Rouhani says Iran is enriching more uranium now than before the 2015 nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (AP/Ebrahim Noroozi)


If anyone has even a modicum of knowledge pertaining to Iran, to Iran’s current leaders, Iran’s doctrines, practices and beliefs why would that person than believe anything Iran had to say? Seriously?

All of Europe is pro-Iran. In bed with Iran. Refusing to take any serious actions against Iran. The massive lost, clueless, workers in darkness in liberal America are pro-Iran and anti-truth.

Why is it no one can speak the truth regarding Iran and Islam? What Iran does on a daily basis? What their true intent is? Why they all get out of their beds each morning?

Dialog? Diplomacy? Hardly.

The whole of the assembled in fog never to be upheld so-called nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran was in truth between Barack Hussein Obama, john Kerry and Iran. Only Obama and Kerry signed the deal. Iran never did sign the agreement.

Iran has never upheld any part of the agreement. If you have nothing to hide you permit inspections do you not? If you’re not lying you do not assemble on a weekly basis en masse shouting “Death to America! Death to Israel!” burning American and Israeli flags. Stomping on permanently painted U.S. and Israeli flags on Iranian squares,, streets and venues — the walking upon, stomping upon, spitting upon such a sign of great disrespect and humiliation.

The Iranian (Persian) is not like any Westerner, any European, any American — yet we are adamant we can and will mold them into our image. What utter foolishness. They laugh at U.S. while they increase their volitile radioactive materials production and pump up their research and development of nuclear weapons with one thought in mind — wipe Israel and the Jews off the face of the earth.

And Russia and communist China are all comfy cozy in bed with Iran in these endeavors.

And the people of the world sleep. Walk in darkness. Refuse the truth. Imagine in vain Iran can and will become this loving, caring, wonderful democracy and we’ll all gather around a nice bonfire singing songs together and roasting our weenies and marshmallows.

The so-called 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal was no deal. Anyone believing it was an agreement, it was going to lead to peace and less turmoil in the Middle East, it was going to halt Iran from pursuing and building a nuclear weapons arsenal with one intent in their minds is lost. Utterly lost and naïve. Scales over your eyes. Refusing the truth. Refusing to learn and know history. Refusing to learn the truth of Islam, Iran and what all this is and means and is headed.

Oh, there will be fires and roasting a plenty. But not singing to be heard among the shrieks of agony…


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Thursday, January 16th, 2020


Why would anyone believe on word they say? Rouhani says Iran is enriching more uranium now than before the 2015 nuclear deal



January 16, 2020

By World Israel News

Reprinted from: World Israel News



Dialogue with the world is still possible despite Teheran’s recent tensions with world powers, says the president.

By World Israel News Staff

In a televised speech on Thursday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that the country is now enriching more uranium than it did before reaching the nuclear deal with world powers in 2015.

“We are enriching more uranium than before the deal…Pressure has increased on Iran but we continue to progress,” he said.

Rouhani also said that Iran is “trying daily to prevent military confrontation or war” and that dialogue with the world is still “possible” despite Teheran’s recent tensions with world powers.

“We have proven in practice that it is possible for us to interact with the world,” he said.

However, at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the president warned that European troops in the Middle East “could be in danger” if they continue to align themselves with the U.S. “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.

“Today, the American soldier is in danger, tomorrow the European soldier could be in danger. Security in this sensitive and important region will come at the expense of the entire world.”

This week, the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate issued its annual assessment for 2020, warning that Iran might have enough enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb by this spring. The report noted that it will take another two years to be weaponized sufficiently, and also theorized that Iran does not actually want to build a nuclear weapon, but rather to obtain better “cards” for negotiations with world powers.

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany took steps to increase the pressure on Iran to abandon its continuing violation of the nuclear deal by triggering a clause in the agreement that paves the way for future sanctions on Iran if deemed necessary.

The U.N. Security Council is expected to discuss the three countries’ grievances, and if no resolution is adopted on the issue, the sanctions in all previous U.N. resolutions would be re-imposed, an action called “snapback sanctions.”