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The Way to Heaven

The following came to my computer only minutes ago. I had only earlier been responding to a visitor to “A Crooked Path” website who is evidenced has been overtaken by the philosophies and teachings of man over those of God, and he believes, as far too many do, there are many paths to heaven and […]

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Christ Our Savior: Part IV

  Christ Our Savior Part IV – final installment in this series   by A.B. Simpson From the book “The Best of A.B. Simpson” Compiled by Keith M. Bailey   What the Bible says about Salvation 1.) It is called God’s salvation. It was not invented by man. God alone is the author of it, […]

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Visible invisibility

  Visible invisibility The whirlpool within the cesspool   by Ken Pullen ACP January 20, 2012   The earth from space is a beautiful orb. Multi-colored, spinning, oceans appearing gem-like, clouds of purity wisp around and around. What paradise! At least it once was. Then came man. Even in the beginning with man what the […]

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