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You may not be familiar, you may be exceedingly familiar with Critical Race Theory. At its core, its dark, cold evil origin and heart is Marxist. An idea of Karl Marx. Sadly, too many people in America at this point in our eroding, lost society believe Marxism is good and will bring about a Utopia, a much better world.

Those folks haven’t a clue. They haven’t been paying attention to ANYTHING over the past 100 plus years to world history, specific history that has taken place — is taking place in nations where socialism, communism, Marxism are the dysfunctional order of things.

Critical Race Theory while sounding all academic, a subject heading where great minds might go for heated and interesting debate it is not academic, lofty, something to admire, emulate, or perpetuate.

It is nothing but pure evil unleashed and set upon a nation, a people to inwardly corrode, erode, rebel, confuse, inflict guilt and thus have a massive breakdown within society — tear the system down has ALWAYS been the theme, the blueprint, the core dysfunctional “value” of anarchists, fascists, communists, and every terrorist. All cut of the same blood-soaked reeking cloth.

I’m a white man. With no guilt about being white. I gave a wonderful black woman a great hug this morning in the Sunday Bible study class my wife and I attend after the morning service. A sincere hug because I have agape love for this wonderful, dear woman who is a shining disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and a delight to be around. Even though a cancer survivor and having a battery of tests done presently as she has more tumors appearing in her body.

I’m a white man born in the early 1950s. My father was in the U.S. Navy. Who would have died to protect the Constitution, rights, freedoms, liberties of ALL if he would have had to. Then my earthly father took a few other jobs before becoming a letter carrier (mailman) and retiring as such. He, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, going back to that end of the family coming to America none of them owned or bought a single human being. Ever. They never owned anybody let alone owning slaves.

On my mother’s side, my grandmother escaped the rising tensions in Eastern Europe in the teens of the early 20th century right before the outbreak of WWI. She came to America on a ship and was one of millions who passed through Ellis Island in New York. She came to America owning the dress on her back, no husband, he had died in Europe, and having 16 kids. None of them owned much of anything let alone another human being.

I have no guilt over a history I had nothing to do with.

The only guilt I had and have is when I sinned against God, against Jesus Christ the Lord, against the word of God, and grieved God and Jesus. When I rebelled and have been disobedient to the Lord and His word.

I have never been racist towards a black person or an Asian person, nor any race on earth.

I treat people on an individual basis and do not subscribe to the choking blanket being spread out and then cinched up tight around the throat of every white person from media, government, schools, and myriad institutions, churches, and corporations that just because I’m white I’m then a racist.

Without any of them knowing me. At all.

And this from the people, the whole lot of them that have words like tolerance, inclusion, compassion dripping from their lying lips and venomous tongues spitting out so many evils.

Stand up against lies. Stand up against evil. Do not be shaken and weak and accepting of the onslaught, the venom, the swirling storm, and caustic winds pouring from so many evil minds and mouths.

Stand up to it all. Defend the truth. Defend the word of God.

Defend the truth and history. As it really was and is. Not how it is being torn asunder and rearranged to suit evil to further evil’s agenda. And it has an agenda.

None of this is taking place with good intent, to build a better nation, a stronger nation, a more righteous nation and people.

It’s all evil and the blind masses are falling down bowing to it.

Do not be deceived.

Do not be prey.

Pray and stand strong, stand boldly against every evil, every sin, every abomination against the Lord and His word!


Ken Pullen

Monday, June 7th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


“You Are Being Shaken Down”: Author Shelby Steele Says Critical Race Theory Is A Plot To “Capture White Guilt”


June 03, 2021

By Virginia Kruta

Reprinted from The Daily Caller


Author Shelby Steele said Thursday that Critical Race Theory was a coordinated effort to “capture white guilt.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

Steele joined “Fox News Primetime” host Ben Domenech to discuss recent claims that conservatives have only voiced objections to CRT because they feared change. (RELATED: Fauci Has ‘Outlived His Usefulness’: Ben Domenech Says Demand For Masks After Vaccines Is ‘Dangerous’)

“If you don’t like Critical Race Theory, you are threatened by change. That’s how the left is framing it now,” Domenech began as he introduced Steele as his guest. “Washington Post columnist Christine Emba writes, ‘It is a psychological defense not a rational one and it has become so prominent because the status quo is comfortable and accountability is not.’”

Domenech argued that CRT was toxic and “unAmerican,” asking Steele what he believed could be done to push back against it as many in power attempt to promote it.

“I think they have to begin with the understanding that Critical Race Theory is a device designed to capture white guilt. It has no other meaning, no other purpose, no other function than that. It wants to capture, to once again accuse whites of racism,” Steele said.

Steele went on to explain that once CRT was used to convince everyone that structural racism had bled into every aspect of American life, the goal was to use the guilt it created to advance black Americans by creating entitlements for them. “It’s a structural systemic society-wide problem and to the extent of its breadth, it owes us as blacks entitlement,” he added.

“What bothers me most is that the whites — we have been doing this now for 70 years, and whites still don’t get the point,” Steele continued. “You are being had. You are being shaken down over a history that you had nothing to do with, and there has to be some standing up there.”

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