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America the Crucible

  America the Crucible Friday, June 16, 2017 By Meeke Addison Reprinted from: American Family Association Last month, U.S. Soccer and the United States National Soccer Teams announced the decision to partner with the You Can Play Project. Launched in 2012, the organization describes itself as lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual, and transgender sexual perversion athletes and allies teaming up for respect. […]

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Methodist Church and United Church of Christ Tell Senate to Oppose Defunding Planned Parenthood

  PREFACE: There are an estimated 75,000,000 Presbyterians worldwide. There are an estimated 80,000,000 United Methodists worldwide. There are an estimated 1,000,000 United Church of Christ members worldwide with almost all of them within the United States. That is a total of 156,000,000 apostate Christians disobeying God and God’s word. Now I realize not every […]

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Pentagon continues lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual and trans-gender sexual perversions against God & nature pride celebration; conservatives say it’s a shame in Trump administration

PREFACE: In every instance the mind numbing letters “LGBT” were used in the article below I removed those letters which are used on purpose to blur the truth, numb the mind to reality and have people skim quickly over the context and hard, evil, cold facts of our culture in rapid decline and I inserted […]

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Experts watch for worldwide reaction to Jerusalem construction

Coming soon…the Third Temple being reconstructed in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem Experts watch for worldwide reaction to Jerusalem construction Temple Mount, Jerusalem For millennia, it was a scene that would have been unimaginable. Soldiers of the Jewish state, under the banner of the Star of David, crying exultantly, victoriously, “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” […]

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