From The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions



Thou wast incarnate, didst suffer, rise, ascend

for my sake;

Thy departure was not a token of separation

but a pledge of return;

Thy Word, promises, sacraments, show thy death

until thou come again.

That day is no horror to me,

for thy death has redeemed me,

thy Spirit fills me,

thy love animates me,

thy Word governs me.

I have trusted thee and thou hast not betrayed

my trust;

waited for thee, and not waited in vain.

Thou wilt come to raise my body from the dust,

and re-unite it to my soul,

by a wonderful work of infinite power and love,

greater than that which bounds the oceans’ waters,

ebbs and flows the tides,

keeps the stars in their courses,

and gives life to all creatures.

This corruptible shall put on incorruption,

this mortal, immortality,

this natural body, a spiritual body,

this dishonoured body, a glorious body,

this weak body, a body of power.

I triumph now in thy promises as I shall do

in their performance,

for the head cannot live if the members are dead;

Beyond the grave is resurrection, judgment,

acquittal, dominion.

Every event and circumstance of my life will be

dealt with —

the sins of my youth, my secret sins,

the sins of abusing thee, of disobeying thy Word,

the sins of neglecting minsters’ admonitions,

the sins of violating my conscience —

all will be judged;

And after judgment, peace and rest, life and service,

employment and enjoyment, for thine elect.

O God, keep me in this faith,

and ever looking for Christ’s return.