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First, come firmly, resolutely, in full knowledge and understanding what is occurring is NOT a culture war. To categorize or label, or work from the mindset that all that is taking place is clashing cultures is to do a great disservice and discredit to the Lord Jesus Christ, to God, to the Holy Spirit, and to the Word of God.

A great disservice to the faith. What does it say of faith in Christ when we diminish everything to a worldly, ideological intellectual level? Ponder that for a spell…

A horrendous and appalling disservice to the Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross. Ponder that for a spell…

To think we’re in a cultural war is to either dismiss or be ignorant of what is contained in the Word of God.

What is clashing, what is escalating in vehemence, intensity, severity, and consequences is not merely worldly cultures clashing, or political ideologies clashing. To think like this is worldly. Foolish. And spiritually weak and misguided. Being led about by the lies of Satan rather than the truth of God.

No, dear friend, dear one, fellow brother or sister in Christ, or unbelieving soul that may find themselves here — what is taking place, has always and only been taking place throughout history from the time in the Garden, throughout every realm, empire, nation, tribe, place, and people on earth every day in history has been foremost the spiritual war.

We at war.

The longest, highest causality, and most important war the earth has ever known.

Within each person.

Beginning with Adam and Eve and every person subsequently.

Around each person.

Beginning with Adam and Eve and every person subsequently.

There is no escape. There are only excuses and lies to the contrary.

Do not be deceived.

Do not fall prey.

Do not be consumed in and by the words, the swirling whirlwind of words of the world, and even those of professed Christians declaring we’re in a “culture war” when they ought to know better, speak better, and write better of what is REALLY taking place every moment of every day and night within and around every person on earth.

Cultural wars denote many options and views and stances to take. Depending on one’s age, nationality, sex, education, health, and upbringing. There are many facets to cultural wars. Many degrees within them.

The spiritual war has only two very clear cut sides. Two clearly defined ways to follow. No matter one’s age, gender, nationality, upbringing, education, health, and so on…

Let’s all finally begin to use and maintain the right words in discussing or writing of such matters, shall we?

Yes, love, truly love — but know and understand what love as defined within God’s Word means versus the love as the world knows and defines it…

God is one day going to destroy the earth and most of the people on it. That is love. Think about that if you never have…and hopefully, you come to see, to know and understand. Not as the world does but as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ indwelt of the Holy Spirit in the knowledge of the Scriptures comes to see and know.

Either abide and side in the temporal, the worldly, the passing and forever forgotten — resulting in eternal consequences, or abide in the eternal ways, words, and will of God.

There is quite a difference.

Just as there is quite a difference in the world’s views and definition of love and the love we are to have within our hearts and spirits and reveal to the world — as the light of the world, the salt of the earth, the true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s people. Not the world nor Satan’s people.

Let’s spread the gospel of Christ as His disciples rather than spend time, waste time on meaningless political, and cultural debate and discussion. That is our duty as professed disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not nationalism. Not love of country above love and service to God, to the Lord.

Not identifying with a political party or ideology. A worldy viewpoint.

Rather identifying and BEING IDENTIFIED as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, a true child of God rather than as a conservative, a Republican, liberal, or Democrat, an American, a Canadian, an Englishman or woman, a Russian, a Chinese, or Japanese person.

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Wednesday, May 31st, 2023


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