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U.S. Representative, John Lewis, House Ways and Means Committee


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Just because a person marched in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, or is a person of color does not make them an oracle, a sage, wise, correct or to never be questioned. That whatever they say or do is justifed and pure, right and above reproach. Let us dismiss and get over that fear and fallacy that if we question one of these folks we’re thusly being “bigoted” or “racist” or any number of overly used kneejerk automatic responses.

I am not a bigot because I am white and put all my faith and trust in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Nor am I a racist. Or hate-filled. To the contrary. But this is the automatic response from the world, from those serving Satan and indoctrinated of the lies and deceits of this world’s philosophies which are opposed to God the Father, Jesus the Lord, the Holy Spirit and the inerrant and infallible Holy Scriptures.

The same goes for The Southern Poverty Law Center, which is anti-God, anti-Jesus, anti-Holy Spirit, anti-Holy Bible, anti-Christian, and anti-anything except its evil worldview to push its errant agenda. To speak out, or write the truth of this organization and what it represents and focuses all its work on is not being bigoted, racist or hateful. To the contrary once again.

I am of the mind some of the most demonically controlled people in America, full-time dedicated ministers and minions of Satan are working within The Southern Poverty Law Center, which is not about rights, liberties, equality or anti-hate as it contends. Far from it. The irony, the very sad and dangerous irony is this organization and the people who work in it and those who recite its mantra and influence in our government, such as Representative John Lewis are the antithesis of liberty, justice, protecting rights and bringing about equality while working to lessen hatred, for they hate and deny God. They hate and deny Jesus Christ. They hate and deny religious freedoms which go against their agenda. They hate Christianity and the Holy Bible.

And they, along with the likes of Representative John Lewis, and many others at work in our government are now — right now not some time in the distant future — working diligently and concertedly to remove the tax exempt status of genuine Bible-centered, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, Bible-teaching churches and organizations.

This is not some fantasy. Some assumption. Some theory. This is fact. This is reality right now. Today.

We need to pray for strength, for increased faithfulness, for turning from false doctrines, false teachings, from our sins and confess them and sincerely repent of them and pray for all those within our government to have their hearts, their spirits pierced by the Spirit of God to turn from evil and turn to the Lord our God. We need to pray this daily. Continually. In faithfulness, not doubting or being double-minded.

For the U.S. government is right now coming after genuine believers, genuine Bible-teaching and believing Christianity and placing the sin and abomination of homosexuality, immorality, sexual perversions and sexual immorality above God, above Jesus, above the Holy Scriptures. Above the truth. Above all that is right, just, good and holy.

Do not be deceived. Do not be lax or unawares. Nor unprepared or in denial. Or led astray by vain and false teachings. They are coming for the tax exemption status first. That is one part of this erosion and working to dismantle, remove and destroy the true Christian faith in America — which will not happen. God is not mocked. And before they can remove Christ and God and the Bible from America the Lord will have His vengeance and His will be done. Not man’s. Not woman’s. Not America’s misguided ways in these times. His will be done. All prophecy of the Bible fulfilled.


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019


What’s Really Going On In The U.S. Congress — Lewis Opening Statement At Oversight Committee Hearing On How The Tax Code Subsidizes Hate


September 19, 2019

Reprinted from: U.S. Congress Ways and Means Committee Official Press Release


(As prepared for delivery)

Good morning.  Let me begin by expressing my appreciation to the witnesses for taking the time to be here today.

I know it is not easy, and I want to thank you for being brave and bold and for taking the time to speak up, speak out, and share your stories.

Today, the Oversight Subcommittee will review how the tax code supports hate groups.

The code exempts some charitable and educational organizations from paying taxes.

Some of these organizations promote hate based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Their actions taint the good work of all tax-exempt organizations.

Hate is not consistent with the goodwill of our nation and its people.

I believe that the federal government should not sponsor or support groups whose hatred seeks to divide us.

Any tax-exempt organization that promotes hate and sows the seeds of violence is one too many.

Unfortunately, hate is on the rise throughout our country.

We have a duty, a mission, and a mandate to ask the question, “Why?”

We can no longer avoid this fact.  We must be vigilant, and we must take action.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would often remark that, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

As Members of Congress, we must have what I often call an executive session with ourselves, and we must do our part.

During today’s hearing, I ask that Members open our ears, hearts, and minds to the witnesses who are here to share the real impact of hate.

We will hear from a survivor of a mass shooting, who lost two of his friends in a deadly attack on the LGBTQ community.

We will hear from a father, who lost his beloved daughter in an attack on women.

We will hear from a community, which lost 22 of its members in an attack on Latinos and immigrants.

This morning, I ask each and every member of this Subcommittee to put our personal politics aside.

I ask you to listen to our witnesses with empathy and love.

I ask you to think about our role and responsibility to do all we can to stem the cycle of hate and gun violence in our country.

Again, I thank all of our witnesses for being here today.  I look forward to your testimony.   Now, I am pleased to recognize the Ranking Member for his opening statement.