While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

Genesis 8:22 — English Standard Version


You know what is even more astounding than unprecedented weather conditions? So-called professed Christians who do not stand up, speak out, remain centered in and grounded upon the Rock, the Word, God, and what is written in the Holy Scriptures.

I’ve included this article by Michael Snyder here on A Crooked Path because it does lay out numerous climatological facts occurring. What is more astounding to me than the changing climate is a professed Christian not citing any Scripture, not stating the obvious — which is that all that is happening is Biblical prophecy, all that is happening is due to man and woman’s sin increasing, all that is happening is due to the truth of Scripture of God giving men and women over to reprobate (unrighteous) minds as they turn from Him and the truth in massive droves and openly serve the father of lies.

Contrary to mouthpieces, minions and ministers of the father of lies, the Evil One, the internal combustion engine, gasoline, petrol, oil, air conditioning, plastic straws, the invention of the wheel, and on and on ad nauseum from those serving evil proclaim are not responsible for what is occurring on this earth in these times.

And every true Christian ought to know these things.

Every true Christian ought to be knowledgeable, equipped, astute and fluent in why what is happening is happening. And not fall prey to the lies, the deceptions, the distractions and confusion avoiding the obvious — the truth.

You know one evil of men creating much of this climatological change that is NEVER mentioned anywhere? It appears a verboten area to enter? The massive amount of resources — manpower, money, time invested by communist China, Russia, and the United States in what they term “weather modification.”

See the source image

Do you ever hear of this being mentioned? (Rhetorical).

You want some truth few will face and speak or, write of? Weather modification has been going on by the three aforementioned nations for many years. Awkward in its infancy with the increase in knowledge (as the prophet Daniel wrote would occur in the last of the last days) the technology and increasing ability to alter the weather has increased exponentially.

See the source image

Communist China is the leading nation in weather modification. Followed by the United States and Russia. Investing to this point in world history hundred and hundreds of billions into working to control the weather.

To control the weather allows one to control the outcome of the world powers, or so their errant and misguided beliefs ascribe, since all involved in this abomination clearly do not believe in God, Jesus Christ, nor the Holy Bible and what God’s word says. These men and women imagine themselves gods and the power on earth.

To control the weather means: You can starve an enemy. You can bake, drown, make an enemy cry uncle and bow to your demands. You can make your nation very prosperous, fruitful and a main food producer on earth while hindering or removing other nations from producing food. A great and powerful tool.

To control the weather also means in the event of a war he who controls the weather controls the outcome of that war.

Sadly, almost to a person, few care or know history. Few have bothered to study history. Thus one of the major contributing factors of why the world we live in is as it is. If people would take the time to learn some real history, which is not the false learning of dates, places, names — but the REAL history of events that occurred on this earth they would discover that the weather played a more important role in the outcome of many battles, many wars than did the number of troops, the armor or weaponry each army had, who had the most and best horses, chariots, tanks, ships, guns, planes so on.

It’s the weather. Learn how the weather played an important role in the Colonies winning in the American Revolution. A fog that appeared at the exact right time, for instance. Everyone ought to know it was the weather with Napoleon and Wellington. The weather in Europe during WWI and WWII, in Vietnam, in the Old Testament battles and wars, in Korea — in every war ever fought.

Read all about it if you desire to know some real truths and have some real enlightenment in this dark, cloudy, overcast grey world of the present.

Weather manipulation. I’m not going to hand you the links, the information, the facts, truth and history regarding this very important technology and major sin of man. HAARP, communist China, a search of weather modification will get you on your way of learning more, as I hope all of you take the time to do. Do some homework on the subject.

And, if you count yourself as a true Christian? Do not fall prey to the lies of this world. Do not think in worldly ways. Do not attach something to events that either is not there, or only tells 10%, 25% of the story. Do not be fearful or timid in speaking up, speaking out that all this is contained in the Holy Bible. It’s all foretold. All Biblical prophecy. It’s due to man and woman’s ever increasing sin while turning from God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, and mocking, ignoring, spitting upon the inerrant word of God.

It’s about denying God and His and Christ’s infinite all-things, all-knowing power.

It’s about denying that God has a plan, is in total control, and the world will not perish or be consumed until God wills it to be, and it will be at that time due to? Man’s sin. More homework. Read about THAT FACT in your Bibles. The world will not end, will not be consumed, man, woman, children will live, eat, drink, be given in marriage, go about their days as it has been but turning more and more from God and Jesus to the point the question is asked; “Will a righteous person be found on earth when the Lord returns?”

It isn’t about man striking oil. Making gasoline. Building V-8 engines and massive machines. It isn’t about plastic straws, or plastic bags — it’s about the plastic heads refusing the truth of the word of God and about the walking dead and their ever-increasing sin!

And part of that? Weather modification. Causing more alterations in weather patterns than all the machines on earth firing at the same time!

Do not be deceived.

And, as a true believer? Place God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the word of God uppermost in your life. Not the doctrines of man. Do not be afraid to speak the truth of the Bible. Learn what the word says, hold it, keep it in your heart, and have faith and trust in the Holy Spirit to give you the strength and words of truth to speak when the time comes, when misinformation or the lies of man are increasing in volume all around you.

Each of us needs to be a voice crying out in the wilderness of the blind, the walking dead, in this sin infected world.

What is even more unprecedented than the weather chaos in our time? The unprecedented lack of so-called Christians to speak out, write it in their articles how it is sin; Biblical and prophecy as to why all this is happening as they seek to ask more questions while leaving those they attract to their speaking, their writing in the dark as to the root of all this. The core reasons. The foundational causes all this is built upon.

Do not join their ranks.

Stand firmly and boldly among the ranks of true believers never removing their full armour of God and going first and always to God and His word above all else.

God is in control. Never forget that. Do not fall for the lies of man, who is merely forwarding the lies given to them by the father of lies, the Evil One, Satan, whom they serve.

Yes, the weather is changing. And it’s going to increasingly get worse. Crops will fail. Famines will increase. Many will perish along the way. Diseases will break out. Confusion will reign and man and woman will ever increasingly curse God rather than looking inward to see it is them, their sin, their arrogance, their refusal to admit their sins, repent of their sins, confess their sins and turn to God and Christ.

The times, the weather are only going to get worse. Not better. Equip yourself. Equip those you love. Prepare your hearts and minds in the ways of the Lord and do not be among the millions in the Great Falling Away with their itching ears.

It’s sin, baby, it’s sin making all the rain to fall, or not fall, the temperatures to increase or fall, the blizzards, floods, earthquakes, heatwaves, droughts and on and on to occur…yet few if any will speak or write such truths in these times…the more sin, the more man and woman turn from God, Jesus and the word of God? The more the weather will change — for the worse, not the better.

Read all about it.

In a really good book.

Called the Holy Bible. Because it’s all in there for any desiring to learn the truth.


While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

Genesis 8:22 — English Standard Version


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Saturday, June 15th, 2019


Unprecedented U.S. Weather Chaos Continues: 120F In The West, More Record-Setting Flooding In The East



June 11, 2019

By Michael Snyder

Reprinted from: The Economic Collapse



Global weather patterns are dramatically shifting, and week after week we keep seeing things happen that we have never seen before.  As far as our weather is concerned, this is definitely the strangest year in modern American history, and many believe that what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.  Up until just recently, the endless rain, catastrophic flooding and horrific tornado outbreaks in the middle of the country have been dominating weather headlines.  But now the west coast is getting into the act.  This week, new record high temperatures have been established in city after city, and this includes San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport reached its highest temperature ever recorded in the month of June: 100 degrees. In fact, this was the highest temperature ever measured at the airport in June, July or August. Usually, 100-degree readings occur in September in the Bay Area.

The previous daily record for June 10th of just 94 degrees was set back in 1994.

So that means that the old record was broken by 6 full degrees.

Like I said, we are seeing things happen that we have never seen before.

And San Francisco was far from alone.  Over the past few days new all-time records have been set all along the California coastline

Many locations in California surpassed old record highs set 25 years ago in 1994, or even earlier. Record highs were set both Sunday and Monday in San Bernardino and Ontario, California, to name a few.

San Bernardino, California, sizzled at 102 and 104 F on Sunday and Monday, respectively, while the mercury registered 105 and 107 in Ontario, California, on Sunday and Monday, respectively.

Please don’t try to tell me that this is normal.  In fact, right now we are in a “solar minimum” when solar activity is greatly subdued, and scientists are telling us that it could last for an extended period of time.  As a result, temperatures should be cooler than normal, but obviously they are not.

Clearly something unusual is happening.

On Wednesday, it is being projected that the high temperature in Palm Springs could reach 114 degrees

In Palm Springs, California, where highs could hit 114 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday, officials warned the high temperatures could cause heat exhaustion, heat cramps or heat stroke.

In Las Vegas, shelters and temporary cooling stations were open during daytime hours because of that city’s excessive heat warning. Highs there could hit 105 each of the next three days.

And we are being told that the temperature in Death Valley could actually reach “120 degrees”

An excessive-heat warning was even in effect in typically hellish Death Valley, California, where a high of 120 degrees was forecast for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, more “torrential downpours” just continue to hammer the Southeast and the Midwest.

Yes, every year there are major storms, but under normal conditions those storms pass and things dry out.

That hasn’t happened this year.  There has just been one major storm after another, and this has resulted in cataclysmic flooding over a vast portion of the country.  And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, more massive storms came rolling in over the past few days.  In fact, it is being reported that some states received “more than a month’s worth of rain” in a single day…

Torrential downpours have flooded huge swaths of the Midwest and the Southeast since last week. Rain over the weekend triggered flash floods in several states, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Florida. In some states, more than a month’s worth of rain fell in a day.

Beyond flash floods, rivers rising more slowly in places like Iowa have threatened drinking water. In Illinois, flooding this past week has closed roads and bridges. Atlanta broke a single-day rainfall record on Saturday with 4 inches of rain. Nebraska issued a second disaster declaration last week in response to the floods.

Record after record is falling, but nowhere got hit as hard last week as North Carolina.  According to ABC News, one area of western North Carolina has actually received 13.57 inches of rain since last week.

I keep warning that all of this catastrophic weather will greatly reduce agricultural production this year, and the mainstream media is finally starting to realize that this is actually happening.

In all of U.S. history, we have never seen anything like this.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the last 12 months have been “the wettest 12-month span on record”

NOAA reported last week that this past May was the second-wettest May on record. It also capped the wettest 12-month span on record.

Does anyone out there want to try to argue that this is normal?

Of course not.

And guess what?

According to the National Weather Service, more rain is on the way

And more rain is coming. The National Weather Service is projecting continued rain and flooding along the Mississippi River this week, stretching through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

For many people, all of this rain is simply an inconvenience.  But I feel really bad for the thousands upon thousands of farmers that are being completely ruined financially by the endless rain.

And what happens if global weather patterns continue to become even more extreme?

With all of our advanced technology, we like to think that we are not vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather like the “primitive civilizations” that came before us, but that is not true at all.

There are more than 327 million people in the United States, and the entire population of the planet has now passed the 7.5 billion mark.

In order to feed all of those people we need to grow an absolutely massive amount of food.  We have become accustomed to living in a world where the weather is cooperative, but now that is changing in a major way, and nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next…