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looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.

Hebrews 12:2 — English Standard Version


It is not always easy in the hurricanic tsunami whirlwind, in the tumult of noise and distractions thrown at people from every angle, but if a true believer? We will, we must in all things at all times no matter the times, or the what, keeping our eyes on Jesus our Lord. On God our Father. Faithfully, fully knowing God and Jesus are the Ultimate Superpower in all things and working Their plan. No matter how we in our feeble finite minds might not understand, or see. We are not always to understand or see. We may imagine ourselves as gods, special, demanding we know, but we are not gods — we were only created in the image of God.

We can’t come close to being a god, or knowing all there is to know. There is only One True God. No other gods.

And we ought not to act as if we need to, can, or must know.

We can and should know this though — we are living in the last of the last times. The prince of the air, the god of this world for a season, the devil (see 2 Corinthians 4:4) is desperate. Is recruiting and enslaving on a monumental scale. Deceiving many. He knows the Bible better than the most Biblically knowledgeable Christain on earth does. Inside and out. That’s how he can twist and corrupt the Scriptures in the hearts and minds of weak in the Word men and women, and corrupts it in the feeble worldly minds of many of today’s pastors, preachers and ministers more of and for the devil in their false teachings, than in their exhorting the truth of pure Scripture.

We can and should know that the most important thing in this life, contrary to what is said, written, so on by people as being the most important, is, in reality — MONEY. It’s what mo people care about the most. Truth be told. The economy of dollars, pounds, euros, francs, yen however it’s called and thought of in each person’s mind.

Money, money, money!

The love of it the root of all evil.

And a whole lot of folks love, love, love money more than the love of others, the love of God, the love of Jesus, the love of anything else on this earth.

Money, money, money!

The vast majority of people do not get up every morning out of love, consideration of others, their goodness and righteousness, to serve others, do the right things — no, they pull themselves up and out of their beds to pursue money. It’s the #1 pursuit on this earth in the Western world, in all of Asia, and in most of the world’s people.

So, know this — in these last of the last times the world’s economy has been shaped and formed to meld into one entity. Globalization has wrought this and expanded it to the point the world is now on the globalist economic ventilator and would perish if the globalist plug were pulled.

You think there’s chaos and rebellion and inanity presently? It would be, will be truly the worst chaos and rebellion and fear worldwide when this globalist economy fails. And it will. It’s part of pulling back the curtain and introducing the world to its most cunning liar and ruthless evil fascist dictator the world will ever see. Only the world, the overwhelming majority of those alive when he is revealed will worship him. Idolize him. See him as their savior.

So much so they will take his name branded into their bodies.

The world is in calamity now. The birth pangs before the delivery are ever increasing. Sooner than later the son of perdition, that one who wars against the saints and slaughters us all the day long to exterminate us from the earth, that one who claims himself to be thee God and is in truth the most evil man to ever have been born on this earth will appear. And he will appear to be a god in his charm, charisma, solutions and remedies for a very ailing and reeling world.

To get a glimpse of what this will be like make sure to study and learn in-depth the history of Germany from around 1920, 1924 through 1934, 1938 to see how on a worldwide scale the same is going to happen, as happened then. And those evil men of that past historical time are going to pale in comparison for what is coming.

I do not write this to frighten anyone, And if you profess to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, a child of God, a true believer and Christan none of this ought to worry or frighten you. if you are not the Lord’s and serving Him perhaps you ought to study and pray within and over and about the Holy Bible while also studying history and paying closer attention to what is unfolding before everyone’s eyes and ears on a daily basis.

Do not fear or let your heart be troubled, if in the Lord, in His Word, in His heart and He in you.

Keep your eyes, heart, mind and all on Jesus.

But also be a vigilant watchman and watchwoman on the wall.

And speak out. Speak the truth of the gospel. Do not be ashamed of the gospel. Tell it, speak it, preach it to others for the time is short and there are many, legions yet to come to the Lord in these days.

Do this while increasing in faith and prayer.

For the world is in tumult. And what is coming will be unlike any suffering, tribulation and trouble the world has ever seen, or ever will see (see Matthew 24:21; Mark 13:19).


Ken Pullen

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path


Globalists Reveal That The ‘Great Economic Reset’ Is Coming In 2021



June 24, 2020

By Brandon Smith

Reprinted from: Activist Post/Prophecy News Watch



For those not familiar with the phrase “global economic reset”, it is one that has been used ever increasingly by elitists in the central banking world for several years.

I first heard it referenced by Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF at the time, in 2014. The reset is often mentioned in the same breath as ideas like “the New Multilateralism” or “the Multipolar World Order” or “the New World Order”. All of these phrases mean essentially the same thing.
The reset is promoted as a solution to the ongoing economic crisis which was triggered in 2008. This same financial crash is still with us today; but now, after a decade of central bank money printing and debt creation, the bubble is even bigger than it was before.
As always, the central bank “cure” is far worse than the disease, and the renewed crash we face today is far more deadly than what would have happened in 2008 if we had simply taken our medicine and refused to prop up weak parts of the economy artificially.
Many alternative economists often wrongly attribute the Fed’s habit of making things worse to “hubris” or “ignorance”. They think the Fed actually wants to save the financial system or “protect the golden goose”, but this is not reality.
The truth is, the Fed is not a bumbling maintenance man, the Fed is a saboteur, a suicide bomber that is willing to destroy even itself as an institution in order to explode the U.S. economy and clear the path for a new globally centralized one world system. Hence, the “Global Reset”.
In 2015 in my article ‘The Global Economic Reset Has Begun’, I stated:
The global reset is not a “response” to the process of collapse we are trapped in today. No, the global reset as implemented by central banks and the BIS/IMF is the cause of the collapse. The collapse is a tool, a flamethrower burning a great hole in the forest to make way for the foundations of the globalist Ziggurat to be built….economic disaster serves the interests of elitists.
Now in 2020 we see the globalist plan coming to fruition, with the elites revealing what appears to be their intent to launch their reset in 2021. The World Economic Forum officially announced the Great Reset initiative as part of their Covid Action Platform last week, and a summit is scheduled in January 2021 to discuss their plans more openly with the world and the mainstream media.
The WEF also posted a rather bizarre video on the Reset, which consists of a series of images of the world falling apart (and images of factories releasing harmless carbon emission into the air which I suppose is meant to scare us with notions of global warming). The destruction is then “reset” at the push of a button, with everything reversing back to a pristine human-less world of nature and the words “Join Us”.
The reset, according to discussions by the IMF, is basically the next stage in the formation of a one-world economic system and potential global government. This seems to fall in line with the solutions offered during the Event 201 pandemic simulation; a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that was held by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum only two months before the REAL THING happened at the beginning of 2020.
Event 201 suggested that one of the top solutions to a pandemic would be the institution of a centralized global economic body that could handle the financial response to the coronavirus.
Is it not convenient that the events of the real coronavirus pandemic fall exactly in line with the Event 201 simulation, as well as directly in line with the global reset plans of the IMF and the World Economic Forum? As they say, let no crisis go to waste, or, as is the motto of the globalists “Order Out Of Chaos”.
With civil unrest about to become a way of life for many parts of the world including the U.S., and the pandemic set for a resurgence of infections after the “reopening”, creating a rationale for a second wave of lockdowns probably in July, the economy as we know it is being destroyed. The last vestiges of the system, hanging by a thin thread after the crash of 2008, are now being cut.
The goal is rather obvious – terrify the population with poverty, internal conflicts and a broken supply chain until they lobby the establishment for help.  Then, offer the “solution” of medical tyranny, immunity passports, martial law, a global economic system based on a cashless digital society in which privacy in trade is erased, and then slowly but surely form a faceless “multilateral” global government which answers to no one and does whatever it pleases.
I remember back in 2014 when Christine Lagarde first began talking about the reset. That same year she also made a very strange speech to the National Press Club in which she started rambling gleefully about numerology and the “magic number 7”.
Many within the club laughed, as there was apparently an inside joke that the rest of us were not privy to. Well, I would point out that the World Economic Forum meeting on the global reset in 2021 will be held exactly 7 years after Lagarde gave that speech. Just another interesting coincidence I suppose…
The new world order, the global reset, is a long running scheme to centralize power, but in a way that is meant to be sustained for centuries to come. The elites know that it is not enough to achieve global governance by force alone; such an attempt would only lead to resistance and eternal rebellion.
No, what the elites want is for the public to ASK, even beg for global governance. If the public is tricked into demanding it as a way to save them from the horrors of global chaos, then they are far less likely to rebel against it later. Problem – reaction – solution.
The pandemic is not going away anytime soon. Everyone should expect that state governments and the federal government will call for renewed lockdowns. With these new lockdowns, the U.S. economy in particular will be finished.
With 40 million people losing their jobs during the last lockdowns (46 million as of today – Ed.), many states only partially reopened, and only 13% to 18% of small businesses receiving bailout loans to survive, the next two months are going to be a devastating wake-up call.
The real solution will be for people to form more self-reliant communities free of the mainstream economy. The real solution should be decentralization and independence, not centralization and slavery. The globalists will seek to interfere with any effort to break from the program.
That said, they can do very little if millions of people enact localization efforts at the same time. If people aren’t reliant on the system, then they cannot be controlled by the system.
The real test will come with the final collapse of the existing economy. When stagflation spikes even harder than it is right now and prices of necessities double or triple yet again, and joblessness skyrockets even further, how many people will clamor for the globalist solution and how many will build their own systems?
How many will be bowing in submission and how many will be ready to fight back. It is a question I still don’t have an answer to even after 14 years of analysis on the issue.