The following is not an isolated incident. This goes on in households, in schools across America on a daily basis. As the Soviets knew, as the Nazi’s knew, as every evil regime knew and knows — in order to finally achieve the agenda one cannot work in the hearts and minds of adults, they must go to the youngest members of a society, from birth and begin the indoctrination, the brainwashing.

And it is taking place full bore in America and the West on a scale that would have made the Nazi’s and Soviets burst with pride, and envy at how effective and determined, and successful the evil, sinful American propaganda machine operates, how the brainwashing goes on right under the noses of 380,000,000+ people who sit back and permit it.

And while Mr. Matt Walsh has brought this to the fore he is wrong in stating this is due to the political left. The political right is just as complicit in this as the left if being honest.

This is NOT a political movement or ploy. THIS IS spiritual warfare. THIS IS evil at work to erode, undermine and corrupt and remove all the foundations while brainwashing young people from birth on to satisfy Satan’s desire to corrupt the world and keep people from God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the truth of the whole, complete, inerrant, infallible living and active Word of God.

THIS IS spiritual warfare — NOT politics!

Let’s finally get this straight can we folks!?


Ken Pullen

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


Watch: Child Being ‘Brainwashed’ to Recite “GayBCs” Draws Serious Concerns



Reprinted from Christian News Network


A disturbing video that has surfaced online has many raising concerns over the sexualization of children by those pushing a homosexual agenda. In the now viral video, a seemingly special needs child is sitting on the lap of a woman reading through a book called “The GayBCs” as the boy recites letters of the alphabet that are identified with sexual terms.

While it is unclear where the video was recorded, or who the woman is, the boy is seen reading and reciting from the book while being encouraged by the unidentified woman whose lap he is sitting on as he turns the pages and reads.

“B is for bi,” the boy states. “C is for coming out,” “I is for intersex,” and “Q is for queer” are some of the other recitations in the recording.

“The GayBCs,” the book which the child was believed to be reading from, was authored by Matt Webb in 2019. Webb, who is also a graphic designer and illustrator, created the sexual-themed book in order to allow children between the ages of 4 and 8 to begin to dialogue about “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” early on in their lives, according to an article published by the Chicago Tribune when the book was released.

The video was shared by conservative blogger Matt Walsh, a Catholic, who cited that the “Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender Left is brainwashing children.”