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It has come to my attention…


…and I need to respond to what I’ve seen.


by Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Thursday, September 12th, 2019


I realize A Crooked Path has a totally new look. The Home Page is completely different. Where things are found are in different places. There is a little bit of different navigation. I also am aware it took 18 days to make these changes adding this new theme. A lot longer than I originally thought it would take. Many unforseen problems arose on a daily basis making the changeover take much longer than originally thought. Just like any other construction or remodeling project anywhere. Some folks decided that coming here was no longer worth it. I get it. It’s how today’s world operates. If sources online can’t be there always, and always producing new material folks move on. Well, I just want to say ACP is here. Still here. And everything that was is still intact. In truth easier to see, easier to read, and easier to find once taking just a mere few moments to see where everything is, and how easy it truly is to find and navigate.

I want to take a moment to say everything that was on the old version of A Crooked Path is still on this new theme. For example, all posts can be found in the “Archives”. When on the Home Page please scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “Archives” in the lower right hand side. Also, there they will also see “Categories” so anyone can use the drop down menu to select any specific category they might be interested in looking into.

All the familiar “Links” are found on the right hand side of the page whenever an individual article / post is clicked on. “Links” do not appear on the Home Page and only are found once a person has seen an article of interest, clicked on it, and it opens. Then all the “Links” are visible to the right.

I want to take a moment now to remind folks there are more than 3 articles on the Home Page.

As administrator of ACP I can see all the daily activity here. And, ironically since removing the old canvas and painting over it with something new on a daily basis the only articles being read are the first three that appear at the top of the Home Page on the Home Page grid.

We can scroll down now folks. Really. We have the technology. And it isn’t that labor intensive or time consuming.

You will find 25 individual articles / postings on the Home Page grid every single time you visit.

I promise.

Please take a few moments to find your way around the newly remodeled place. I think, once you’ve checked it out, you’ll like the changes. Realize the content, the core, the foundations of what A Crooked Path began with are still in place and nothing has really changed in the way of beliefs and practices. While it may appear strange for awhile getting around, like when one of your favorite stores move items around, or someone knocks a few walls out and remodels a place I think once folks visit a few times, see how easy the lay of the land is, how much easier it is to read, to find things, they’ll agree the changes made are better. And if you know ACP is still here? And you might know someone who used to visit but no longer does because the site was down for 18 days? Please, let them know everything has been restored and the new place isn’t all that bad. Thank you.

The changes made were necessary. The old theme, which was VERY OLD, could not be updated and began to severely falter and not work. So changes were in order to make things better. Easier. More secure. With you, the end user, subscriber and visitor in mind.

I sincerely hope you’ll take a few moments now to go room to room, check a few things out, use that knurled wheel on your mouse and those clicky things on the sides of that knurled wheel, and find things here you may not have realized are here. All the dollies, all the same paintings, all the same teacups and saucers, old baseball gloves, bats and balls are still here. All the half filled paint cans are still in the basement or garage. It just looks a little different and might take a few wee moments to find them all, but it’s all still here.

Lastly, if anyone has any suggestions or comments I want to read them, and I will respond as long as they are not vulgar and using profane language, or are just words of anger or contention. With the newly remodeled A Crooked Path anyone desiring to contact me directly can now do so using the email address:

And I will reply. Provided the standards mentioned above are met.

I ask you to pray I not only remain stedfast, immovable and faithful as we are are instructed (1 Corinthians 15:58), but that I increase in faithfulness to the Lord and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord, serving Him then with the hope of thusly serving all who happen upon this place. To be truly the salt of the earth and a light unto the world, not I being the light, but the glory of the Father seen in me as that light. May I be but a watchman on the wall, a humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ each and every day in the service of the Lord for others and His glory.

Thank you, for your time and consideration.