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Scientists Given Green Light to Edit the DNA of Unborn Babies

  Scientists Given Green Light to Edit the DNA of Unborn Babies By Micaiah Bilger February 17, 2017 Reprinted from: LifeNews.com A group of international scientists opened Pandora’s box this week with a new report arguing that it may be acceptable to genetically edit unborn babies’ DNA in certain circumstances. According to Science magazine, the report […]

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Genetic Manipulation – The New Weapon Of Mass Destruction

  Genetic Manipulation – The New Weapon Of Mass Destruction   By PNW (Prophecy News Watch) Staff September 05, 2016    Biological warfare is a frightening possibility that has recently become more accessible and, potentially, far more powerful due to recent advances in genetic manipulation called CRISPR.   Early this year, Director of National Intelligence […]

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Monster Madness of Our Own Making: Human-Animal Hybrids

  Human – animal hybrids    Monster Madness of Our Own Making: Human-Animal Hybrids John Stonestreet | BreakPoint Wednesday, June 08, 2016 Reprinted from: Christian Headlines.com   In one of this summer’s most-awaited novels, “The City of Mirrors,” author Justin Cronin completes his unlikely literary trilogy about a world overrun by vampire-like creatures he dubs […]

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Alien Species … A Brave New World

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE —- Great abominations and sin are increasing and taking place right on front of us other than the elevation and celebration of sodomy and perversions, or the tsunami of unsound doctrine and false teachers which has risen up in the past 30 years or so. Satan has the people of the world […]

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Even When We Fall + 5

     “The man on the street never heard of existentialism, for instance, and couldn’t care less. It’s about time we quit answering questions nobody is asking and spoke to the plain needs of human hearts.” ~ Vance Havner   Resting and Rousing By Vance Havner   I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 Rise, […]

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The Age of the Earth – Part 1 in a series

    The Age of the Earth – Part 1 in a series  Who needs God if life can be explained by matter, time & speculation? By Randy S. Berg   Introduction: Most Evolutionists and Slow Creationists believe that the earth is 4,600,000,000 (4.6 billion) years old, while  many Creationists believe that the earth is only […]

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Just A Heartbeat Away From The Day

  In This Edition: Will your next phone be powered by your HEARTBEAT? Scientists reveal implantable battery that can charge from the movement of our organs Persecution of Christians In Schools On The Rise Resolution Recognizing ‘Darwin Day,’ Slamming Creationism, Introduced in Congress Ohio Judge Rules Late-Term Abortion Clinic Can Stay Open, Even If It […]

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Last Days News

      The Christian Post > U.S.|Mon, Jun. 27 2011 08:49 AM EDT What Is at Stake in the Battle to Redefine Marriage? By John Piper | Christian Post Guest Columnist John Piper The following is an edited transcript of the audio. Related Topics Marriage Homosexuality What is at stake in the battle to […]

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