Tower of Babel, High Resolution Images and Bible Lessons


Babel On

by Ken Pullen

Written the morning of May 3rd, 2023



Stone by stone brick by brick

the tower rose into the sky

once silent long past air

no planes, trains, automobiles honking men and women, ringing phones


noisy with commotion

plotting planning conspiring in unison

furthering the lie told to them beginning in the Garden

they were on par with God



More than an ancient story


as the tower rose

men seeking to find God, to rise to glory

of their own sinful ignorant making

as if stone and mortar

are anything to the Creator

that He should bow to that which He created

men in their physical strength so feeble of mind

of spirit

of knowing that which needs knowing



That once oh so real tower rising heavenward

brought crashing down by the sheer will of the Lord

making light work of all those busy hands

broken backs

hollow souls


the physical tower destroyed while the evil minds of the makers



to go out throughout the world

more confused more sinful more alien to God than before

one stone was laid upon that shaky to be doomed from the start foundation

Babel on now the rule within every nation

every people

every place

coming from the corridors and halls of governments

emanating from the enticing seductive addictive glowing screens

your neighbor



even the reflection

from the mirror

Babel on always present

so near

saturating nearly every word worldwide

no place to hide from the confusing clatter

the sin does the spirit shatter

such noise and confusion driving one away from that which truly




Flee from the noise of the world, the Babel on only increased

ever increasing

from the fall of the tower

only to be laid stronger louder in the dark hearts errant minds of man



increasing in time

silence the noise of destructive construction within

that voice of sin

lathering constant mortar and brick upon brick within daily

seek the Living Rock

seek the Saving Stone

seek the Way of the Lord

on which to build anything of permanence






Babel on no more

though the Babeling on of this swiftly passing world ever grows

each person either continuing to work on that tower of lies

within their own heart and mind

serving the Evil One

that Old Dragon the devil

or each person laying up spiritual brick by brick

spiritual stone by stone

their walk in this life leading to their heavenly reward

walking with the Lord Jesus Christ

never walking alone

never laboring under the weight of carrying the deadly stones of Babel on

around leading them to the depths of the pit of hell

calm the noise within laying brick upon brick in vain

Babel on

no more

when turned to

inviting in

transformed of heart, nature, way

of the Lord…