“Dear Father…”


O Most High, Awesome and Mighty God, Dear Father in heaven Your will be done on earth as in heaven, Your Kingdom come.

I come faithfully prayerfully asking for all the saints upon this earth, especially those enduring persecutions, persecutions which are coming, will come to all who place their faith in Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep all saints strong in the faith not falling not wavering. And may we emulate those losing all upon this earth for the faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ when such persecutions arrive at our door, our land.

Heavenly Father, shake us from our slumber, our blindness, our ignorance in that where we now abide is our home, for it is but a moment in eternity. Our home is with You, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all the heavenly hosts in heaven. We are but sojourners, strangers in any land we may temporarily in this fleshly body inhabit. Our home is with You and the Lord in heaven. Let us never forget that for one moment. May we not place so much energy, emphasis, and desire here and upon things of this world and learn to put that time and energy into faithful fervent prayer, in learning Your word and ways more and more. For we are told in Your word we who trust in You, who believe in Jesus, who believe the Scriptures already reside in heaven, so why do we place so much attention here if we truly believe that? Help our weakness, our becoming distracted, our feebleness, our finiteness, and increase our agape love, our spiritual discernment, and wisdom.

I pray the body of professing believers, in such dire illness and rebellion, so lost and eating of deadly words and ways turn from this evil, turn from this worldly love and repent, turn back to You, turn back to Jesus, turn back to the Holy Spirit and turn back to the Holy Scriptures. Let Your word be our nourishment always all our days You richly bless us with. May the body repent, truly, and turn back to You and Your ways and word.

May we truly come to understand Your will be done on earth as in heaven and not expect or require our will be done. May we come to understand and enjoy trials, sufferings, tribulations that further sanctify, hone and perfect us. Not according to the understanding of this sinful world, but according to Your ways, Your will. All glory to You, Dear Father, in all things.

Keep those entrusted in the teaching, the preaching of Your word within Your word and not of their own imaginings, not seeking to entertain, appease, please men and women, to provide jokes and illustrations, but to preach and teach soundly, solidly, purely, boldly from Your word seeking the Holy Spirit to guide them and not their power, not the words of other men and women, but placing their trust in You and the Triune Godhead alone.

Help us understand we are but pilgrims, strangers, sojourners here and this place is not our home. That we ought not to become too comfortable and at ease, and while the times grow eviler may we learn from Your word of all those who came before and lived in evil days, among so much wickedness, and prepare us. Prepare the saints of this world, prepare the body of Christ for what is, and what is to come. May we all fight the good fight unto the end and finally become utterly perfected in heaven with You, Dear Father, I ask all this in the faith of Your Son, Jesus Christ the Lord of lords, King of kings Who is to come to this corrupted world one more time in victory over death, over sin for eternity, Amen.


Ken Pullen

3:00 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path