and sacred, and apart America, is due to this inherent evil in the heart and mind of every person. Every person. It’s why things are as they are. Not democrats. Not George Soros. Not Marxism or Darwinism. Not even Joe Biden. Those are mere instruments of evil and to focus on those misleads. And they are not going to change by any words written or spoken by another person — they will only change, if they ever do, by the Supernatural power of the Spirit of God working in them.

Liberal progressive politics, democrats, Marxists, or communists are not where the focus ought to be placed. Because even the so-thought-conservative, Republican, so-called good American is evil by nature. No one is good, no not one. No one is pure or just. Not by any doctrines or words of men or women. It’s all evil, only evil purely to do with evil. Anything added to that only detracts and distracts. Satan is laughing and dancing a jig that such ingredients are tossed in and stirred in the worldly stew he cooks up continually. Distracting from the main point, the clear the plain the simple the precise. The foundational. Which few if any want to spend time on. Boring? I think not. Can’t demonstrate how bright you may be with the words used, the puffing up? Not what I’m interested in. Why are you?

It’s okay with me this place has such a wee voice and place in this world, on the Internet. On one hand, it shows me I’m doing what is right. Because if this place were very popular and had tens of thousands of subscribers or followers on Facebook or Twitter, and millions of likes and whatnot I would be concerned the things published here bring people out of pleasure rather than directness focusing on the Christian faith and the increasing manifestation of evil. I’m not here to make people “feel good” about their worldly beliefs and ways rather than publishing what people need to know. Whether it makes them uncomfortable or not, whether they like it or not, agree or not.

I’m not here to accommodate, appease and please men and women.

With so few people coming here either daily or via subscription, or just happening upon this place I am not going to focus on America, American politics, certain politicians, or the temporal over the eternal, the worldly over the spiritual.

I’ll leave that up to the overwhelming majority of professing Christian writers and speakers to do that, which they so aptly and eagerly do. Daily. Continually. Making it difficult at times to distinguish them from any other secular writer or speaker.

What is most important with the time I’m blessed with, with the people led to come here, some to subscribe, I’m not going to be just another so-called Christian website that is consumed with and chock full of worldly dung. Fleeting dung.

American election results mean nothing — nothing in the overall eternal outcome.

God is in charge.

Not any or both American political parties.

It isn’t Darwinism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Yoga, Democrats, the French, the porous southern border between America and Mexico, the U.S. Constitution, any branch of the U.S. government, any court in America that is in control, determines any individuals eternity, or that will go on into eternity.

It’s all about sin. It’s all about the evil in the hearts and minds of people. Nothing new. Just more folks now and evil increases accordingly. It’s the revealing, the fruition of the last days, the last of the last days as discussed at length enough in the Bible that people ought to be discerning wisely. Especially those professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, in God as their Father, and in professing to be indwelt of the Holy Spirit upon being transformed into a new creature, born anew.

There isn’t time to be bogged down and distracted, taken away from what is most important to every individual in the flesh being blessed with breath and a beating heart.

And that is to hear the Word of the Lord. To repent. To turn from this world, from sin, from being consumed, occupied, drawn into, distracted, and led about by this world and the matters of this world, save for sin, evil, faith, repentance, the forgiveness of sin, salvation, and the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the inerrant infallible living and active Word of God.

Not taking the time to be puffed up about any ideology or “ism” of this evil world but in speaking and writing of every “ism’s” origin and source of power and ability to turn people away, to distract, to seduce.

I’m not here to impress. I’m here solely to be a watchman on the wall. Yes, including many pieces here pertaining to human politics, human activities, human government’s choices and activities, and current events. All though, to those who have been here a long time, or from the beginning, or that have spent enough time here to know I am redundant to the 10th power squared in constantly writing it’s evil, it’s sin, it’s the escalating spiritual war each person is a part of whether they accept that, believe that or not.

And I’m not going to get caught in the politics, Christian Nationalism, America first snare.

It’s God first, the Lord Jesus Christ first, the Holy Spirit first, and the Word of God first. And foremost. Mentioned in every activity and current event because God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Bible are not sitting back idle and distant. Otherwise occupied. Putting things in motion and not being present always in all things.

How can a people who profess faith in God, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit, in the Scriptures and say they believe what is in the Bible, surely, truly, really, completely — yet this very same imagine the God Who knows how many hairs are on every head in the world, knows every thought in every mind of every person on earth as those thoughts are manifested, knows the heart of every person on earth, knows when one solitary bird falls to its death — that very God needs our help in restoring, preserving the American Republic? Are you serious!? God doesn’t need us or our help.

We need Him. In all things.

God doesn’t need us to maintain the American way of life.

God needs us to obey Him. Have complete faith in Him. To know His Word and carry it in our hearts. To believe in and obey His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. To not grieve the Holy Spirit. To meditate upon His inerrant living Word. To be a light unto the world. To make disciples of the lost in darkness who are darkness.

Not to make sure we vote, that we vote Republican, that we make America our priority.

As I am humbled the Lord would care and spare, save such a sinner as I, that I should be blessed with eternal life in heaven when all I deserve is condemnation and His wrath — and I’m now to make worldly politics and America my priority? Are you kidding!?


No, I won’t change in order to accommodate, appease, be popular, or make folks feel good about themselves rather than continually praying to the Lord asking Him if He’s pleased with me if I am a man after His heart, am I doing His will, am I obeying Him and serving Him as I should.

And I know I fail and fall short each day and night more times than I can count.

Thank God for His mercy, forbearance, compassion, love and promises, His grace and forgiveness!

It isn’t about numbers here.

It is not and will not become about America, American politics, or Christian Nationalism here.

If this is upsetting to you to the point you can no longer come here, and no longer subscribe to this place I understand. I’m not losing anything by such an action.

If this place provides information that is helpful to you in your daily walk in faith that is not anything to do with me, but how I am led by the Holy Spirit and by how the Holy Spirit is working in you.

Give God all the glory.

In all things.


For God goes on and is All-Powerful. Unchangeable. Eternal.

Nothing and no one here can make that claim.

So, where should my heart and focus be? Where should yours be?

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2 — English Standard Version

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 — English Standard Version

I’ve been remiss in allowing certain things, certain folks to distract me. I’m realizing that and adjusting accordingly to helpfully get back on track as I need to.

I hope and pray that if you’ve reached this point you have taken this in the spirit it has been written in. Calm. Peaceful. Content. Abiding. And that if you find this place helpful you’ll return again. And perhaps again. Or subscribe.

If this place doesn’t sit well with you I understand. Do what you must, do what you will.

I only hope and pray we all come to know God’s will in our lives and we subscribe dutifully, faithfully, and fully to that will.

Acknowledging the Lord above all other things. Always.

Thankful in all things.

All things.


There isn’t time to waste on the temporal, the political system in America, in all the “isms” to deflect, distract and deter — which they do with every minute spent on them making them important.

When all that matters is does a person have true sincere faith in God and all things pertaining to God and the Bible? Does a person truly believe, live to obey, and have they been transformed, and regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit of God? Or are they still in darkness, are darkness, serving Satan?

Everything else is a time waster. A drainer of energy and a distraction. Something to please the devil. Truly. No matter how a person might protest otherwise.

Where is our mind, our heart, and our time placed?

God knows.

Are we making this carnal life our priority, this place our home, or are we truly transformed and regenerated and discerning well and wisely the things of God, all that is contained in the Word of God? Difficult to do when there are only so many waking hours and it appears so many of those are given over to the carnal, the earthly, the matters of man, sinful, crumbling, inherently evil men and women, politics, psychology and every ideology under the sun to distract, deflect, and delude.