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Ezekiel’s Response to the Culture War of His Day

  Ezekiel’s Response to the Culture War of His Day by Frank Chesser, M.S. Reprinted from: Apologetics Press Website [NOTE: The following assessment by A.P. board member Frank Chesser is excerpted from his upcoming commentary on Ezekiel.] Ezekiel 16 is a treasure house of nuggets of truth that Americans need to heed, ten of which […]

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A Trio (with audio)

A trio of things to read, pray upon, and contemplate: First, should be a glaring, crystal clear message of how far and how quickly the Church has declined and lost its way in only 40, 50 short years, and how appeasement, and following the world rather than the Word & God, and seeking to please […]

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The Son of man

The Son of man ACP Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 (Photo of Jesus and the Lamb used in this post is from artist Katherine Brown)     There were some comments regarding Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the Son of man made here on “A Crooked Path.” I thought it was important for additional […]

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