The Choir Needs Help

There is a difference between assuredness and complacency. Just as there is between life and death. Being lukewarm or with a heart on fire. A routine setting in versus not finding comfort in lying down in a rut.



The Choir Needs Help


Wednesday, November 09, 2022

By Joseph Parker

Reprinted from American Family Association


Too often we hear a “believer” say, in response to an individual speaking of the ills of society and problems the church is facing, “You’re preachin’ to the choir.” In other words, “I am a believer and I already know how terrible this problem is. You are wasting your breath talking to me about it.”  Well actually, when a “believer” says this, it’s probably a good indication that he/she not only needed to hear about the issue again but needs to be doing something more than they are doing about it.

A very real question to ask ourselves as the church is: “What am I doing as an individual believer to help address this problem? Am I praying about it? Am I seeking to do faithfully what the Lord would have me to be doing to address this issue?” Or do I simply know about the problem and, like too many others, feel bad about it and move on with life in my own little world?

The church of Jesus Christ is the proverbial “choir.” Yet the faithful church of Jesus Christ is following Christ. It is being salt and light in a dark world. The church is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a dying world. The church is feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. The church is standing for life and against abortion. So a vital question is “Are you a part of the church of Jesus Christ?” Or are you in the “choir” just because it looks good to be seen there?

Be aware that no matter what the world does, the church belongs to Jesus Christ and is a part of the “winning” side. In the end, God’s will shall be done no matter what any person, leader, or government says to the contrary.  So be sure that you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are living for him. Paying lip service to God is not productive. We are called to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, not merely “choir” members.

When an issue or matter important to the work of the kingdom of God comes up, don’t brush the person talking to you about it off by saying “you’re preaching to the choir.” Maybe there is something more you can do. Maybe by listening to this person you will learn insight that will help you to better deal with this challenge. Maybe you will learn how to better pray about it. Always be teachable. Wise people will seek to be teachable all of their lives.

God is just as much on His throne as He has ever been. The question is where do we stand? Are we a vital part of the church faithfully serving the Lord, or are we in the “choir” loft simply “pretending” to sing?