What’s wrong with the Bible?


by Ken Pullen

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path Made Straight by the Word of God



What’s wrong with the Holy Bible?


Not one word within the Word. Not one thing is wrong with the Word of God, the Holy Bible except…

It isn’t read.

It isn’t believed.

It isn’t made the foundation on which a human life on earth is centered and lived.

It sits idle and silent on many a shelf, many a room never being opened. But there. Able, ready, yet kept silent and its covers keeping its light, life, and truth from being brought into a human heart and spirit and mind.

It is readily misunderstood and misinterpreted when it is opened and read.

It is made much more complex than it truly is.

It is thought to be ancient, outdated, and mythological when in fact it is always the most current, in-step, up-to-date factual, actual book of history past, present, and future. Which no other book can claim or live up to. The Bible can. And does. And will for eternity. No matter who or what rails and wails against it.

The Holy Bible, the Scriptures are the God-breathed inerrant infallible living and active words of God through a period of roughly 1500 to 1600 years by 40 different men. Each man chosen by the Spirit of God to work Supernaturally in each man. Chosen by God by His will for His reason. Each man of different education, timeframe in history, personality. Consistent without any contradictions as the minions and rabble-rousers and doubters and troublemakers like to proclaim.

What is wrong with the Bible? Not one thing. Nothing. Other than it is not read, not obeyed, not made the centerpiece, the foundation for a person to have and use for living their life.

The best-selling book of all time. Consistently. The most under-read and misinterpreted book of all time.

The devices and ways and wiles of the devil are so effective are they not if we permit them to be?

Something always keeping us from devotion to, study in, prayer over, meditation within the Holy Word of God. We always have an excuse. just as each of us is given 24 hours in a day just as Abraham was, Moses was, Joseph was, Daniel was, the apostles were, and the Lord Jesus was to pray and how much time do we put forth in those 24 hours given to us as a gift, a blessing from God our Father who holds all things together by His will and gives us time to grow, to walk closer to Him in prayer, fervent prayer not amiss. In holding His Word to our eyes and then within our mind, our spirit, our heart.

A food, a nourishment far surpassing the most nutritious and healthy foods and beverages found on this earth to sustain us, nurture us physically.

Many will spend so much time shopping for the right ingredients, the right foods, reading the labels, so concerned over calories, sodium, sugars, and such, and yet where is that devotion, that dedication to the Word of God?

What’s wrong with the Bible?


Except for it being so neglected, so misinterpreted by so many professing to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. From pastors to the oldest and most senior among us. By all the so-called knowledgeable who spent so much time in seminary, in Bible college, in theology schools — debating and intellectualizing when it’s all very easy, very plain, very clear, very simple.

So much so a child can understand.

Unless a person comes out of the darkness and into the light of seeing Jesus as the Christ, as Lord of their life, as fully God and fully man, as the only acceptable Sacrifice for sin, and they come to believe Him and His words, His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection — in Him, by Him and they confess their sin, repent of their sin, ask for forgiveness, and profess with not only their lips but their heart to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remainder of their days [and nights] they will go to hell.

For their unbelief. For their love of the world and being at enmity with God for rejection of His Son, rejection of His Word, and their continued rebellion.

Each person either truly believes. Is truly transformed not of their own doing but only by the free gift of grace of God by their faith, by what is in their heart.

Or they are not that person.

The true believer is afforded the peace, understanding, mercy, grace, and love of God. The forgiveness of their sin. All of them. We can’t explain it all. We need to believe and accept it all. As in the Word of God.

Not debating. Not always questioning. Trusting, accepting, and believing. And then living accordingly.

The true unbeliever, the heathen, the reprobate that rebels, denies, refuses the truth of the whole Word of God — the WHOLE Word of God without ever repenting of their sin and becoming a disciple of Jesus is destined for an eternity in hell.

It is either-or. It is all black & white. No gray. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. No well if I do this and this, but I did this and that, aw come on I’m a good person let me in!

It is all about God.

It is all about Jesus.

It is all about the Holy Spirit.

It is all about the whole Word of God.

And how each of us approaches the throne of God. Him. His Word. His Son, His Holy Spirit, His inerrant infallible UNCHANGEABLE living and active Word.

It’s all very simple. Clear, Concise. Easy to understand.

So much so a child can.

And it is with childlike faith we must walk while eating the meat of the Word daily and growing strong spiritually daily putting on the full armour of God, maturing as we desire with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, all our being to please God and not disappoint Him.

To serve Him. To obey Him.

What’s wrong with the Bible?


So, let’s all make it our devoted, diligent duty to commit earnestly to spending more time within the whole Word of God, prayerfully, meditatively, earnestly. Always. Every day the Lord blesses us with.

I hear, I read so much about revival is needed. And it truly is — but to revive something that is ill? Not right? Lost? On the wrong side of things as so many professing to be Christian truly are?

What is needed first and most is a commitment to reform back to the Word of God. To shed the dross, all the false teachings, all the corrupting ways of the world that have been permitted to enter in.

We’re still dealing with the “selling of indulgences” in the Protestant churches now! In the form of what passes for the Christian church and faith being a big mega-business. Contribute and you will be absolved of sin and find your reward in heaven! Because the pastor wants a private jet, is building a $10,000,000 home [among the five homes he or she, the lesbian pastor already owns!], wears $3,000 suits, $1,500 shoes, and ties that cost $300 each. Buy this book, purchase this series and become a better person, a better Christain, buy, buy, buy, pay me, pay me, send your money in now! The BIG BUSINESS of “evangelism” operating a “Christian church” paying for “my ministry. Buyer beware!

Bereft of the true sound teaching, preaching, focus on the inerrant infallible unchangeable Word of God!

I ask, one more time…

What’s wrong with the Bible?

My friends, dear ones, those seeking, those lost, those professing to be Christian yet Bible illiterate misinformed as to what is really between that nice leather cover.

What’s wrong with the Bible?


Except we do not dive into its life-giving pure true waters and allow it to cleanse us, heal us, lead us, protect us, guide us.

Want revival?

How about a new reformation first otherwise what would be revived would not be according to the word of God.

Turn back to the Bible.

Only the Bible.

All of the Holy Bible.

Bible-centered, Bible-believing [all of it, every word within the Word], Bible-teaching, Bible-preaching.

What’s wrong with the Bible?

Get one. Pray for the Spirit to lead you, reveal to you. Read. Think deeply upon what has been read.

And come to learn there is nothing wrong with the Bible.

As it is the way to life-giving water, the bread of life, the Way, the Truth, the Light, and the Life.

The way to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The way to God the Father.

The way to knowing the Holy Spirit.

The only way to heaven and eternal life.

No one is good. No, not anyone. There are no “good people” in heaven. Only forgiven sinners who turned to the Lord, who became followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, who made the Bible a most vital and important part of their daily life. It brings Jesus into our hearts, our minds, our lives each time we pick one up and pray with it, read it, meditate upon it.

Not one person deserves salvation. All sin. All are sinners. I’m still a sinner. So are you, dear one. Because we’re all still in this sinful rebellious corrupted flesh. This does not mean we have the license to sin, we think anything goes and it doesn’t matter what we do. Heaven forbid such thinking or pursuit of living!

Faith in the shed blood, the life, the death, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and living daily, always as a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, justified by our faith, assured of the promise affords salvation from eternal condemnation none of us deserves — but we’re freely given by God. But we’re all still sinners. Let us strive to disappoint God our Father, less and less, and not grieve the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit as much as we do.

And that can occur if and when and how we spend our time. Where we place our priorities. How we fashion ourselves.

It’s only through coming to the Word of God, openly, trusting, in faith, seeking and believing that as a sinner we can learn the way of forgiveness, mercy, hope, real love, true peace, and come to a knowing, a knowing no university, no matter how great a mind can find on this earth. For the Word of God is what makes the learning of these things and presenting clearly, easily, simply the way to eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ for anyone willing.

What’s wrong with the Holy Bible?


Except for the person who refuses to believe. The person who rebels. The person who continually debates and is contentious and thinks they know what is the Bible only most such as those know little or nothing at all of its contents.

What’s wrong with the Bible?

Lack of use, lack of understanding, lack of belief.

Nothing else is wrong with the inerrant infallible unchangeable living and active Word of God my friend.

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