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Are Pro-Life Organizations REALLY Against the Murder of Unborn Human Beings?

  Actual murdered “aborted” young human being   Are Pro-Life Organizations REALLY Against the Murder of  Unborn Human Beings? Or Do They Just Like All the Money They Receive From Sincere, Faithful Christians? (VIDEO) By Ken Pullen ACP Monday, April 4th, 2016   Years ago, over 40 years ago, I read an article in a nationally […]

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World Explosion

EU Politician Says “Europe Must Embrace “Diversity” Or Face War”…

  EU Politician Says “Europe Must Embrace “Diversity” Or Face War,” Calls For The Religious, Ethnic, And Cultural Destruction Of Europe And Then Claims Europeans “Never Existed” (VIDEO) By Andrew Bieszad April 2, 2016 Reprinted from: Muslims suicide bombers strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up on buses. Western Politicians do the […]

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Happy Beltane? Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up Just Before Baal’s Biggest Day Of The Year

Beltane fire festival 2015 — I apologize for the nudity, but this is what evil pagans do. Please note the clear expressions of demon possession on their faces and in their body language. The May Pole — a Beltane ritual   ADMINSTRATOR’S NOTE — Babylon never ended. It merely ebbed and rose…ebbed and flowed…waiting, waiting, […]

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What’s Behind Our Moral Decline?

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE — The brutally sad irony is while people, the vast foolish majority, delude themselves they are being more “free” and “exercising their rights and liberties,” and that our society is “making progress towards our ideals” in truth they have become enslaved unlike any other people on earth. Ever! At least all the […]

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Cecil Rhodes: Lord Patten warns against ‘pandering to contemporary views’ over statue row

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE — While the Prophet Isaiah in chapter 3 was directly addressing the people of Judah and Jerusalem, God’s words to “His people” from “His prophet” ring ever the more true in these last of the last days in every Western so-called “culture.” We have permitted children and women to rule. We have […]

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