COMMUNIST Chinese lab researchers/scientists working in the Wuhan Virology Laboratory, Wuhan, Communist, China. Let’s stop forgetting to use, speak, write, acknowledge the word “COMMUNIST” referencing EVERYONE in COMMUNIST China, save for the true believers of the Lord Jesus Christ who are there facing constant persecution — but everyone else? EVERYONE else? All diehard COMMUNISTS. And contrary to the lies and push in America in our times…communism is NOT a good thing or the way to go. And in COMMUNIST China? The COMMUNIST Chinese military is involved in EVERYTHING at EVERY LEVEL. I do sincerely hope and pray more folks in the West to begin paying much closer attention to what COMMUNIST China practices and does. What they say and then do. What they really are — and that is a massive, wealthy, strong force used by and cooperating with pure sheer evil in this world. And what do we do? Why we keep them going strong by letting them steal intellectual property and we continue to buy, buy, buy more and more from them with U.S. dollars filling their treasury so they can increase the level and extent of the evil they do. (Photo caption did not appear in the original NBC News piece and has been added by the administrator of A Crooked Path).


Wuhan lab researcher linked to military scientists, NBC News finds [VIDEO]


June 29, 2021

From NBC News

In January, a Trump administration fact sheet accused China of “secret military activity” at a lab in Wuhan. Dr. Shi Zhengli, a leading researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, says it is a civilian institution, but NBC News has found evidence of her connections with military scientists.


Compromised: Fauci and other COVID-players have ties to the Wuhan lab