I don’t believe there is any “if” about it, as is written in the article heading found below. I believe it IS a fact…that COVID-19 was leaked either accidentally or intentionally from the Wuhan virology lab.

Excerpt from the article below written by Mr. Gerard Baker of The Times (London);

The fact that the bats supposedly responsible for infecting unsuspecting Chinese people were from a cave nearly 1,000 miles from Wuhan, and the existence of one of China’s biggest virology testing laboratories in the city itself, where it was known experiments on coronaviruses had been carried out, were further powerful circumstantial evidence.

Do some very basic looking into how difficult it is for a virus to mutate and be transmitted TO FIT PERFECTLY INTO A HUMAN TO INECT THEM. Especially from bats in a cave 1,000 miles away that what? just happened to show up at this market? And some Chinese people came into close contact with them? And whala! The Sars-cov-2 virus instantly mutated to the degree those people became infected with coronavirus? Not buying it. Not buying anything sold at that market or from anyone pushing the bat angle in the media or from a government official or agency.

Look into it a bit if uncertain. If you think I’m a nutter. Couldn’t possibly know what I’m writing about. Learn the facts, at least some of them, for yourself. Certainly don’t take my word for it.

And then ask yourself this, or ask yourself this right now…how is it the COVID-19 virus so perfectly fit being transmitted instantly from a so-called bat, or another animal into humans?

This is a virus. Not bacteria. Not anything like rabies or an allergy. This is a virus. And if you do even a modicum of research you will learn that viruses do NOT instantly mutate when an infected animal bites a human, a human comes in contact with an animal that is infected — and that virus is so fit and perfected as to infect that human and create a worldwide pandemic. Don’t believe this? Do the minimum amount of research.


If all that was required was a fly-by from a bat? Pick up a bat? Come near a bat and whala! human now infected? That highest-level — BSL4 or Bio-Safety Level 4 is the highest rating of possible infection virology lab (see how workers in the lab must be outfitted in the photo above) would not have so many people working there, in such a large facility for so long spending so much time and money working on coronaviruses. Think about that. Think it through.

A PORTION of the Wuhan Virology Lab in Wuhan, China.


This virus was fitted, constructed, manipulated, CREATED, DESIGNED — made by man to work as it has in human beings. And this virus was leaked — either intentionally or accidentally from the high-level Wuhan, China virology lab.

And while you’re asking yourself a question or two about this don’t fail to then ask yourself Why is the Biden administration making sure the looking into the origins of the COVID-19 virus is now shelved? Why are Biden and his administration making sure any further investigation is killed and not looked into further? What does he have to hide? What exactly are his and his son’s ties to Communist China so as to render an edict that any further investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 virus is halted, especially any and all investigation into this virus originating in the Wuhan lab and being leaked from that lab? Either accidentally or intentionally? Why are Biden and his administration kowtowing to communist China rather than making sure the origins are found and revealed to the American people? Why cover this up? Why stop looking into the origin? What is there to hide?

I realize that’s a lot to ask. Of yourself and elsewhere. But, please, go ahead. Ask. Ask yourself the important questions. Not that it changes anything. Not that it’ll reverse anything. Not that it’ll make lying evil men such as Joe Biden and others in our government, in communist China, in the media have a change of heart, a change of mind and they will mend their ways.

But this virus and what it has wrought on the people of the world did not originate from a bat, or bats, from animal contact in a market in Wuhan, China. It is a weaponized virus. Worked with the technology of man for GAIN OF FUNCTION to transmit easier and better, and to infect easier, to make more ill, designed to even kill many it infects.

This was in my opinion the design and result of man working in a lab producing evil. And it got out. Either intentionally or accidentally — but not because someone came into contact with infected bats or animals in a market about 5 miles from the Wuhan virology lab…

…think about it all folks. Think.

And learn at least a wee bit about viruses. They are NOT like germs, or bacteria, or anything like rabies or allergies. Learn some basics about viruses and ask yourself how and why this happened.

And if you still contend it was due to a bat in a market a few miles from the Wuhan lab? Well, I think you’re “batty,” please excuse my bluntness, and perhaps what is needed is to think more critically, objectively, knowing the hearts and minds of men — especially men in high positions.


Ken Pullen

Friday, May 28th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


If Covid-19 leaked, Communist China’s credibility is in tatters

Growing evidence the virus escaped from a lab shatters the global narrative of Beijing’s inexorable rise


Friday, May 28, 2021

By Gerard Baker

Reprinted from The Times (London)


When prominent Republicans alleged more than a year ago that the Covid-19 pathogen might have leaked from a Chinese laboratory, they got the usual treatment from the truth vigilantes in the world’s media. “Trump fans flames of Chinese lab coronavirus theory,” declaimed a Guardian headline in April 2020 after the then president had publicly aired the idea.

In February, Tom Cotton, a Republican senator from Arkansas, alleged in a congressional hearing and later on Twitter that the lab-origination theory was a much more likely explanation than the official Chinese account that the virus passed from animals to humans, probably from a market in Wuhan.

The New York Times called Cotton’s remarks a “conspiracy theory”. The Washington Post’s version was headlined, “Tom Cotton keeps repeating a coronavirus conspiracy theory that was already debunked”. The BBC rolled out its Oracle of Truth, the “Fact Check” man, Christopher Morris, to deliver the definitive verdict: he characterised the idea that the pandemic had been anything other than of zoonotic origin as a “dodgy claim”. Well into this year, any suggestion that a Chinese government institution might have been culpable for unleashing the deadly global virus was dismissed.

The World Health Organisation’s investigation in February into the origins of the virus was about as rigorous as the BBC’s repeated examinations of Martin Bashir’s journalistic methods.

In the last few weeks, the official version, created by China, propagated by the WHO and given credulous authority by most of the media, has begun to crumble.

Last weekend the Wall Street Journal reported that three lab workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology got so ill with virus-like symptoms in November 2019 that they sought hospital treatment. It was a critical revelation that built on evidence from other enterprising reporters that the lab leak hypothesis may well be a much better explanation for what happened.

The most comprehensive analysis was published earlier this month by Nicholas Wade, a former science reporter for The New York Times who now writes independently. He concluded that there were a number of factors that suggested the lab hypothesis was somewhat more likely. The nature of the virus was different from earlier viruses like Sars and Mers, in that it seemed not to have gone through the usual mutations in passing from animals to humans, but was already essentially perfectly fitted to infect human targets.

The fact that the bats supposedly responsible for infecting unsuspecting Chinese people were from a cave nearly 1,000 miles from Wuhan, and the existence of one of China’s biggest virology testing laboratories in the city itself, where it was known experiments on coronaviruses had been carried out, were further powerful circumstantial evidence.

As Mr. Wade told me, hygiene security at the lab was little better than you’d expect to find in a dental clinic. “The Chinese scientists are working under internationally agreed rules, but virologists don’t like to work in these very high-security labs. It’s all very cumbersome. So they allowed these experiments with coronaviruses to go on in this very low-level security arrangement.”

Last weekend, after a year of dismissing the lab-leak theories, Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease specialist in the U.S. government, added his voice to those who think it’s at least plausible. “Are you still confident that [Covid-19] developed naturally?” he was asked at a conference called — you can’t make this up — “A Festival of Fact-Checking”. “No, I’m not convinced of that,” he said, adding that all hypotheses need to be investigated.

It’s too soon to be conclusive. If we’ve learnt anything in the past year it ought to be that leaping to ex-cathedra declarations of indisputable fact on the basis of incomplete and potentially false evidence in furtherance of a partisan agenda is something journalists really ought to avoid. The important issue is not the way the treatment of the lab-leak hypothesis has further damaged the tattered credibility of most media. It offers an important antidote to much of the thinking about modern China that has come to dominate political thinking and commentary in the U.S.

The Chinese communists, along with much of the commentary class in the West, have hailed China’s response to the virus as yet another example of the superiority of the Chinese model. It’s becoming common in much of the world to contrast the modern pathologies of America — political division, economic stagnation, social unrest — with the steady, unrelenting ascent of China’s state-directed, well-ordered economic and social model.

As we learn more about what happened in China in late 2019, it ought to prompt a rethink. If the virus did leak it will add spectacular incompetence and reckless disregard for safety to a pattern of lies, manipulation and cover-ups; all of which have cost the world, as well as China, unparalleled human and economic damage. The U.S., especially, has an opportunity to shift perceptions and change the narrative of inexorably diverging fortunes.

“We will bury you,” Nikita Khrushchev famously warned the West in 1956, a few decades before the West buried the Soviet Union.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics has always claimed to be a superior version of the ideology and in the last 30 years might even have seemed so. As we learn more about the realities rather than the fiction Beijing and its enablers in the West want us to believe, who would be so confident that Chinese Marxism will manage a better fate?

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