Perhaps not today, tomorrow, or even next month or year. But it is coming…sooner rather than later.

All those speaking and writing of how the world with people will be in 1,000 years ought to take heed. Even those speaking and writing how the world with people on it will likely be 100 years from now. Take heed.

Ignorance, IGNORING, refusing to pay attention, allowing oneself to be misled by liars, erroneous information — lies for a reason. Being rather dumb and numb with regard to all that swirls about a person. Making excuses as to why they remain ignorant, IGNORING while refusing to pay attention to real truths while permitting themselves to be continually misled and led about by the liars.

It defies manmade logic and reason — I delineate manmade from the logic and reasoning of God due to the overwhelming difference between the two — and it defies manmade logic and reason to accept, know and understand that every human being has free will and always a choice as to what their next action or inaction will be. What will we do? While also accepting, knowing, and understanding — believing — that God is in total control and His plan is always at work. Leading to the total fulfillment of every word, every jot, every tittle within His God-breathed Word.

God knows our next thoughts. Our next words. Why we may remain in silence. What we’re going to do later during this day, and tomorrow if we’re even going to have a tomorrow here on earth.

Human nature rails, rebels, and resists the nature, the attributes, and the truth about God.

Ignorance, IGNORING is not a good or healthy thing for any person. Nor is gravitating to and permitting the liars and their lies to lead us about and dominate what we catalog as our mental inventory of truth and facts. Sorry, but the world lies when it continually says perception is everything.

No, friends, foes, dear ones, those in Christ, and those in utter darkness who may subscribe to that lie. Perception is nothing more than how something, anything is PERCEIVED. That does not thusly relate to any truth attached to that individual or mass perception. And the majority doesn’t rule or mean something is correct or right. It merely means a majority can just as easily be misled and adhere to lies as any individual.

Very little truth or useful information is put forward on any given day by any so-called news outlet. No matter if it is the one, or the ones you follow and believes or not. It’s all massaged. Censored. Edited. Controlled. To control. To either create fear and confusion to control, or to hide the facts and the truth to control and ally fears as fear would not suit the agenda at the time.

Even major catastrophes and crises are censored and edited and the information from them controlled. Be it something such as September 11th, 2001, COVID-19, or anything that occurred in world history and is documented and or presented to people. And nothing created by man or woman will ever be accurate for inherent bias, along with every person’s inherently evil nature.

Yet it is the words of men and women, the so-called “news” presented by men and women people believe while disallowing and out and out mocking and IGNORING, refusing to believe the WORDS OF GOD!

Nothing has changed one iota from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden from the moment they listened to and believed, allowed the evil reasoning and rationalization, the evil logic of the Serpent, Satan, to lead them to rebel against the righteous reasoning, righteous rational thinking, and righteous logic of God.

Nothing has changed. Except for technology. And human reproduction. Nothing else though it is perceived to have changed so that what has come before can be IGNORED and discounted in order to permit the fulfillment of the errant belief the time a person lives in is the most different time in world history and what passed could not in any way understand what is taking place now. With the ever important presently living!

All world economies consist of nothing much more than smoke and mirrors. Illusion. Paper houses are built upon the paper, or electronic binary code of financial institutions while the lie that if you build your economic house of gold, silver, and precious metals, or something “collectible” and deemed of great human value you’ll be secure. To build and amass your treasures and tuck them away. To be prepared for not only that rainy day but for the catastrophic day to come.

Fools and their foolishness.

Do not misunderstand. We are to be good stewards of the material things we’re blessed with from God Almighty, and no person — no person on earth has anything, anything at all of their own doing and making for no person has anything they have save for God making it possible for them to have. Just as He can remove their next breath, the next heartbeat, the hairs from their head, He can also remove every earthly material thing. God gives every person all that they have and no person has anything of their own making and doing. Even if a highly gifted and skilled craftsperson, musician, accountant, or athlete, what have you — God made all that you are and have possible.

And if any person puts their faith in anything of this earth to last? To provide them with the answers? To protect them? Woe to that person!

Great economic woe and catastrophe is coming. The likes of which the world has never witnessed before and never will again. Such economic catastrophe is already occurring and every part of the pieces to bring it about have been built, are being built and have been put in place, or are being put in place.

The world economy and people’s utter love of money, reliance on money making it their idol, their god, their primary purpose for living will be the downfall of the many. Ushering in that which the world has never witnessed before and never will again. Although few will admit such, and most continue to lie about the place money holds in their lives, as they say, their family matters more, and such and such and this and that matters more. Yet when they cannot have food to eat, the basics of life due to not having money chaos results. Rioting. Fear. Tribulation and travails appear and increase.

Most can’t eat, survive, their families can’t eat or survive without food and water and how dependent the overwhelming majority of the people of this world have become on ease, comfort, thoughtlessness, mindlessness regarding where their food comes from, everything they have in life to exist and survive. Very few among us now can grow their own food, have the knowledge and wits to know how to live from the land, to survive without all the ease and comfort of current daily life.

And growing your hydroponic lettuce, those nice tomato plants in the pots on your patio or deck will not keep you and your loved ones alive when what is coming arrives.

And what is coming will be unlike anything ever seen or experienced before.

Money, money, money…it all takes money, doesn’t it?

Recall the angst, the fear, the anger, and the doubt of empty grocery store shelves during and after the COVID-19 pandemic? And things have never really adjusted since. And they won’t. Contrary to the delusion, the lies, the misdirection given to people. It might not ever come to mind, but World War I and World War II never really ended and the world has never been the same since those events occurred. There is ever any going back to “normal” for nothing ever has been “normal” along the way ever since the fall of man and woman in the Garden. Those doing the lying and misdirecting knowing it is what the people really want so they don’t have to REALLY think and REALLY take any serious action regarding their lives. Not only here for how many years they may be blessed with life — but not heeding, paying attention to — IGNORING — the fate and condition their ETERNAL spirit and soul will enter into.

And what is coming…

All due to the ignorance, the IGNORING of men and women as to what is most important, what has been and is really taking place, what has always been taking place, gravitating to the comforting lie just as Adam and Eve in the Garden, refusing the truth of God, refusing to obey, refusing to trust. Exerting individual choice and free will.

Which Omnipresent, Omnipotent Almighty God knew we would. We do. We always will.

Until and unless we come to believe in Him, in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit and the whole of the Word of God. Making our faith in Jesus, our trust in God, and our obedience to the Triune God our uppermost priority and way of living.

Faithfully, obediently. Always. Come what may.

Because one of the factors, perhaps the greatest factor that will usher in and permit the Antichrist and his false prophet to seize worldwide dominance and power, and for the overwhelming majority of people alive on earth at that time to brand his name into their bodies so that they can buy, sell, eat, and continue to live will be the greatest economic, materialistic upheaval and tribulation to ever come.

And he will appear like a savior, like a god. Saving the people of the world’s material temporary lives will secure their spiritual lives in the pit of hell for eternity!

Ignorance, IGNORING, exercising our free will, our choices to turn to the lies of this world because they seem to appear to soothe us and make us happy will we turn from the truth of God, turn from the clear truth of the Word of God is not the course to pursue in this fleeting life.

Unless you desire an eternity of writhing suffering and pain beyond human comprehension.

And eternity, an eternity devoid of God, of light, of truth, will be pain and suffering, torment of unspeakable and incomprehensible degree.

Yes, the love of money is the root of all evil. And there is plenty of evil and errant love on this earth is there not? While placing faith in lying, deceitful, greedy men and women to keep you secure, and keep your investments growing and safe.

Where do you place your faith, your real trust?

What, who, Who do you pay attention to, believe in, or rebel against and ignore?

Ahh, money…the things of this world?

Or God? All things of God as written in His Word?


Shekels or your eternal soul…

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Monday, March 13th, 2023


We Just Witnessed An Economic Red Flag That We Haven’t Seen Since 1981

Collapse Of An Economic Cycle Or The Entire Financial System?


March 8, 2023

By Michael Snyder

Reprinted from The Economic Collapse


The mainstream media continues to tell us that the economy is in fine shape, and you can believe that if you want.  But evidence continues to mount that indicates that we are headed for very serious trouble.  Inflation is out of control, home sales have fallen for 12 months in a row, large corporations all over America are conducting mass layoffs, and hunger is spreading like wildfire as economic conditions rapidly deteriorate.  If this is “fine”, I would hate to see what “bad” would look like.  Virtually everything that normally occurs during the early stages of a major economic downturn is happening right now, and that includes an inversion of Treasury yields

On Tuesday, the difference in the yield on 2-year and 10-year Treasury notes further inverted, with the yield on the 10-year falling 103 basis points, or 1.03 percentage points, below the yield on the 2-year yield. This dynamic has preceded each of the last eight U.S. recessions.

Please read that last sentence again.

This has happened for eight recessions in a row.

Do you think that by some miracle we won’t have a recession this time?

At this point, we are actually witnessing the deepest inversion that we have seen “since September 1981”

The spread between the monetary policy-sensitive two-year U.S. Treasury yield (US2Y) and the 10-year (US10Y) UST yield reached the deepest inversion since September 1981, as bond-market investors priced in higher-for-longer interest rates following Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s Senate testimony earlier in the session.


1981 was more than 40 years ago.

As one analyst told his clients, this is “a big psychological level” that has just been breached…

“We are not sure that -100bps means anything different than -80bps or -90bps did, but it is likely a big psychological level that many will notice,” BTIG analyst Jonathan Krinsky wrote in a note to clients.

But don’t worry.

CNN says that everything will be just fine.

You believe them, don’t you?

Needless to say, a lot of Americans don’t believe them.

In fact, at this point the amount of confidence that Americans have that their finances will improve in the next year has dropped to a depressingly low level

Americans’ confidence in their finances is at its lowest level in at last 13 years, as inflation and fears of a recession cast a pall of uncertainty over the economy.

In February, just 31% of Americans believed their personal financial situation would improve in the next year, the lowest figure on records dating back to 2010, according to Fannie Mae’s monthly survey released on Tuesday.

The bureaucrats in Washington can radically “adjust” the economic numbers that they are giving us in a desperate attempt to make us feel better, but they can’t hide the fact that mass layoffs are happening all around us.

For example, a historic paper mill in North Carolina that has been in business for more than a century is now shutting down and laying off all of their employees

Union representatives with Smokey Mountain Local 507 were reportedly called to a meeting with Pactiv Evergreen officials Monday and told about the plans to close the paper mill.

It employs 1,100 people and is considered a keystone of the local economy.

The words are simply not enough,” Canton Mayor Zeb Smathers said, according to local outlet ABC15. “When I was downtown and I saw grown men with tears in their eyes, there are not words, and no one was prepared on this dark Monday to deal with that.”

What can you possibly say to those men to convince them that everything is going to be okay?

That town will never be the same again after this.

A massive economic implosion is already happening all around us, but as long as stock prices remain elevated many people will be fooled into thinking that conditions are normal.

But the financial markets are starting to show cracks too.

In fact, one expert just told Fox News that the indicators that he closely watches are pointing to “one of the highest probabilities of a crash in the stock market looking out 60 days”

After Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicated the bank isn’t finished raising rates, one market expert has warned a crash could come in a matter of days.

“They’re playing catch up, and while they were doing quantitative easing in 2021, inflation started to rage and now they’re trying to catch up,” The Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald said Wednesday on “Mornings with Maria.”

“Our 21 Lehman systemic risk indicators that look at equity and credit point to one of the highest probabilities of a crash in the stock market looking out 60 days,” McDonald, who is also known for writing a best-selling book on the Lehman Brothers collapse, cautioned.

I really hope that he is wrong.

I really hope that we have more time.

But the reality of what is now taking place should be evident to everyone.

A major economic meltdown has begun, and it will eventually get a whole lot worse.

We aren’t just witnessing the end of an economic cycle.

What we are actually witnessing is the end of a deeply corrupt, deeply flawed system.

The greatest debt bubble in the history of the entire planet is starting to burst, and the whole world will soon be experiencing severe pain as a result.