It only appears that wokeness [oh, how I hate that word — and as every Christian should, as every person who cares even a little about language ought to — and all its variations for further bastardizing and corrupting the English language, and the people bowing to such corruption and not resisting the demise of language! It is the shrugging, the apathy, the not paying attention or caring that has brought us to the place we now inhabit. Do you like the place we all now inhabit? Well, we only have ourselves to blame for our lack of speaking up and resisting the perversion of our language] is the reigning religion. When it’s really Paganism. Now rebranded as New Age. Self-worship. Earth worship. Goddess worship. And wokeness, all of them being branches of their pagan roots.

I am keen to use words and language as intended, according to their origin and meaning. Not as they have been permitted to be highjacked, pirated, perverted, and corrupted by the ministers of evil appearing as ministers of light and righteousness, just as their father the devil does, who they diligently serve.

But fear not, do not worry. God is in control and has not left. And His righteous judgment is coming to all the people of this world. Much sooner than later at the rate of decline and love of wickedness the people of the world rush to and pursue.

Will you wake up to the lies and delusion called woke, now demanding it not be called that but be called “civility” instead of furthering the perversion and corruption of language, broadening the lie, muddying the waters further? Evil doesn’t want to be called woke any longer and now wants to further the corruption of language just as evil didn’t want to be called homosexual and determined to alter reality and the truth, and, of course, the world, and almost every professed Christian willingly and eagerly obliged and fell into line with evils demands.

Are you awake? Prepared. Of a Biblical worldview [if so you’re of only 4% of the population].

It was 6% of the population holding a Biblical worldview prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic that has now dropped two whole percent since 2020.

And the rise of the Antichrist and his false prophet, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the Great Tribulation, and then the Second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is what? Not ever happening? A 1,000 years away?


I believe it would behoove everyone to be prepared this very day. Not postpone, delay, ignore, or refuse to believe. And to prepare. Not continue following false teachers and their unsound doctrines, not continue on in utter darkness believing the lies of this world and turn either back to God and His Word, or turn to God and His Word for the first time in your life.

Because no one knows how many more breaths and heartbeats God will bless them with, or in what hour that will be called and all they have known here in this realm ceases. And there is no further opportunity afforded.

The end.

To a horrific beyond human comprehension eternity.

It doesn’t have to end and then begin that way. It really doesn’t.

Believe. Trust. Obey. With the faith of a little child. In the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way to God the Father and eternal life. The only way.

All other options only lead to death. Eternal death and suffering and torment beyond imagination.

Every pagan will discover this. Every person who served Satan rather than God will learn this reality. Every false Christian and false teacher will learn this truth.


Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Tuesday, March 14th, 2023


Welcome, Christians, to the ‘Negative World’

Wokeness, not Christianity, is the reigning mainstream religion.


March 14, 2023

By Mark Tapson

Reprinted from FrontPageMag


Another week, another spate of demonizing accusations against Christians for their heinous crimes against humanity such as the adoption of non-white children, the refusal to lie to children’s parents about their school’s anti-family agenda, and perhaps most egregiously, the thought crime of being “biblically-minded.”

First up: Minnesota state Rep. Heather Keeler, a Democrat and member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, blasted “white Christians” in a recent Facebook post for perpetuating the “genocide” of Native Americans. Of what were these white Christians guilty? Infecting Native Americans with smallpox-laced blankets? Getting them addicted to tobacco and firewater and gambling? No, it’s much more insidious than those antiquated conspiracies.

“I’m sick of white Christians adopting our babies and rejoicing,” Keeler complained. “It’s a really sad day when that happens. It means the genocide continues.” That’s right – the unhinged Keeler believes that white Christian parents are taking in Native American orphans not to give them a good home and a loving family prompted by Christian love and charity, but in order to exterminate the race. Those fiends!

“If you care about our babies, advocate against the genocide,” she went on. “Help the actual issues impacting indigenous parents, stop stealing our babies and changing their names under the impression you are helping. White saviors are the worst!”

The Republican Party of Minnesota shot back in response to what it rightly called Keeler’s “racist rant”: “There is no place in our political discourse for attacks on Minnesotans’ race or religions. We condemn this hateful and extremist rhetoric in the strongest possible terms and call on all Democrats to do the same.”

But because Democrats in our current cultural climate never face consequences for openly expressing bigotry toward white people and Christians, Keeler later doubled down on her professional Facebook page where she wrote that whites adopting Native American babies strips them of their “identity,” a process she again described as a “form of genocide.”

Meanwhile, Arizona’s Washington Elementary School District in the Phoenix and Glendale areas recently dissolved its partnership with Arizona Christian University over the biblical values to which its students commit themselves. Washington District had an ongoing contract enabling student teachers from the university to be placed in the district’s schools for field experience, with the potential for employment.

Why did the district break off the contract? The board told Fox News Digital,

The board’s decision to discontinue its partnership with Arizona Christian University was based on the board’s commitment to create a safe place for our lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ students, staff, and community. This includes not knowingly entering into partnerships with any organization that explicitly discriminates against protected classes covered by our nondiscrimination policies.

During the meeting in which the decision was made, school board member Tamillia Valenzuela painted an ominous picture of the university’s Christian beliefs and said she was “disheartened” to learn about the contract that had been ongoing for five years.

Valenzuela, it should be noted, describes herself as “a bilingual, disabled, neurodivergent Queer Black Latina… who loves a good hot wing (but only with the right ranch) and things that sparkle.” During the meeting she was wearing cat ears on her head.

“While I full-heartedly believe in the religious freedom and people being able to practice whatever faith that they have, I had some concerns regarding looking at this particular institution,” she said. Translation: I wholeheartedly support the First Amendment until someone’s faith and morality might pose a challenge to my Alphabet Agenda.

“My concerns, [is] when I go to Arizona Christian University’s website, [they are] ‘committed to Jesus Christ, accomplishing his will and advancements on earth as in Heaven.’” In all fairness, I could see how this would be concerning to a woman committed to the woke dismantling of all the purportedly oppressive power structures of Western civilization, including its Judeo-Christian value system.

“Part of their values is… [to] ‘transform the culture with truth by promoting the Biblically-informed values that are foundational to Western civilization, including the centrality of family, traditional sexual morality, and lifelong marriage between one man and one woman,’” she said. Mmm, yes, that definitely sounds extremist.

“I want to know how bringing [teachers] from an institution that is ingrained in their values so directly brings impact to three of your board members who are a part of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender community,” she concluded. Translation: I support diversity and inclusion as long as people’s values and viewpoints align neatly with my own.

She fretted,

Because if we’re bringing people in whose mission [has]… been with their institution’s education that very plainly on their website… that above all else, it was to influence people to Biblically-minded. How does that hold space for people of other faiths? How does that hold space for our members of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender community? How does that make space for people who think differently and do not have the same beliefs?

At some point, we need get real with ourselves and take a look at who we’re making legal contracts with and the message that is sending to our community. Because that makes me feel like I could not be safe in this school district.

It’s unclear how Valenzuela thinks student teachers from a Christian university make her literally unsafe, but some of her compatriots were similarly freaked out. Board member Kyle Clayton stated, “I, too, echo what Ms. Valenzuela said when I… looked into not only their core values, but the statement of faith… [which they] ask their students to sign and live by. Proselytizing is embedded into how they teach. And I just don’t believe that that belongs in schools.”

First of all, “proselytizing” is not embedded in how they teach. “The WESD School board has no proof that a student teacher or teacher from Arizona Christian University or Grand Canyon University [another private Christian university] has ever violated district policy state or federal policy regarding separation of church and state,” said Julie Stark, who has taught in the district for 27 years. “This is discrimination against all employees of faith, especially those who are Christian.”

“There was no basis for it [the school board’s concern],” confirmed Lisa Hayes, who has taught in the district for 11 years. “Nothing has happened that should have initiated this, except for their hypothetical ideas.”

Second, let’s not pretend that Valenzuela, Clayton, and the members of other left-dominated school boards across the country reject proselytizing in the classroom; they’re perfectly happy to proselytize for the biological incoherence of gender ideology, the Marxist lies of Critical Race Theory, the black supremacy of Black Lives Matter, the wealth distribution of socialism, the cult of climate change, and the racism of anti-racism. Indeed, awakening students to social justice activism is their primary aim as woke educators.

And they’re perfectly willing to lie to their students’ parents about all of it. A California teacher who lost her job recently after refusing to comply with the district’s gender policies, citing her Christian beliefs, told Fox News Digital recently about the pressure she felt as a teacher to hide students’ gender transitions from parents, lying to them if necessary.

Jessica Tapia, who worked at the Jurupa Unified School District, said, “According to my school district, students have privacy. And so if a student shares information regarding a pronoun preference or thinking there may be the opposite gender of what they biologically are, if they share that information with a teacher, we are supposed to keep that info from parents in case the parent doesn’t know…

“We’re talking [about] 12, 13, 14, 15-year-olds. I don’t believe [kids] should have this ‘privacy’ to where their parents are being left in the dark about some very pertinent information about their well-being,” she continued. “I knew immediately, like in my gut, in my heart, in my soul, that there was a decision I had to make because, you know, these two things were totally butting heads.”

Tapia added,

I essentially had to pick one. Am I going to obey the district in the directive that are not lining up with… my own beliefs, convictions and faith? Or am I going to stay true…, choose my faith, choose to be obedient to… the way the Lord has called me to live. And so it was crazy to be in the position where I realized that I couldn’t be a Christian and a teacher.

In a notice from human resources firing her, the district explicitly stated that the Christian commandment not to lie – in this case, to children’s parents – conflicted with their policy on the gender issue:

Based on your religious beliefs, you cannot be dishonest with parents… If asked about a student’s gender identity by a parent, you cannot refer the parent to a counselor, defer the inquiry and suggest they speak with a student…, or otherwise deflect the parent’s inquiry…

The district cannot accommodate your religious beliefs that… prohibit you from maintaining a student’s gender identity and refraining from disclosing a student’s gender identity from his/her/their parent(s)/guardians.

The takeaway from all these recent examples of open, anti-Christian bigotry is that Christians in America today occupy a stage of Christianity that the Protestant thinker Aaron Renn has labeled “negative world.” It is a period of decline in which

society has come to have a negative view of Christianity. Being known as a Christian is a social negative, particularly in the elite domains of ­society. Christian morality is expressly repudiated and seen as a threat to the public good and the new public moral order. Subscribing to Christian moral views or violating the secular moral order brings negative consequences.

This is the reality which writers like Renn and Rod Dreher (The Benedict OptionLive Not By Lies) have been warning that Christians must recognize – that anti-Christian wokeness is now the dominate worldview among our cultural elites. It rules not only our current political administration, but all the cultural institutions such as our schools and universities, our news media, the entertainment arena, the ad industry, seemingly every human resource department, even our corporations and many churches – and it’s metastasizing rapidly throughout the medical and legal fields, where its impact will be terrifying and oppressive.

Wokeness, not Christianity, is the reigning mainstream religion, and its rainbow banner of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance is a cover for its lethal hostility toward Christians and their “unsafe” morality. These hate-filled totalitarians want to abolish free speech and religious freedom, and drive Christians first from the public square, then exterminate them from the private sphere as well – make no mistake.

The soft persecution already underway against Christians in America and the West is going to accelerate and intensify. We must gird ourselves with every tool and weapon we still have at our disposal: the law, government policy, cultural messaging, and most importantly, the full armor of God.

Originally published at Culture Warrior.

Mark Tapson is the Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, focusing on popular culture. He is also the host of an original podcast on Frontpage, “The Right Take With Mark Tapson.”