To Anyone & Everyone Who Reads A Crooked Path on Facebook or Twitter


If you are a person who was used to finding and reading articles published on the website A Crooked Path on Facebook or Twitter, and then all of a sudden, as of December 26th, 2019 no more articles appeared on Facebook or Twitter, I apologize.

The company I had been using to post everything published on the website to Facebook and Twitter went out of business. I did not learn of this until a few days ago.

I believe the problem has been resolved.

I hope everyone who was coming to and reading A Crooked Path exclusively on Facebook or Twitter will once again find the articles and resume reading what is posted, and will let others they know who were reading A Crooked Path on Facebook or Twitter know everything is back working as it should.

Again, I am sorry for this gap in postings and the length of time it took to correct. All should be well now. Keep coming back — and let others know as well.

Thank you.


Ken Pullen, administrator of A Crooked Path