The Time Is Here…

AI generated Coronation afterparty

King Charles III at the royal family party after his coronation.

AI-generated fake.


When no one anywhere can believe what they see or hear at any time. From any source.

Artificial Intelligence and the idle, the crazed, the wasting their talents, the pranksters, and the evil already are able to create videos, still photographs, and videos with voice that are not real but can fool almost everyone all the time.

Abe Lincoln never imagined a time such as this.

Enough to drive a person mad? Certifiably insane? Yes, if the person is easily swayed, fearful, consumed, and lost in and of the world. Yes, indeed.

Included here in my preface to the article below are what appear to be photos taken of the royal family at a private family party after the coronation of King Charles III.

While these may appear bizarre, it wasn’t long ago a person adept at using AI created a video with sound, along with still images of Donald Trump being arrested. Resisting arrest and wrestled to the ground by a number of police officers.

All fake. All unreal. All illusion.

Never happened.

Just as every image included here is fake. Delusion. Illusion. All generated easily using artificial intelligence’s present day capabilities.

Just imagine, if possible, what the technology will present to us in six months, a year from now, or five years from now if the world continues on? The technology is accelerating in development and expansion faster than human beings, including the people creating all these technologies, can keep up with it. Now we’ve turned it over to think, create, plan, and devise on its own.

No problems arising in doing that, right?

If sitting there you think this can and will never get out of hand, just some folks having some fun with CURRENT TECHNOLOGY and it isn’t anything to be wary and concerned about why is it that you believe people are inherently good and AI never will be used to promote evil? To confuse and control, delude entire populations?

With media, technology, social platforms, the internet, Smartphones, computing, and the way information is presently transmitted worldwide, and with people inherently evil this technology is going to be used just for some chuckles? A bit of fun?

AI generated Coronation afterparty

Dancin’ fool Camilla lettin’ loose after wearing all that royal garb…never happened.

AI generated Coronation afterparty

DJ Kate spinnin’ the good, good vibrations…never happened.

AI generated Coronation afterparty

A study in pensive leisure in pink after a long, long day and 70-year wait, a cool and refreshing G&T, to relax, finally…never happened.

AI generated Coronation afterparty

William the Trubador —  the latest thing in folk rock singer-songwriter? Never happened, thankfully…

Someone Made AI Photos of What a Cool Coronation ‘After-Party’ Would Look Like — And Yes, It’s Totally Weird – ReelRundown


No one can believe, trust, or be confident in ANYTHING that they hear or see at any time from this time forward in history.

A time unlike any other in world history.

We have entered into a time, for the first time, that no one can believe or trust anything that they hear or see. This is NOT Photoshop. Or a variation thereof. This is 10,000,000 times more realistic, sinister, and easier to execute proficiently. To deceive. To delude. To arouse fear, confusion, and rumor, to further the lies.

To enhance evil and diminish reality and the truth

What to do?

Well, if a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, a true child of God it is time to become more ensconced and wrapped within the whole inerrant infallible living and active Word of God. To become more Bible literate and fluent. Faithfully believing. Faithfully living out and obeying.

In conjunction with this to increase in faithfulness and trust in a spiritually maturing and growing prayer life.

Knowing this time was to come. That the time of strong delusion and the rise of evil would come. Unlike any other time in world history.

Prepare. Believe. Live accordingly. Fighting the good and faithful fight to the end. Fearing nothing that any man can do to us. Increasing in the fear and understanding, and the love of the Lord and His Word.

If NOT a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, still a child of disobedience? Unbelieving? Or perhaps believing parts but refusing to yield, to submit, to humble oneself to bow and obey, to repent, confess and obey the Lord Jesus Christ having Him become Lord of your life?

Well, you have only two options really. Only two.

Either decide within your heart to hear the Lord and walk your life, heart, mind, and all to Him.

Or remain mired in the confusion, lies, distortions, rebellion, and noise of the world. Because this AI is really going to make life on Earth so much easier and better isn’t it?

Sure, trust in the ways of the world. It’s gone so well and things have really turned into the paradise, the Utopia men and women have been professing to bring about all throughout history, of their own will and doing omitting Jesus, omitting God hasn’t it?

Two choices.

Only two options.

And every person resides in one camp or the other of only the two possible.

Read on…

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Thursday, May 11th, 2023


Shattering reality: Is AI-generated content already good enough to fool the average person?

How long until AI-generated content becomes too realistic? Gary Marcus says that time is “already here”


May 10, 2023

By Gabrielle Reyes

Reprinted from FOX News Digital


A world where AI-generated videos and images can dupe the public on a large scale — a fear of the “Godfather of AI” — has become a reality, according to an artificial intelligence writer and podcast host.

“That moment is already here,” said cognitive scientist Gary Marcus, who hosts the AI-centric podcast, “Humans vs Machines with Gary Marcus.” “The techniques will only get better and better over the coming years, but they’re already good enough that they can probably fool at least some of the people some of the time.”


Computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, who is widely considered the “Godfather of AI” and helped develop systems used in software like ChatGPT, recently told The New York Times he feared AI-generated photos, videos and text will soon flood the internet. The average person, as a result, will “not be able to know what is true anymore,” he said.

Rapid AI advancement over the past few months has made it easier to create deepfakes, hyperrealistic but fake content. Marcus pointed to a recent Republican National Committee ad arguing what the world would look like if President Biden. It used AI to generate realistic visuals of China invading Taiwan, 80,000 illegal aliens surging the southern border and skyrocketing crime and drug use forcing San Francisco to declare martial law.

“The RNC made a pretty compelling ad for the 2024 election that used deepfakes and looked pretty plausible,” said Marcus, who led Uber’s AI labs from 2016-2017 and co-authored the book “Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust.”

Marcus referred to an anti-Biden campaign ad created entirely from AI imagery.

Marcus said an RNC anti-Biden campaign ad created entirely from AI imagery supported his belief that we’re ‘already’ living in a time when AI deepfakes could dupe the public. (SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)


Other viral deepfake examples include “Heart on my Sleeve,” an AI-crafted song that cloned the voices and styles of Drake and the Weeknd, and a fake photo of Pope Francis sporting a large puffer coat.

Meanwhile, NewsGuard, which rates news and information sites, recently identified 49 news and information sites that were either totally or mostly AI-generated. The websites, according to NewsGuard, used a hallmark of text created by artificial intelligence: “bland language and repetitive phrases.”

Marcus said the May 1 report further supported his belief that Hinton’s fear, that AI-generated content would regularly deceive the average person, “is basically here.”


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