Jorge Mario Bergoglio, idol worshipper, Mary worshipper, heretic, false teacher, a proponent of one world religion, focuses more on climate change, political correctness which is a branch of the New Age/Eastern Mysticism revival, i.e. PAGANISM, proponent of communism/ socialism over democracy and capitalism — a.k.a. pope Francis. (Photo by – / VATICAN MEDIA / AFP) (Photo by -/VATICAN MEDIA/AFP via Getty Images) — (Photo caption provided by the administrator of A Crooked Path and was not in the report/survey by Pew Research Center).


American Worldview Inventory 2021 Release #5: Top 10 Most Seductive Unbiblical Ideas Embraced by Americans

American Worldview Inventory 2020-21 — The Annual Report On The State Of Worldview In The United States
Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom Unite in the Great Reset of Churches


If “American Bandstand,” & “Top of the Pops,” (in the U.K.), and many of the other local and national band/dance/variety programs were still on air Jorge would be rising to the top of the charts. Be said to be easy to dance to, and all the rage at the time.

So many listening to and dancing to the wrong music, the music of death and darkness appearing to sound like light and life…so many lost, confused and deluded. Following a Pied Piper playing the notes of destruction painted, with a veneer of progress on the surface.

Sad. Very, very sad. Eternally sad in so many cases.

He calls himself a man of God, holy, a Christian. The world has established in grave error that a pope is holy, righteous, a man of God, a Christian, and the truth is 180 degrees opposed to the worldview, the marketing, the propaganda the world has been indoctrinated in.

So many so easily accepting and following lies while they adamantly refuse the truth or any light to enter into their hearts, minds, spirits, souls and lives.

So what to do? Pray dear ones, pray my friends, pray brothers and sisters in the faith, among the remnant living to the best of each one’s ability a Biblical life.


Ken Pullen

Saturday, June 27th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path

Americans, including Catholics, continue to have favorable views of Pope Francis


June 25, 2021




Pope Francis’ popularity dropped in the United States a few years ago amid a sex abuse crisis in the U.S. Catholic Church. But Americans’ opinions of the pontiff have since rebounded, and between February 2020 and March 2021 – 13 months that included moves by Francis to expand the role of women in the church as well as a widening debate about whether President Joe Biden should be denied Communion – views toward Francis remained fairly stable.

About six-in-ten U.S adults (63%) have a “very” or “mostly” favorable opinion of Pope Francis, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in March using the Center’s online American Trends Panel. This is nearly identical to the share of adults who had a favorable view of Francis in February 2020 (64%).

The pope’s favorability also has remained steady among U.S. Catholics, with 82% of Catholics in both the March 2021 and February 2020 surveys saying they have a favorable opinion of the pope.

These March 2021 and February 2020 results are not entirely comparable to figures from earlier surveys the Center conducted by telephone. Online and phone surveys sometimes produce disparate results, a polling phenomenon called a mode effect. One key difference is that online polls tend to result in fewer respondents declining to answer the question if there are fewer opportunities to express “no opinion.” This analysis indicates that any change in the results between January 2020 (when this question was last asked on the phone) and March 2021 was likely due to fewer people declining to give an opinion on the web survey.

Six-in-ten U.S. adults view Pope Francis favorably
How we did this
How does the shift from phone to web surveys affect opinions of Pope Francis?
Catholic Democrats continue to be more supportive of Francis than Catholic Republicans

Views of Pope Francis have remained fairly stable among Catholic subgroups, too. For example, Catholics who identify as Democrats or who lean toward that party continue to have a more positive opinion of Francis than their Republican counterparts, a partisan pattern that has held since 2018. In the latest survey, 90% of Catholic Democrats expressed a favorable opinion of the pope, compared with 73% of Catholic Republicans and GOP leaners.

Moreover, the latest survey finds little difference in opinions of Francis among Catholics who attend Mass regularly and those who go less often – consistent with patterns seen in previous years. Among weekly Mass-goers, 84% said in March that they have a very or mostly favorable opinion of the pope, as did 82% of Catholics who attend Mass less often, including those who say they never go.

Religious ‘nones,’ White non-evangelical Protestants largely view Francis favorably

Among non-Catholics, views about Pope Francis also have not changed much. In the March survey, majorities of White Protestants who do not identify as evangelical (70%), religiously unaffiliated adults (61%) and Black Protestants (60%) say they have a favorable opinion of him. White evangelical Protestants are more divided in their opinion of the pontiff, with similar shares expressing favorable (45%) and unfavorable (47%) views. Due to sample size limitations, this analysis does not separately report on some smaller religious groups, including Jewish and Muslim Americans.

Note: Here are the questions used for the March 2021 survey, along with responses, and its methodology.