Walking Down a Dark Path – on the big rock


I do not and never would question Mr. Tim Wildmon’s faith in God and sincere love of Jesus Christ but Mr. Wildmon is representative of the current majority of professed Christians in America today.

First, America cannot survive without the will of God daily, continually holding not just America, but all things together. Nothing is, nothing remains, and nothing exists but for the will of God. Not the will of the people. Not due to any one nation, unless save for one nation, Israel. Until God’s Word is fulfilled. And God’s Word being fulfilled has little to do with America, really. I hate to burst all those highly inflated conservative American professed Christian minds out there…but it’s about God. Jesus. The Holy Spirit. And all the people of every nation and each one’s relationship with Jesus and this world. Their relationship with sin and evil or God’s ways, Son, and Word.

Secondly and equally important as the overwhelming majority of those professing to be Christian in America instead of having a truly Biblical view and understanding Mr. Wildmon expresses the misdirected position it is “leftists,” and “radical leftists” that have gained a foothold and are working to increase their foothold in America.

No, Mr. Wildmon, and any and every Christian mired in this thinking refusing to have a Biblical worldview rather than an American one, a worldly one, it isn’t about any worldly political ideology contrary to so many going down that pathway in grave error. It isn’t even about America.

I am well aware of my redundancy, but it is evident it is needed since the noise from American politics and people, Christian people, thinking it is their will, their power, that through a human form of government, a democratic process, the “American way,” or via elections, and whatnot it is about us being good Americans rather than discerning rightly and well what it means to take up our cross and be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Was it liberal politics in Rome, in Judea, in Corinth, in Ephesus, in the Middle East from the beginning through the time that God was fully truly man and also fully truly God in the Person of Jesus Christ, and through the lives and work of all the apostles that were responsible for the sin, the immorality, the turning from God, the practices, beliefs, and policies of the time?

Did God work in Moses and set free the Israelites from Egypt because Moses and the Jews possessed more conservative, right politics in God’s sight than did Pharoh and the Egyptians? Or was something other, something much larger and more important going on there?

Was it about liberalism versus conservativism, or about any human government or worldly political system at any point in God’s Word to us? Four our instruction?


So why then today do the overwhelming majority of people professing to be Christian place their hearts and minds mostly in the here and now, in the American form of government, placing America above all things — so many making the Constitution, the manmade laws of greater priority than God’s inerrant infallible and eternal Word — vainly imagining it is we the people who can preserve a nation endlessly? Refusing to apparently believe and discern the whole Word of God. Refusing to believe and discern it isn’t anything to do with liberal, radical, America, or any human government, or any worldly document or nation and it is everything to do with the spiritual war within and swirling endlessly around every person with regard to God’s righteousness and Satan’s wickedness and evil.

It isn’t politics. It isn’t America. It isn’t our will be done, we are the power.

Do you truly believe the whole Holy Bible?

If so, then why continue down the wrong path of American politics and it is we the people who are the power on this earth, in this nation.

If we would humble ourselves, submit and bow to God, eat of the Word of God faithfully, fully, truly, and stop sounding like on-air pundits debating cultural matters, an election outcome, and the politics of one party versus another and began sounding and living more like the Word of God instructs and exhorts us perhaps God in His mercy would by His will allow the meager light, the bit of salt that remains in this lost nation to truly shine forth — seeing Him in us, as the Word of God tells us — that light is NOT us, but it is God the Father in us seen by others. Not our will. Not our power. Not how we vote or if we do. Not because we’re Americans.

We’re to be sojourners, pilgrims, God’s people — not aligning primarily with a particular nation or political party of political ideology and certainly not constantly without let up assigning all fault and responsibility for every ill at the feet of “liberals,” ahh, those “radical liberals” as we refuse to speak and write clearly, plainly for fear of appearing peculiar and separate and speaking and writing without a nation, political leanings, citizenship in this world in our speech and writing and take our cue from the Word of God and example upon example of the people of God in the Bible — and understand our place, understand the place of God in all things, and understand it is a spiritual war — not a political one, not one of differing political ideologies, nor any human government, and contrary to the indoctrination it isn’t even about America.

It’s all about only about the war, the spiritual war no different in any place, around and within any person worldwide of God and His ways and Word and righteousness, His people — who ought to be clearly distinguished from the people of the world and not sound like them — versus Satan and his ministers, his enslaved who are not “radical liberals” but are slaves to darkness, slaves to evil and doing the bidding of their master — some of whom are even registered and voting American Republicans!


We’re at war. Not a political one. Not only in America. Not one between the so-called right versus the so-called left, or liberal versus so-called conservative.

Time to begin seeing, saying, writing in kind.

Otherwise, we’re only wasting our time, and our words, and appear no different than those of this fallen world placing our will above that of God. Vainly imagining we are the power and not giving God the glory.

Where is the humility, the discernment, the truly being a light unto the world and the salt of the earth?

It isn’t in human politics my friends, it isn’t in human politics or a certain political ideology or party one over the other.

Don’t believe that? Still not budging or convinced? Well, stop reading here and get ahold of a Holy Bible and search its contents and then ask God to reveal to you where it’s about America, about so-thought conservative American views and politics over so- thought liberal American views and politics more than it is about His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, or how we are to think, act, live as professed renewed of mind and spirit souls, citizens of heaven and only sojourners here, pilgrims, supposed to be God’s people, not Americans foremost, not professed Republican conservative American voters foremost…

America cannot survive without the will of God. Not the will of the people, or due to any election, or politician, or even political party. By the sole will of God and the degree of sin, of wickedness, of one side in this spiritual war gaining while the other is mired in confusion and being misled by Satan’s ploys and wiles rather than putting on the whole armour of God in this escalating spiritual war, not an escalating cultural or political one — but an escalating spiritual war. And until and unless that is acknowledged and then we speak, write, and live accordingly we’re just spewing hot air and spinning in place. Lost in the wilderness just like the Israelites who refused to listen to God and obey and wanted their will to be done more than God’s will be done.

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Friday, March 10th, 2023


America Cannot Survive Without Christians Being Salt and Light

Leftist librarians blackball Christian celebrity but welcome drag queens


Thursday, March 09, 2023

By Tim Wildmon

Reprinted from American Family Association


Imagine being refused service at a restaurant because of your skin color.

Sounds like the kind of shameful injustice that we all hoped was in America’s past, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, a very similar incident happened recently, but religion was the issue instead of race.

Victoria Cobb told American Family News that the Family Foundation of Virginia reserved a private room at Metzger Bar and Butchery in Richmond for a reception on November 30. Cobb is the president of the Family Foundation. About 90 minutes before the group was to gather, the restaurant canceled the event.

The restaurant owners said the staff – many of whom were members of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer community – felt “uncomfortable or unsafe” serving the Christian group.

As my dad, Don Wildmon used to say, “Those who scream “TOLERANCE” the loudest are often the least tolerant.”

In fact, this sort of thing also happens occasionally to AFA when companies decide not to work with us because we promote biblical values.

But the Bible tells us that when we follow Jesus, we can expect the same sort of treatment He received.

Jesus told His disciples, “The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me; and the one who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me” (Luke 10:16, NAS).

But of course, when hostility comes, it can challenge our faith, and even Christians need encouragement to stay strong in Christ.

As Americans, we enjoy greater religious and political freedom than any nation in history. We should thank God for the remarkable work of our Founding Fathers in establishing a nation grounded in the knowledge of God and committed to securing the freedom to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Bible.

As you know, those freedoms in America are being challenged like never before. We see the evidence in the declining morality of our culture and hear the loud leftist voices dominating every institution of our society.

My friend Kirk Cameron, the movie star, recently experienced this firsthand. He wrote a new children’s book titled As You Grow, which promotes love, joy, gentleness and other biblical values in opposition to the lies of “woke” ideology. Cameron decided to take his book to public libraries around the country and conduct “story hours” for children.

But the public libraries – including 54 that had previously held
Drag Queen Story Hours for kids – declined Cameron’s offer. 

One library replied to Cameron’s request to use its facility: “[We are a] very queer-friendly library; our message does not align.”

By the way, soon after Cameron expressed his willingness to go to court to assert his rights to use public property, two libraries changed their decision.

In addition to public libraries, the secular Left has been using our public schools for years to promote their radical ideology and attack Christianity.

Parents across the country have grown increasingly concerned about public school teachers who are not only overtly indoctrinating children about transgender identity, but bragging about doing so.

▶ One Maryland teacher posted a TikTok video in which she said, “I just got fired for indoctrinating my students.” Then, according to Fox News, she said she was only kidding. “Still employed,” she said while dancing. “Put [your] taxes in the bag [for my salary].”

▶ Another teacher in Texas boasted in a video about “indoctrinating” students in gender fluidity.

▶ A teacher in New Jersey also responded to critics who accused her of “grooming” students into accepting transgender ideology. She mocked critics by posting TikTok videos of her doing exactly that.

▶ An Illinois teacher also bragged about her “woke” propagandizing of kids. “I am, in fact, indoctrinating your children,” said Heather Marie Godbout. “I’m indoctrinating them. You’re 100% right.”

As you can see, the battle is real. If the radical leftists haven’t gained a foothold in your libraries and public schools yet, believe me when I say they are coming!