Caribbean Beach Wallpaper (65+ images)

Darkness wafts within the mind


by Ken Pullen

Written the evening of Monday, May 1st, 2023



Darkness wafts within the mind

as soothing salt laden sea breezes

on that sweet sandy holiday away

all bright, light, feeling oh, so right

while within the dead heart of darkness

darker, colder than the darkest coldest night

the unaware snare

nary trapping the leg, nor the neck

but clamping down upon the soul

to slowly drain the spirit

as if caught in the web of an arachnid

on par with King Kong


In the myth of the vampire

it is written, said the bite of death

feels sweet, seductive

in the reality of life on earth

the bite of sin

of that darkness appearing sweet,



desirable to be repeatable



appearing like those warm wafting sea breezes

on that holiday away

are keeping you in the web of bondage

father of lies

sweet honey tongued from time in the Garden

to right now within your heart and mind


So many believing, seeking aliens

while alien to the truth

alien to God

alien to the Lord Jesus Christ

alien to the Holy Spirit

alien to the infallible inerrant living Word of God

That which is invited in

languished in

wallowed in


confusing for lasting pleasure

deluded equated debated as enlightenment

is the darkness of the Second Death

eternal death


revive that word long lost and cast aside

from the truth, the Word of God

no longer hide


Cast away into the sea

the repentance of sin




words despised among the proud, haughty, the oh so naughty

dismissing the filth of sin within

refusing the Lord Jesus Christ

the only way to the Father

no matter the time




there can be a moment

of true light within the delusion of darkness

to allow the Truth, the Way to Life



the cold heart within

in faith, in humbleness, in contriteness, in sincerity

such faith and seeking to permit the Spirit of God

to enter

destroying death

removing sin


God the Father forgetting

all that has been done

for true faith in what was done

by the Son