Please do not pause for a second and consider that something such as what is happening in Scotland, Wales, and England can never happen in America. Or perhaps where you live if not in one of the places mentioned.

Evil is evil. The hearts and minds of men and women are the same everywhere. Human nature is the same everywhere. Do not become lax, complacent and imagine some existing law will forever shield and protect. That the morals of where you live would never permit any of these horrific abominations and evils.

The times grow eviler as the people everywhere are being given over to reprobate, wicked, unrighteous minds.

What can we do as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ? As children of God? Pray faithfully and fervently. Pray for the leaders and those in high office in every land and nation, every tongue. Pray that the Spirit of God works in the cold, dead dark hearts of the lost. That God’s will be done on this earth, as in heaven, and that His Kingdom comes — knowing with joy, comfort, peace, understanding that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in complete control. Their will is being done. And while it may appear sin and evil are overtaking have faith. Turn to the word of God which will shed light and comfort on all things at all times. Every answer to every question, concern, trouble, time, and situation are revealed somewhere within the whole word of God for any person seeking to know, to understand, to find solace, direction, comfort, and understanding.

Do not fear. Do not let your heart be troubled as the Lord instructed not only His disciples in the Bible, but His words are living and ring true and ought to be heard by every true believer as the resurrected and living Lord Jesus speaks them to us in any hour, any time we need to hear His words in our hearts, our minds, our spirits.

Increasing persecutions and laws becoming lawlessness are coming. Become equipped. Pray for increased faith and strength in the word, in the mind, the heart, the spirit. Grow deeper in the word and its wisdom and teachings. To prepare each believer for the times and the times to come.

Not fearful but comforted. Knowing. Secure in the knowledge of God’s word and promises. Secure in God’s faithfulness and unchanging truth and word.

Pray continually faithfully. And each prayer will be heard.

I believe that with all my heart and mind. Do you? I sure hope so…

…teach your children well in the word and ways of the Lord. Build their lives upon the Rock, upon the foundation of God’s word. And God’s word can become their fortress and yours in any and every storm to come.


Ken Pullen

Saturday, April 17th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


Top lawyer: ‘Conversion therapy ban could criminalise Christian parents’


14 April 2021

Reprinted from The Christian Institute


A broad ban on conversion therapy could criminalise Christian parents who encourage their children to follow the Bible in its teachings on gender and sexuality, a leading Queen’s Council has said.

Prominent human rights lawyer Philip Havers Queen’s Council has sent a formal legal opinion to Government ministers, warning them that the proposed ban could make everyday Christian actions illegal, including conversations both in church or at home.

Havers determined that encouraging a gender-confused child to accept their birth sex or preaching the Bible’s position on same-sex marriage could become criminal offences if a broad ban is instituted.


Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender activists, led by Church of England General Synod member Jayne Ozanne, have been pushing for a broad ban on so-called conversion therapy, which they say encompasses everything from physical and sexual abuse to prayer and pastoral concern.

Campaigners are pushing to ban any practice that seeks to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or chosen gender identity.

The legal opinion considers eleven likely scenarios and Mr. Havers wrote that any of the definitions proferred by campaigners “have the potential to criminalise at least some (and in several cases all) of these scenarios unless specific exemptions are applied for faith-based activity, including within family settings”.

He also said a ban would likely have a “broader chilling effect” on society, “because Christians could become increasingly wary of sharing such views in general for fear of prosecution”.

‘Unlawful interference’

The lawyer said that if the law was phrased loosely, parents, church leaders or therapists could be accused of ‘suppressing’ a child’s gender identity if they challenge their desire to seek out medical interventions to try and ‘change sex’.

Alternatively, if a gay person attended church and heard a sermon being preached on biblical sexual ethics, they could claim the pastor was breaking the law by attempting to suppress their sexuality.

Mr. Havers said this would amount to “an unlawful interference” with several human rights laws protecting the freedom of religious belief and expression.

Biblical teaching

The legal opinion was commissioned by Revd. Ed Shaw, an evangelical Christian who describes himself as same-sex attracted and lives a celibate life in line with the Bible’s teaching.

He said a ban on conversion therapy could “close down freedom of speech, conscience and religion” for those who believe in the biblical positions on sexuality and gender.

As the minister of a Church of England congregation, Shaw said a ban could prevent him from preaching the CofE’s official doctrine on marriage, and may stop him giving pastoral support to a person who struggles with sexual temptation or is confused about their gender.

He said: “From the point of view of any Christian ministry, all this is going to do is create a climate of fear”.


Shaw said he was supportive of some efforts to stop sinister practices, but added that a broad ban that affects ordinary church life would not be welcome.

He said: “I want good, targeted legislation that stops coercive efforts to change sexuality. There is no need for me to become heterosexual to be a better Christian.

“But stopping people like me from getting the teaching and the pastoral care to help me live with my sexuality in the light of what I believe would be crazy.”

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