WARNING! — The following news story is very disturbing. Exceedingly disturbing. It is published here because this is the truth, the reality of Islam. Which is never and never will be spoken or written of in modern Western media that now bow to and worships Islam, and fears Islam. Think about that. Islam is at war with Christianity, with Judaism, with the West and since the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 Islam has escalated its war while those in this war that are the victims of Islam’s hatred and war efforts appease, bow to, and deny this war exists and does everything in its power to please Islam, the enemy.

Just because a person is deluded and denies something does not then mean reality doesn’t exist. The majority live lives of delusion, illusion, banality, and lies. In total darkness, as they ARE darkness! [see Ephesians 5].

Imagine if this had happened in the 1940s?

Still don’t believe the world is witnessing God’s judgment due to our increased sin and turning from Him, turning from His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, we’re not witnessing the last of the last days and God’s judgment on this world for our loving and embracing evil and turning from God and His Word?

Then how do you explain everything that has happened and is happening if you’ve been paying the least amount of attention? Or do you subscribe to the worldview while claiming the mantel of Christianity yet you do not belong within the remnant with a Biblical view knowing why these things are taking place and what this all means?

Will you wake up and smell the evil? The reprobate minds and wicked minds are given over to these things for their refusing the truth, loving BEING darkness, and reviling God? That sentence is not addressed to those practicing Islam. That sentence was addressed to the approximately 300,000,000 plus Americans claiming to be awake, alive, and within the total population, depending on the survey and poll 6 to 7 out of 10 make the boast they are “Christian” yet only about 15,000,000 in America live with a Biblical worldview according to in-depth surveying by the George Barna Group coming to the conclusion only 6% of Americans possess and live with a Biblical worldview.

The math doesn’t add up folks. Time to go back to school for some remedial work and more importantly it’s time to go back to, or into deeply for the first time the Word of God.

Then and only then will everything add up. Then and only then will an individual finally, truly see, finally truly hear — if they believe and allow the Spirit of God to work within them.

It goes beyond going to a church once a week and wearing some jewelry around your neck in the shape of a cross, the tree of shame — not something to adorn oneself with made of gold, silver, or platinum thinking that is the pass to heaven and eternal life. Unless and until an individual is truly transformed by the Holy Spirit, not by their doing anything, not by their works, but by their faith and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and the whole Word of God will any individual finally, truly see and understand.

If you look around, if you listen, if you inhale deeply and can finally see, finally hear, finally recognize the smell you would know the truth if you were truly saved by the Truth, the Way, the Life, and once WERE darkness but became light by the Light of the world and came out of the darkness, no longer WERE darkness.

There is no way 60% to 70% of those in America are truly Christian.

This world is under God’s judgment. This judgment is not going to lessen as the sin and evil men and women do increase. Wake up! Stop being held captive and in bondage to the father of lies and wake up to the truth, to the reality of this world, and to know that, the only way of knowing that besides paying attention is by studying and believing every word within the Word of God!

No other way.

It’s all very clear once a person believes. Truly believes. Then for the first time in their life, they will truly see, truly hear. And only then.

Don’t say you were not WARNED about the content of the article below which appears here because it’s time the majority stop hiding, stop living in delusion, stop being part of a grand illusion and face the truth if for the first time in their life, while God still blesses them with life.

Come back up here and click on and read the link below “Collapse of A Christian Worldview by Parents Has Infected Next Generation” after reading the news below. It’s that important.


Collapse Of A Christian Worldview By Parents Has Infected Next Generation 


Ken Pullen

Monday, May 9th, 2022

ACP — A Crooked Path


Pakistan: Men dig up the grave of teenage woman and rape her corpse, 17 accused are being interrogated


May 8, 2022

By Robert Spencer

Reprinted from Jihad Watch


“The prophet of Allah took off his gown and put it on Om Ali and slept with her in her grave and they kicked dirt on him, saying: ‘Oh messenger of Allah, we saw you do something no one else has ever done.’ He said: ‘I dressed her in my gown, so she can wear the gowns of paradise and I slept with her in her grave to relieve her of the torments of the grave.’” (Kanz al-‘Ommal in Sunan al Aqwal wa al-Af’al, vol. 16, p. 158)

“There is no need to rewash a dead woman if her husband has sex with her after she dies….And there is no punishment for anyone who has sex with a dead woman or limits sex to sex with a dead woman.” (Abd Al-Hameed Al-Sharawani, Howashi al-Sharwani (Al-Qubra, Egypt: Al-Maktabah Al-Tojariah, 1983, vol. 1, p. 263)

“There is no restriction against sex with a dead woman or an animal.” (Mohammad Al-Sherbini Al-Khateeb, Al-Iqna3 fi Hal al-Faz: Abu Shoja’a (Beirut: Dar al-Fikr, 1994, vol. 2, p. 521)

“Anas said: ‘I was present when the daughter of God’s messenger was being buried. He was sitting beside the grave and I saw his eyes shedding tears. He then asked, “Is there any of you who did not have sexual intercourse last night?” Abu Talha replied that he had not, so he told him to go down into her grave, and he did so. Bukhari transmitted it.’” (Mishkat al-Masabih 1715)

“Shafi’i, Hanbali, and Hanafi books reveal: Sexual intercourse with a dead wife is ‘not adultery,’” translated from “كتب الشافعية والحنابلة والأحناف تكشف: نكاح الزوجة الميتة “ليس زنا” Youm 7, September 21, 2017:

The assertions of Sheikh Sabri Abdel-Raouf, the author of the fatwa on sexual intercourse with a dead wife, that it was not a fatwa but rather transmitted from the books of the previous imams, prompted “Youm 7” to search for the origin of these old books, and the surprise was, that the man did not state his own opinion, but rather quoted from the books, as he has already said.

We searched for his first book, “Explanation of the Short Description of Al-Khalil in Maliki Jurisprudence.” The matter was easy: in a search of “the chapter on adultery” and what is related to it, which defines the idea of ​​“adultery” and what are the matters related to it, and who should be subject to the hadd punishment, the text was as follows: “As for the husband, if he intercourse with his wife after her death, before or after her, then there is no punishment for him.”

So this is the first text that Sheikh Sabri Abdel Raouf told us, upon which he based his statement or fatwa, the husband who had sex with the wife after her death, in any way, it is not adultery, and the hadd is not applied!

As for the book “Jahd al-Muhtaaj fi Sharh al-Minhaj” by the Shafi’is, it also said: “There is no restriction upon sexual intercourse with a dead person, according to the more correct view.” The footnote commented: “There is no restriction upon sexual intercourse with a dead person, according to the more correct view, because this is something that is alienated from nature, and the perpetrator shall be reprimanded or punished.”

Here the Shafi’is are more clear. Rather, this is what Sheikh Sabri Abdel Raouf said, that it is an act that is not in the nature of humans, and they resent it, and likened it to drinking urine, so there is no need to put a general punishment, rather it is a punishment that is left to the ruler.

In the book Al-Mughni by Ibn Qudamah, he said that the matter has two sides, one of which is that it is forbidden, and one of them is that it is not subject to a prohibition, which is the stance of Abu Hanifa and Al-Shafi’i, meaning that Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi here says that Abu Hanifa and Al-Shafi’i said that it is not forbidden.

It was not difficult to find the books on which Sheikh Sabri Abdel Raouf relied. It was an easy matter. The books of the Hanafi, Shafi’i, and Maliki schools of jurisprudence said it, and it is a larger issue than the professor at Al-Azhar University, it is a “case of old books” with everything in them.

“Moroccan Cleric Abd Al-Bari Al-Zamzami: Husbands May Have Sex with Dead Wife’s Corpse; Women May Use Carrots as Vibrators,” MEMRI, March 24, 2012:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Moroccan cleric Abd Al-Bari Al-Zamzami, a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and from an address delivered by Al-Zamzami. The interview was posted on the Internet on May 11, 2011 and the address on March 24, 2012.

Abd Al-Bari Al-Zamzami : A few days ago, I was asked by the Al-Sabbah newspaper about men who have sex with their dead wives. The truth is that this question took me by surprise, and I asked the journalist whether there really are people who do this deplorable and disgraceful act, which is not to be expected from a normal, balanced person. Only a mentally or psychologically unbalanced man would do such a thing.

In any case, I do not have the right to prohibit things. Fatwas are not shaped according to one’s will or whim. Rather, they reflect the law of Allah.


Therefore, I do not have the right to prohibit that act merely because I consider it deplorable.


The evidence I relied upon in this case was that a wife’s death does not sever her relations with her husband. A wife’s death does not sever her marital relations with her husband. She remains his wife post mortem, in the Hereafter, just as she was his wife in her lifetime.


It is perfectly clear that marital relations are not severed by a wife’s death. She remains her husband’s wife. This being the case, the husband has the right to do whatever he wants with her. For instance, he may kiss her. It is common for a husband to kiss his wife after her death, out of love and sorrow. This is something that is done, and there is nothing wrong with it.


The fact that such an act is permissible does not make it commendable or even acceptable. Having sex with your wife’s corpse is permitted but not commendable.

“Egypt’s women urge MPs not to pass early marriage, sex-after-death laws: report,” by Abeer Tayel, Al Arabiya, April 25, 2012:

Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the Islamist-dominated parliament not to approve two controversial laws on the minimum age of marriage and allowing a husband to have sex with his dead wife within six hours of her death according to a report in an Egyptian newspaper.

The appeal came in a message sent by Dr. Mervat al-Talawi, head of the NCW, to the Egyptian People’s Assembly Speaker, Dr. Saad al-Katatni, addressing the woes of Egyptian women, especially after the popular uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011.

She was referring to two laws: one that would legalize the marriage of girls starting from the age of 14 and the other that permits a husband to have sex with his dead wife within the six hours following her death…

The controversy about a husband having sex with his dead wife came about after a Moroccan cleric spoke about the issue in May 2011.

Zamzami Abdul Bari said that marriage remains valid even after death adding that a woman also too had the same right to engage in sex with her dead husband….

But it seems his view on partners having sex with their deceased partners has found its way to Egypt one year on.

Egyptian prominent journalist and TV anchor Jaber al-Qarmouty on Tuesday referred to Abdul Samea’s article in his daily show on Egyptian ON TV and criticized the whole notion of “permitting a husband to have sex with his wife after her death under a so-called ‘Farewell Intercourse’ draft law.”

“This is very serious. Could the panel that will draft the Egyptian constitution possibly discuss such issues? Did Abdul Samea see by his own eyes the text of the message sent by Talawi to Katatni? This is unbelievable. It is a catastrophe to give the husband such a right! Has the Islamic trend reached that far? Is there really a draft law in this regard? Are there people thinking in this manner?”…

“Taliban has sex with dead bodies, reveals Afghan woman who came over to India,” OpIndia, August 22, 2021:

A woman who has come over to India from Afghanistan has revealed that Taliban has sex with dead bodies. The woman, called Muskan by News18, worked in the police force in Afghanistan and has come to India due to fear of the Taliban and lives in New Delhi….

She continued, “They rape dead bodies too. They don’t care whether the person is dead or alive… Can you imagine this?” Muskan said that if any woman worked for the government, they would suffer a terrible fate….

“Pakistan: Unidentified men dig up the grave of a teenage woman and rape her corpse, 17 accused being interrogated, investigation underway,” OpIndia, May 7, 2022:

On May 5, Thursday, some unknown men dug out the corpse of a teenage girl and raped it in the Chak Kamala village in Gujrat, Pakistan.

Attaullah Tarar, the deputy secretary-general of the Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN), took to Twitter on May 6 to inform that 17 suspects are being interrogated and the investigation of the case is being done as per scientific methods….

According to local media reports, the teenage deceased girl, who was mentally and physically handicapped, died on May 4, Wednesday. The family buried her in the graveyard as per their religious traditions at around 6 pm in the evening and returned home.

The next day, when they returned to the graveyard to perform some rituals over the girl’s dead body the kin found the grave dug up and the girl’s body missing. Upon searching, they later found the corpse lying around 200 square feet away from the graveyard. It showed signs of rape….

This is not the first such incident in Pakistan. In 2021, some unknown men had carried out a similar barbaric act in Maulvi Ashraf Chandio village near coastal town Ghulamullah. In 2019, OpIndia also reported about in similar crime wherein a group of unidentified men dug up the grave of a woman in a graveyard in Karachi’s Landhi Town area and raped the dead body.

In 2011, a gravekeeper named Muhammad Rizwan from North Nazimabad, Karachi was arrested for necrophilia. He was arrested after he confessed to raping 48 female corpses. Rizwan was caught running away after desecrating a corpse. He had caught the attention of nearby grave diggers and some other people.

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