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VIDEO SERMON: Remember! — By Alistair Begg

Remember! Video Sermon by Alistair Begg   May 27, 2018 Speaker: Alistair Begg   VIDEO SERMON: Remember! — By Alistair Begg   The author of Ecclesiastes examined the dead-end streets that men and women travel, exposing the futility of a world without God, before concluding with a most important plea: “Remember your Creator.” Alistair Begg […]

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“Why Do They Think Islam Is a Religion of Peace?”

CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION     “Why Do They Think Islam Is a Religion of Peace?” Muslim Persecution of Christians: October 2017 by Raymond Ibrahim April 15, 2018  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12161/why-do-they-think-islam-is-a-religion-of-peace       Three Muslim men kidnapped a 12-year-old Christian girl, gang-raped, and sadistically tortured her, including burning her body with cigarettes. When her mother of went to […]

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You Really Doubt, or Wonder How?

  You Really Doubt, or Wonder How? Introductory commentary by Ken Pullen ACP Sunday, November 13th, 2016   The following from the Book of Isaiah was first written as prophecy predicting judgment against Judah, but these words also pertain to and ring true in prophecy as to how it will be, how it is when […]

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Liberal Submission: Protect Islam, Defame Christianity

  Liberal Submission: Protect Islam, Defame Christianity by Giulio Meotti October 23, 2016 https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9131/protect-islam-defame-Christianity Translations of this item: German Swedish If an imam violently protests something, the liberal elite always supports the false charge of “Islamophobia.” If a peaceful protest is led by a Catholic bishop, the same elite always rejects it under the name of […]

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The Upcoming Psychologized Generation

    The Upcoming Psychologized Generation By McMahon, T.A. The Berean Call T.A. McMahon When Dave Hunt and I wrote The Seduction of Christianity  more than 25 years ago, the conservative evangelical church was more than pleased that we were addressing some of the erroneous teachings and practices of the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches, particularly […]

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