The last movement in the orchestra of the broken, fallen world is being played out…



Why all the Brexit, Great Britain stuff on A Crooked Path?


November 4th, 2019

by Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Why all the Brexit and Great Britain news on ACP? For the same reason a lesser amount of similar news about what is happening within Israel is posted here. Utter chaos reigning in places, in people in which stability had prevailed for a long, long time.

What happens in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, as well as Israel impacts America. Impacts all of Europe. Impacts the world.

What is happening in the United Kingdom and Israel is endemic of the further brokenness of our world. The increased tensions, hostilities, strife and increasing mayhem and confusion among people. Not just the rebels, not only a few malcontents — this increasing agitation, confusion, mayhem and bitterness is now pervasive in who constituted people who would never have been considered as “malcontents” in the past. The average man and woman. And even children at this point in world history.

All of this is related to the Biblical times in which we are all living. Most in complete oblivion and denial of such. Of Bible prophecy. The ongoing non-stop spiritual war. So many of the people of the world existing in complete darkness. Following the wrong words, ideas, things leading only to greater darkness and death. Not the words of Life, of Truth, of the only Way, of the only Light needed to be given, sent, heard, spoken than at any other time other than that after our Lord was resurrected, and that time Martin Luther stood for the truth of the gospel and the world came out of its darkness and into the light. We live in such times now. We are as dark and lost, stumbling, falling as the days in which Christ came to Israel in their sin, and when Martin Luther stood against the evil within the church of Rome. There is no new thing under the sun. Just some days, times, in which the storm clouds are thicker, darker and these are such times. I am of the mind, as regular visitors may know, that we are living in Romans 1. A broken world in need of the Lord now more than yesterday. A broken world in great need of the light of the gospel today while there is time, breath in the lungs, blood circulating in the heart by the will of God before these wondrous things end in any life. Let there be the joy, the knowing, the light and life brought into more lives while there is time — of which no one knows how much time this world has, or more importantly, how much time they may have. Do not put off until tomorrow what needs doing today. For all each is given is now. The past is gone. The next hour is not promised.

And the world, evil grows by every hour. It isn’t going to get better, a more appropriate time, better days ahead for this world.

Some might shrug and just say something along the lines of this is normal, or this is what happens in places with parliamentary forms of government.

I went back as far as 1802 in British history to discover that 2019 will only be the 3rd time in 217 years of history the United Kingdom will have two general elections within a years time. Previous multiple general elections occured in January and December of 1910, and then again in February and October of 1974, but in both of those years the nation and people were not as divided as the are in 2019, nor were those multiple general elections centered around one huge issue such as Brexit.

All this taking place this year due to a nation bitterly divided. Due to myriad voices all shouting and clamoring. Over one issue. Due to such contention and confusion within the nation, among the people. Initially there were to be no scheduled general elections scheduled in the U.K. in 2019, per the 2016 referendum regarding Brexit and the vote to withdraw from the EU. But due to failure to come together on such a plan, increasing tensions, hostilities and no cooperation or consensus within the government there was a general election in May of 2019, in which Tereasa May had to leave office and Boris Johnson was installed as prime minister, solely on the promise of removing the U.K. from the EU by the agreed upon October 31st, 2019 deadline. Which he failed to do. Due to contention and division. The U.K. government doing nothing but volleying and fighting over “do we stay or do we go” in the EU. When the people by majority vote, back in 2016 determined to leave the EU.

In the ensuing months all that occurred was increased chaos, confusion, mayhem and divisions. The U.K. began falling apart at the seams. From the top down. And now the U.K. is having it’s first general election in December of 2019 since 1923. And it’s 2nd general election in one year since 1974. And Mr. Johnson is in political trouble. Every person contesting to reside at 10 Downing Street is flailing away. Clawing, gnashing teeth, screaming, shouting, finger pointing and promising. The usual political hot winds prevailing. The lies, the promises made solely to prostitute votes to never be realized once elected, the increased divisions among the people. While nothing gets done in the meantime. The nation and people left blowing in the wind like a marooned clipper ship on a sandbar, rudderless, sails ripping in hot crosswinds.

England is a total mess. I’d write a royal mess, but the queen had nothing to do with this.

The U.K. is greatly divided. As such they have no true focused and operational government in place. They are doing nothing among all the arguing and posturing.

The same has been taking place in Israel for the past year. Nothing but wrangling, bitterness, accusations and a poliical leader here, there, everywhere that can never garner enough votes to form a government. Multiple factions and friction. Israel is a nation and people greatly divided. And in the case of Israel a people chosen of God now very secular, growing in sins and abominations. Embracing various immoralities such as homosexuality, abortion, drugs and the like. Seeking their own pleasures. Again, as thorughout their times alienating themselves from God Almighty by desiring to imitate and emulate the heathen, Gentile nations rather than obey the Lord their God. A nation greatly blessed by God drifting further from Him, still refusing His Son, Jesus of Nazareth as their Messiah. Consequences for that folks — consequences for their unbelief and what they do believe and follow. Their government a shambles.

Israel, as in Great Britain. Nothing but factions and friction.

Just as in America. Granted, no parliament here in America, but a nation greatly divided and contentious. Bitterness, strife and hatred growing among the people. As divided a people, perhaps more so than during the Vietnam War, perhaps not as divided as the time leading up to the Civil War.

Why? Such is not merely “politics” and differing “ideologies” as the politicians themselves, the pundits, the on-air talking heads claiming to be journalists and news folks declare. This goes beyond Brexit and whether someone is conservative, liberal or other. Beyond the mindset of elections, democracies and such. Beyond do you like Trump or dislike Trump. Do you like Netanyahu or dislike Netanyahu and their politics.

No, what is taking place here is the final cracking, fracturing and disarray among people of the world, places in the world that represented people and places of greater stability than most others. Look at Great Britain. We’re talking thousands of years there. Turmoil? Uprisings? Wars? Divisions? Most certainly occurred in the past. But not such chaos in such a time purporting to be one of advancement, education, sophistication, peace, prosperity — so on.

The same applies to the nation of Israel — much, much older than the world thinks has only been in existence since 1948. Blessed beyond comprehension and thrown into bitterness and anger. More than a clash of political parties and political ideologies taking place in all these places.

And to America — where nothing but cantankerous rage and bitterness are the rule of the days and nights. The so-called U.S. Congress, the House of Representatives, and Senate, established to be “the people’s institution in U.S. government” is anything but representing “we the people”. The U.S. Congress has become a 535 member title fight event, a food fight in “Animal House” that takes place every day. They ring the bell in the morning, when in session, and nothing but brawls occur among all 535 members until the evening bell rings. At which time they then disperse to appear on TV talk programs to further the rancor, the bitterness, the lies, distortions, divisions and self-indulgent animosity rather than do their jobs as representatives of the people. Rather than doing their elected and appointed jobs conducting the business of the nation, the business of the people. Envy, ego, rage, bitterness, venom, lies replacing anything resembling Statesmen doing the Lord’s work, doing the work of the people.

No, those peoples and places once thought to be the glue of the world? They are all coming apart at the seams. This fallen, broken, self-aggrandizing, self-absorbed world consumed in evil and lapping up evil and lies grows only more chaotic, divided, contentious and bitter among the people and the nations.

All leading to the fulfillment of the last jot and tittle of Bible prophecy.







AND TO FURTHER ILLUMINATE HOW ALL THIS DIRECTLY TIES INTO SCRIPTURE, YET HOW LOST THE VAST MAJORITY TRULY ARE… (Make sure upon opening and reading this piece of walking in darkness writing you continue on down to the comments section and get a real picture of the pulse of a dying people walking in darkness, along with some in the light, as is the mixture in this world).

I believe in every word of God’s Word. I believe in every person, event, detail. Not as allegory. As historical fact. I also do not believe or support replacement theology. There is but one theology — the Holy Bible. One Word. One Book. One theology. No other.  And no division between Old and New Covenants (Testaments), other than roughly 400 years. Nothing more. All of the Old is about Jesus the Christ, whom the Jews reject and will, to their regret, and the New is all about the fulfillment of the Old’s prophecies, about Jesus, fully man while also fully God on earth and all Biblical prophecy fulfilled while providing the instruction and foundation for Christ’s Church on earth until He returns. How to live, how to be, how to think as one in Christ. Jesus, of the seed of David, born in Nazareth IS the Messiah. Was God come to earth. Unrecognized, unrepentant, unbelieving Jews refusing Him as their Messiah — as it was to be ordained by God. For it was prophesized in the Old Testament that the coming Messiah would open the way to salvation for ALL PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS. Jesus now resurrected from death and reigning in heaven at the right hand of God the Father. That’s how it is. Read the book. Believe the words of God given to men by His Spirit.

Both Jew and Gentile who believe upon Jesus as Lord are one and the same — just as the apostle Paul tells us, and which is true, because it is contained in God’s inerrant, infallible living and active Word.

Oh, what a dark, confused, gnashing of teeth, wailing, writhing, roiling and sinful world, what a lost world, what a fallen and broken world we behold and see all about us.

Do not despair. Do not fear. God Almighty, Jesus the Lord, and the Holy Spirit are in control. Their will be done. On earth as in heaven.

All of these things must needs come to pass for all of Scripture to be fulfilled. Do not fear or become worrisome, stressed, doubtful. Look to the Lord. Seek Him, ask Him, knock upon His door continually and He will always be there. Opening the way. Opening and allowing entry to they who seek, ask and knock. He always is just as the Word of God tells us. The same yesterday, today and tomorrow. As in the Bible —- not as made into a certain image by the will of man. Do not doubt. Do not waver in the faith.

All these things must come to pass. And more. Before the door of grace closes, all Scripture fulfilled and the Lord returns.

Let us pray for the nations, for their leaders — ordained by God — let us pray for all the people living, wandering in utter darkness that those who are willing, who can hear, who can allow the scales to be removed from their eyes, their stiff-necks loosed, their hearts set ablaze in the Light, Truth, Way and Life of the Lord do so while that door of grace remains open.

Let us pray continually. Fervently. Humbly. God’s will be done, on earth, as in heaven.

For the last movement in the ongoing orchestra of world history is being heard, all the instruments in place. This last movement being heard throughout the world to all with an ear to hear. Sooner than later the last note will be heard. The last trumpet sounded. The Lord defeating sin for eternity and His foot, yes, that very Jesus the Jews deny, will set His foot once more on the Mount of Olives. He, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the God of heaven returns one more time.

Let each of us dispense with denominations, the woeful and errant teachings and doctrines of man and woman and turn always and only to the full, complete Word of God. In all things. All our remaining days.