It is likely that if you’ve ever watched television or a movie there has been a plotline where the characters portrayed as “the good guys” state at some point that they aren’t really concerned with the little folks in the chain of crime, evil, spying, what have you depending on the plot — they are only interested in the Big Guy. Mr. Bibg. The people at the top!

When they apprehend one of “the bad guys” or happen upon a link in the path leading to “the Big Guy behind all of this!” that is what they repeatedly are asking in the interrogation room with the poor lighting and the stark coldness.

“Tell us who’s behind this! We aren’t really interested in you, we want to know who is at the top! Please tell us!”

Daily life in America, in the West, and throughout the world is no different than one of those scenes. Only in real life that scene is played out in almost impossible to count ways presently.

It’s the West Side Story [I hate musicals] of the righties versus the lefties! The supposed “good guys” are convinced it’s all due to a certain political ideology that’s the root of every ill and problem. Only those that consider themselves “the good guys” never REALLY conduct a proper investigation and they always out of their eagerness and ignorance, their lack of knowledge and wisdom in detection, observation, and pursuing the truth stop their investigation and arrest who and what they believe to be the main perp, Mr. Big, the person or persons at the top of it all that they deem bad. Left-wing politics. Politics in general. Anyone they don’t like and didn’t vote for. A past election outcome. Liberalism is their Mr. Big and where they always halt every investigation.

Only to wake up the following day, by the mercy, grace, and will of Almighty God, to discover all they consider evil, rotten and bad has only increased during the night!

Their quest for the Big Guy at the Top always falls short. Because they themselves are stumbling around in utter darkness. No matter their rank or position, what highly rated university they may have attended and graduated from, no matter what their IQ may be. They stumble about in utter darkness every single day certain they know the how, why, what, and especially the who will every single day fail to find Mr. Big because all the bad things keep happening and getting worse.

It’s the evil hearts and minds of ALL people EVERYWHERE O, ye, supposed bright and best, most informed on the case of turning things over to find out who is responsible, who is behind it all!

*Only to always come up short again and again when believing it’s due to a man, a woman, a political ideology, it’s those leftists! They’re the reason why everything is as it is! If that’s so how do you explain what has transpired throughout human history prior to there being an America, the American system of government, and political parties? Humm? Huh? What say you now? Where were all the leftist culprits throughout history that are the root of all evil and everything awful? Could it possibly be something else, someone else?

First, go to the nearest mirror and gaze into the person seen.

That is enemy #1.

Oh, who is Mr. Big? The guy at the top? Enemy #1? What’s that? How can I be enemy #1 and there’s also another Enemy #1? We haven’t come to the conclusion yet, the credits haven’t begun to roll, please read on…

Who is Mr. Big, the person all those considering themselves “the good guys” want to apprehend and put away thinking it’ll solve their woes and how the world is? Why it’s Satan. Who else? In plain sight from the beginning in the Garden. In the hearts and minds of every person on earth whispering in their ears, “go on, do what YOU will, don’t listen to God, there is no God, why you’re your own god don’t you know!? Go ahead, eat of my lies, I mean of the tree of choice, surely you won’t die!”

Only every person does die.

Self is enemy #1. Just as the Evil One, the devil, Satan is Enemy #1.

Hate to burst another bubble so many reside in, but it ain’t the liberals, the left, the democrats, and so on. but in case it was skimmed over or not read go back to the paragraph with the asterisk in front of it and reread that paragraph again.

Every person dies.

Most while still being darkness and living in darkness [see Ephesians 5].

Tragically. Unnecessarily.

If only all the would-be detectives in the story would bother to do a bit more legwork, a little more homework, study the case further, and finally come to learn the who, what, where, when, and why of it all.

So, so tragic so many think themselves so wise and knowing and they are utter fools in darkness as they remain being darkness refusing the Way, the Truth, the Life, and the Light — the Lord Jesus Christ.

Instead of thinking the answers are online, on some TV so-called news program, in some book written by a man or a woman, in some course of study put together by the world as an answer — if only those desiring to find the who of it all would take the time before closing the case and arresting the wrong perp would find, open, pray upon, study and meditate — think deeply — on the words contained within the Word of God.

It’s EVIL that is the root cause, the source, the rebellious and lying hearts and minds of men and women that is the Mr. Big behind it all here on earth. Everyone everywhere refusing the truth of the Word of God, refusing Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of their lives!

It’s the EVIL within! Stop stopping at America, American politics, elections, leftist ideologies, or conservative ideologies because to do so is utter foolishness and blindness. No matter who you may be. No matter who you may think you are or what you are.

Until that is not only understood but then to have a life changed and lived as a result of this knowledge…

Ahh, then, only then…my friends…


Ken Pullen

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022



Who’s Paying Protesters to Harass Justices and Churches?


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

By Daniel Greenfield

Reprinted from FrontPageMag


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Supreme Court justices have faced harassment and intimidation after a pro-abortion group calling itself Ruth Sent Us posted a map to their homes.

Justice Alito and his family, who wrote the draft opinion on abortion that had been leaked by leftists, have had to go into hiding at an undisclosed location.

Had conservative protests outside the homes of Sotomayor and Kagan led one of them to go into hiding, the FBI would already be on the case and the media would be calling it an insurrection and a threat to democracy, but it’s not political terrorism when leftists do it.

So you can be confident that none of the leftists threatening Supreme Court justices will themselves face justice. And if a single one of them is arrested, they will immediately have the best lawyers and a media press campaign claiming that free speech is being silenced.

Just to add bigoted intimidation of houses of worship, Ruth Sent Us also called for protests at Catholic churches. “Stand at or in a local Catholic Church,” it urged on its Twitter account.

While over the past two years, Big Tech companies have suspended or deplatformed conservative groups over the encouragement of political protests, including against lockdowns, Twitter has no problem with leftists encouraging the harassment of houses of worship.

“Do you dare to chant in your local churches?”

Abortion activists dressed like characters from the faltering Hulu TV show The Handmaid’s Tale disrupted prayer services while chanting their support for the murder of babies.

Despite the harassment of justices and churches, Ruth Sent Us retains all of its social media accounts. Neither Facebook, TikTok nor Twitter have deplatformed the hate group.

Who is behind Ruth Sent Us?

It certainly isn’t Ruth Bader Ginsburg, after whom the group is named, who would have been disgusted by the harassment of her colleagues. Ginsburg had been a good friend of the late Antonin Scalia and had been critical of Roe v. Wade’s unsustainable expansiveness. Alito’s leaked draft even quotes her. While Ruth Sent Us falsely claims that Gingsberg believed that, “black lives matter”, the former justice was actually harshly critical of anthem protests.

She would have been even less fond of harassing justices in their homes.

Ruth Sent Us is meant to appear grassroots. In reality, it’s interlinked with a much larger network of leftist organizations. The site was registered by Sam Spiegel, the director of digital media at an anti-Trump PAC known as Unseat whose email contact is listed as Vigil for Democracy.

Unseat and Vigil for Democracy also appear to share a post office box in Palo Alto, California.

Vigil for Democracy, another anti-Trump group, had organized previous Supreme Court rallies.

Ruth Sent Us promotes activism through something called Strike for Choice which its Twitter account describes as “one of the national strikes under the Vigil For Democracy umbrella.”

Strike for Choice solicits donations to pay protesters, asking potential donors “would you commit to donating $58 [$7.25], $80 [$10] or $120 [$15] to support a person giving up paid work?”

The protest fundraising is being conducted through Open Collective, a leftist financial sponsor, which had previously partnered with the Digital Infrastructure Fund backed by $605,000 from the Ford Foundation, and $50,000 from leftist Persian billionaire Pierre Omidyar, and $100,000 from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Most early Vigil for Democracy events took place in San Francisco and the group still appears to be centered around the Bay Area. Vigil appears to be obsessed with “desegregating Foothills Park”, also the particular fixation of Vara Ramakrishnan, a tech CEO’s wife and a member of Raging Grannies who had organized previous protests, and has been described as a Vigil for Democracy “volunteer”. While her husband only made a single political donation to Kamala Harris, Vara is a frequent donor to Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Both Obama and Hillary have yet to condemn the attacks on the Supreme Court.

While the Vigil for Democracy people have engaged in frequent protests, Ruth Sent Us is a significant escalation, harassing multiple justices and an entire religious denomination.

Ruth Sent Us are not the only leftists promoting the harassment of churches and justices.

A protest at Justice Alito’s house for example was promoted by Shut Down D.C., a group linked to environmentalists and unions.

It’s unclear exactly who is behind Ruth Sent Us and the network of organizations around it, but that network is able to utilize the tools of left-wing groups and is fundraising to pay protesters.

What is clear is that like so much of the leftist radicalism in this country, the attacks on justices and churches are being organized out of the Bay Area. And the Biden administration has repeatedly refused to condemn the harassment and intimidation by its political backers.

Much as Black Lives Matter was able to stage nationwide riots that destroyed neighborhoods, assault innocent people, and take lives without facing any consequences, Ruth Sent Us and other pro-abortion leftist radicals enjoy immunity from trying to stop a judicial ruling.

Threatening judges in ordinary civil and criminal cases leads to harsh sanctions. Mere witness tampering alone is a serious matter. But here leftists are threatening the highest court in the land in order to force it to change its ruling in a case and they are doing so under the protective political and economic umbrella of the White House, of Big Tech, and of the media.

They’re harassing the highest court in the land because they know that nothing will happen to them. It’s not an “insurrection” when leftists do it.