The events revealed in the following article are not rare. The occasional news story. Tragically, this is becoming commonplace in every Western culture, and increasing at a high rate. Not isolated. Just that most of these incidents never make it to your local news, national news, or any news outlet.

There is one very incorrect — downright wrong thing mentioned — in the article below. And that is in the statement of the family’s attorney, in which he said, “This case shows that schools increasingly not only think that their role is to instill the correct ideological beliefs but to enforce those beliefs.”

Words used are important. A lawyer, especially ought to know that, but then we need to know what truly are that lawyer’s beliefs? Worldview?

Words are exceedingly important and tragically in our age the sloppy, lazy, casualness that accompanies what passes for writing and speech, word usage is not only appalling but downright sinful. An abomination. The ideological beliefs of the school are not correct. They are of evil. There is no other way to say or write them, describe them, if a person is truly a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, a true Christian and not taken in by this lying, dying, corrupted, fallen, and perverted world that bastardized more and more speech and ensnares more and more individuals in its sticky, rotted web daily.

Including those professing to be Christians. Such as they who make such a claim and still use words such as “gay” to reference the sin of sexual immorality — homosexuality. Why think deeply on this, why would a professed Christian use the substitute word provided by the father of lies to his minions, a word that deflects and is 180 degrees from the true nature within the sexually immoral? Homosexuals. Why? Why won’t those profess to be children of obedience, renewed of mind and spirit, transformed by the Supernatural power of the Spirit of God — true Bible-believing believers, true disciples of Jesus use proper, correct, right language and instead fall prey to the world?

Ask yourself this. And if you are one falling prey to this? Why? And why won’t you speak the truth and stop using couched words, mind-numbing words, that continue to corrupt and pervert language as the world does? And if of the world? Well, then you’re in Satan’s camp. Not God’s.

Plain and simple. Just the way it is. Just the facts. Not according to me. According to the inerrant and infallible living and active Word of God as relevant this moment as it ever has been.

Sin is subtle. Sin and the lies, the ideologies, the philosophies, the corruption of and within this world always, always, always begins slowly. Subtly. Appearing benign. Most times actually appearing wonderful, oh so sweet and, yeah, we ought to do that, think that, be that way!

And that way only and always leads to the road to death. Plunging deeper into darkness. The abyss. Satan’s realm. The devil’s snare. Where the vast overwhelming majority reside and appear to not be able to escape.

Words are so important.

And what Exeter High School, and almost universally middle schools everywhere, high schools everywhere, universities everywhere are imposing and then tyrannically demanding of their UNRIGHTEOUS, WICKED, WRONG, and SINFUL ideologies — NOTHING CORRECT ABOUT THEM — are adhered to, or face the consequences of some punishment — which has resulted in teachers losing jobs, students being expelled and on and on and on it goes.

Escalating. And once the door is open and the evil permitted? Does it, has it ever stopped or remained at the level it began? Do you know history? Do you know the Bible? Do you truly know God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit? Really? Prove it. In how you walk, how you talk, what you write, how you fashion yourself.

We’re at war folks. A war unlike any other that ever took place on this earth. This is the longest, without any armistice, any treaty any stoppage of the carnage. This is the most intense war of the greatest consequence ever fought on earth making the melding of every other war ever fought, or to be fount on earth appear like some kids arguing on a playground [like back in the 1950s, 1960s before those children so many say ignorantly are our future contending in their speech the children are so wonderful and that future is going to be so much better came to school with a Glock, a knife, a weapon and had been brainwashed in evil and violence since birth].

Also, in the article below? Do not skim over the fact of the female student and her actions.

Read on! And let’s all begin paying a lot more attention to our words used. In our speech. In every word. In our writing. Does our language reveal a light within separate and different from the world? Or are we emitting the same wattage as the world?

Oh, and there are only two genders. Always have been, always will be. No matter what anyone in the world may say, claim, write, or demand in their pushing of evil upon all people to adopt their lies and evil.

Wake up. Stay awake. Be a watchman or watchwoman on the wall! We’re at war folks. Act like it. Live like it. No slothfulness or casualness is permitted. For the Enemy doesn’t rest and is relentless in its pursuit.


Ken Pullen

Friday, November 19th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path

“There are only two genders” – High schooler punished for text message

“This case shows that schools increasingly not only think that their role is to instill the correct ideological beliefs in students but to enforce those beliefs,” the family’s lawyer said.


November 19, 2021

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Reprinted from World Israel News


The mother of a high school student who was banned from playing a football game for a private text message conversation in which he stated that there are only two genders is speaking out, calling the school’s decision to punish her son “shocking.”

“My son had already told me about the incident, so I knew what had happened,” the New Hampshire mother told Fox News.

“When I saw the text messages, I agreed with my son. All he did was state an opinion. I defended him on the phone to the vice principal and said, ‘He has a right to his opinion.’”

The mother and son have filed a lawsuit against Exeter High School and Vice Principal Mary Dovholuk for violating the student’s constitutional right to free speech and the New Hampshire Bill of Rights.

The school had justified their punishment of the student by arguing that he violated a school policy which mandates that students respect the gender identities of their classmates.

Although the student in question had not used an incorrect pronoun while addressing a classmate, he did question the logic around a “nonbinary” classmate stating that their preferred pronoun was “they.”

When speaking about the issue with another classmate on the bus ride home, a female student who eavesdropped on the conversation became offended by his statements.

The female classmate later obtained his phone number in order to demand that he accept her point of view.

“Gender and sex mean the same thing,” he responded to her, in text message transcripts obtained by Fox News. “There are only two genders and sexes.”

The female classmate then showed the private conversation, which took place off school property and outside of learning hours, to school officials.

The officials moved to punish the player for his statement that there are only two genders and sexes, which he said is confirmed by his Catholic faith.

“This case shows that schools increasingly not only think that their role is to instill the correct ideological beliefs in students but to enforce those beliefs,” the family’s lawyer, Ian Huyett, told Fox News.

“Fortunately, they have no constitutional ability to do that, and it’s important they be reminded of that.”