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The Global Famine Begins: U.N. Announces That The Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now

Introductory comments: Scripture used is from the King James Version Holy Bible     I am convinced most people are to involved running on their personally manufactured hamster wheels to realize what is really going on around the world, within the world. Especially those who do not believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, […]

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Dear Opiated American Citizens…

    Commentary: The Silent Crisis     by Ken Pullen   ACP Tuesday, December 5, 2011   A silent crisis has been taking place that screams for people to pay attention. This crisis has reached the point of creating a dire and massively ignorant present and future, and it is spreading like a viral […]

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As a thief in the night…

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: If you read articles of the nature below they always lean towards playing up the “health benefits to mankind” angle so as to dilute the message. The reason the below is taking place is not for rats, or human health. These experiments and this rapid advancement in creating a new being that is […]

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Can you feel it? The palpable upheavel of everything…

      [09.24.2011] Jerusalem’s Future Under Abbas   Reprinted from One Jerusalem CLICK HERE to visit the One Jerusalem website In his recent speech before the United Nations the Palestinian leader acknowledged Christianity and Islam but deliberately ignored any Jewish presence in Jerusalem. This is par for course for Abbas. He’s a Holocaust denier, […]

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You call this place America? Really?

Have you really taken a look around? Do you know what America means? And you still think without really taking time to think our nation resembles America? As conceived and maintained for over 230 years? Don’t get distracted by symbols and parades. Or maps. America remains in name only. Because we the people grew so self-absorbed, […]

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Last Days News

            The Truth About the Palestinians By Neil Snyder   The West Bank doesn’t belong to the Palestinians, and it never has.  The argument that Israel is “occupying Palestinian territory” is a complete fabrication, but that doesn’t prevent Israel haters from buying it. Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy foreign minister, recently […]

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