Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

John 3:36 — English Standard Version


As a reminder to longtime visitors, friends, and subscribers, and for those folks newer to this place…

I always, no matter who the content is from, go into each article posted here on ACP and delete the inane, mind-numbing, dictates of the militant, fascist purely evil homosexual and transgender movements cunning perversion of language word “gay” perverted to be stolen from its original origin and intent to now describe a homosexual, all of whom I have known and worked with through the years, and there have been a number of them in the industry in which I worked, not a one was truly gay as the word was originally created and brought into being. Not merely ironic they chose that word to describe them, and tragic that all heterosexual, and especially professed Christian people have fallen into their snare, Satan’s snare in always using the word “gay” rather than calling the sexually immoral and their practices what they are — homosexual.

This is also true of using the mind-numbing alphabet soup “LGBT” and how it is forever becoming a longer, mindless, meaningless train of letters to the people of the world, that in its constant usage the very acts are not thought of. Not really. People merely speak or gloss over a string of letters. They become mind-numbing. That’s their intent and purpose. To always deflect and remove any thought of the actual deeds, acts, practices and sin involved here.

People, and especially those professing to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ need to cease and desist in the perversion, corruption, and collusion of language. We need to be clearly separate from the world. This begins in part in our speech. Do we fall into the word usage of the world? Or do we not appease and fall prey to the ongoing perversion, corruption, and theft of definitions, meanings and language? Where do you take a stand? I hear continually Christian people saying they want to be a good witness for the Lord and yet they persist in pleasing the world and following the world in their speech. They do not illuminate any light to the world in doing so. Their speech is not flavored as the salt of the earth. They have lost their flavor in speaking no differently. In agreeing to the perversion of language in attempting to soothe over, deflect, and make homosexuality, sexual immorality, sexual perversions benign and normalized.

Lastly, it’s long overdue, more than about time folks in America learn that there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats. Enough of perpetuating the lie there is this great distinct gulf between the two political parties in America. They peer into the mirror of political agendas as they look across the aisle, sit in rooms behind closed doors. There is no discernable difference. The people from birth have been indoctrinated of this great chasm, this massive ideological difference between Republicans and Democrats, this whole left vs right, conservative vs liberal malarky most almost to a person have fallen for.

Wake up. Small the lies and misdirection. What’s really going on.

It’s all deception and delusion. Masters of sleight of hand illusion. And tragically, most fall for it. Do not see it. Refuse to step back and look into the truth there is little or no difference between the two main political parties in America.

Not from a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ’s, Biblical viewpoint.

Tragically, again, far too many professed Christians [who truly are not for Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God are not their priority — politics, nationalism, this world are instead] are no different from the overwhelming majority of the walking dead in utter darkness in this lost and dying nation that has turned from God. Have been given over to their wicked, unrighteous, reprobate minds.

The word evangelical has become perverted and meaningless in our time.

Words and their meanings have been hijacked and perverted by and for the force of evil and almost every professed Christian is all too obliged to follow and comply. No light shining. No flavoring with salt their words with the Word of God.

And blindly, foolishly the overwhelming majority march along to their demise mesmerized, fooled, convinced in their darkened minds and cold hearts there is this vast difference between Republicans and Democrats in America when nothing could be further from the truth.

Wake up and smell the lies, the rot within.

There are only two kinds of people in America, on all this earth. And they are not defined by liberalism or conservativism, by political ideology, by place, by their voting record, by their degree of nationalism, or any other barometer other than…

Are they true, transformed by the Supernatural power of the Spirit of God disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, thus true believers, thus true Christians, thus true children of God or…

…are they walking dead in the sins and trespasses? Children of disobedience refusing the light, refusing the truth, loving the world and rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ, rejecting the Holy Spirit, rejecting God, rejecting the Bible, and rejecting the Biblical worldview?

Only those two kinds of people on the earth. No others in this spiritual war raging on daily growing in intensity. And too many claiming to be on the Lord’s side, one of the Lord’s soldiers have permitted the Enemy to infiltrate and corrupt and cause confusion within the ranks. It begins with language. Words. Meanings. It begins with doctrines adhered to and believed. It begins within the heart, the spirit, and with the truth as to our walk with God or our running from Him though we lie we are one of His.

Really? Do the people of the world agree that you are a child of God, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ? Or do they merely see just another person walking about on this earth?

No different. No differences.

Where have all the peculiar people gone? Where is the separation from the world?

Stop using the wrong words as dictated by evil, the world. Do not comply with their perversion and corruption. Do not fall prey to so-called conservatives being different than so-called liberals. All are the same in God’s eyes depending on their belief or unbelief in His Son, their obedience or disobedience to Him, to His Word. THAT is the only difference to God, as found in the Bible, and ought to be the only difference to any and all TRUE Christians.

Right? Or wrong?

Not according to me, a mere man, nothing, a vessel chipped and cracked and sinful.

But according to the Word of God. Which ought to be the only standard, the only measure followed by anyone. ESPECIALLY those professing to be a “Christian.”

Clean up the language, dear friend, loved ones.

Clear up the thinking with regard to words and what the world teaches.

The world is pushing and teaching pagan, New Age “mindfulness” as the path to health and freedom.

The world lies and is enslaved by Satan.

Want TRUE mindfulness? Leading to TRUE health? TRUE spiritual health? Be mindful, filled in your minds with the words within the inerrant infallible living and active Word of God. Which leads to life.

Everything else only leads to death. Eternal death. And it begins with words…

And, yes, anytime the erroneous mind-numbing word “gay” appeared below, as in every other article, or the banal and mind-numbing created to deflect “LGBT” or alphabet soup used to gloss over the sexual deviancies, sexual immoralities, and perversions against God and nature — I changed them to reflect the reality, the truth of what is not what is desired by the world to numb and distract.

And if you profess to be God’s? A disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ? Indwelt of the Holy Spirit? I hope you’ll go off someplace quiet, alone, and ponder why it is you’re so willing and easily misled by the world and eager to comply and appease its dictates and comply with the corruption of language refusing to stand boldly for the truth.

And, yes, words do make a difference. Do mean things. Do have purpose and intent behind them. And we will be accounted for each one. Imagine that…does that fact which is written in the Word of God have you feeling gay about your word usage? Oh, that’s the original origin usage of the word which has all but been forgotten due to the brainwashing and obliging to be brainwashed by the force of evil in this world.

What’s that? not feeling so gay upon having the truth set out in front of you.

I do not apologize. Thinking you can vote away the problems? Continue on in strong delusion? Don’t like this at all? Take it up with God. Venture into His Word and allow His truth to fill you rather than being continually fed and filled by this world which is under the father of lies, Satan at this time. Don’t believe that either? Well, really spend more time in God’s Word and less elsewhere then…

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7 — English Standard Version

The above applies to all things. ALL THINGS. Including language. Word usage. Definitions. Do you resist the devil and flee from him submitting yourselves to God and His Word? Or do you so easily fold and fall and comply with the world, which is the devil’s lair and residence for a season before he and all those enslaved to him are cast into the pit of hell for eternity?

Are we pleasing God? Or making Satan happy?

It is an either-or thing. It is all black or white. Really, it is…there is no third option my friends.


Ken Pullen

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


The RNC’s “Pride Coalition” (Audio)



By John Stonestreet & Kasey Leander

Reprinted from BREAKPOINT


Last week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced the “Pride Coalition.” The coalition is a partnership with the “Log Cabin Republicans,” an organization that describes itself as “Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender conservatives and straight allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality for all.”

Although many find the move disheartening, it will only shock those who haven’t been paying attention. Al Mohler has described the relationship between Republicans and evangelicals as a “marriage of convenience.” In this case, marriage is a particularly painful and ironic metaphor.

And to be clear, the convenience in this marriage goes both ways. For many within the RNC, evangelicals are just one of several voting blocs, albeit an important one. For many evangelicals, the Grand Old Party (GOP) is simply a better fit than the alternative, given their stance on social issues like abortion, gender, and religious freedom. And, some on both sides are taken in by what quirky French theologian Jacques Ellul called “the political illusion.”

When all problems and all solutions are reduced to politics, all hope rests in gaining political power. Thus, when it comes to engaging in politics, Christians must always work to keep straight what are the means and what are the ends. A decision to partner with a lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer group only makes sense if the “end” is to regain political power. The same decision, however, makes no sense if power is only the means and something else, such as limited government, is the end.

The problem with this coalition isn’t that some in the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer camp wish to support a political party of limited government. That’s been true for a long time. In contemporary politics’ pragmatic exercise, it never hurts to have unexpected allies vote for your candidate. However, welcoming voters to a political party is different than creating an alliance with a group that hopes to advance its own goals within a political platform. This particular coalition signals a change in the GOP’s platform and party positions, as well as broader changes in what it means to be “conservative.”

A core element of the GOP platform has long been so-called “family values,” sardonic shorthand for the party’s often inconsistently expressed and lived-out traditional moral framework. Key to this framework is the centrality of the nuclear family, the notion that marriage between one man and one woman who stay married is not merely a social construct but essential for both a healthy society and the wellbeing of the next generation. Therefore, it is the government’s task to protect the family, not redefine or deconstruct it. The more the government protects the family, the more non-governmental entities are able to collectively secure the future.

But, moral consensus around the nuclear family is only possible if it rests on grounds other than government. That requires grounding truth itself in something outside the government. Today, however, ours is what Os Guinness calls a “cut flower society.” Though we still have the trappings of so-called “family values,” no shared moral foundation remains for it. The quest for freedom has devolved into a pursuit for radical autonomy, especially in sexual matters.

All of which brings us back to this “coalition.” The RNC is mistaken to think that it is possible to be fiscally or politically conservative without, on some level, being culturally conservative first. You can’t have limited government while at the same time embracing a movement wishing to deconstruct and redefine marriage and the family since only the family reliably produces citizens able to govern themselves.

Whenever the family fails, the state is compelled to step in. America’s founders, even with all their flaws, understood this. John Adams said, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our constitution as a whale goes through a net.”


Chuck Colson was fond of saying: “The Kingdom of God will never arrive on Air Force One.” We vote how we must and do what we can to love our neighbors in political ways, but we must not put our hope in candidates or parties as if political power for our party is the end. In a Christian view, political ends are never ultimate ends.

Christians must maintain a clear-headed vision of the importance of social issues in the public arena. That means determining what is true theologically, first, and then letting political chips fall where they may. As my friend, Focus on the Family president Jim Daly put it, “We must, lovingly and winsomely, never stop contending for the things that matter to God.” Family and marriage matter to God.


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