The Remedy


by Ken Pullen

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path




An overly worn cliche, knowledge is power, exists, as do all cliches, because it is true.

The greatest knowledge is spiritual knowledge in the Word of God APPLIED daily, continually in any individuals life. To seek and ask for increasing spiritual  wisdom, understanding, discernment and knowledge from God, and then to APPLY that daily is beyond words in its riches and treasure.

Coupled to this we ought to also not shirk, shy away from, deny or ridicule worldly knowledge that can aid us greatly in the time in which we live. Far too many found their lives upon misinformation, myths, fantasy, hearsay, rumor and utter rubbish that is about as true as the moon is made of cheese.

So what is the remedy?

To immerse onself, dive deeply, ever deeply into the Word of God and in prayer, large, increasing in faith prayer and study of the Word of God along with dispelling all fears, myths, rumors and misinformation, of which there are oceans of and most are jumping in, rather than taking the journey to the stream of fresh, cool, clear water to roll up their pant legs and dangle their feet into easing their mind in the process.

Here, available to one and all freely, is a full 24 lecture course with videos on infectious diseases.

Get rid of the misinformation, which even emanates on the news programs from your TV sets, and certainly from those you’re related to, work with, know and live near;




I hope and pray all reading this are being wise and responsible stewards, thinking of their neighbors, their loved ones, and their enemies and praying for all — and being wise and responsible for yourselves. I also hope and pray each reading this will continue to turn to God’s Word daily, continually throughout the day and evening and dive deeply, reach in and eat of God’s Word to sustain, nourish, fortify and bring you life. True peace and real knowledge and understanding. And if you are not doing such? I sincerely pray you will begin this very day. In fact if you are not, have not been going to God’s Word? In prayer? In quiet meditation? In faith? Then go get a Bible right now. Pray, Seek. Ask and find. And you can come back to this posting at some later time today or this evening.

Go on, do it, I wasn’t kidding!

The text copy from the page above:

Infectious diseases touch the lives of everyone on the planet, and now with the emergence of COVID-19, this is more true than ever. On a worldwide scale, infectious diseases account for 26% of all deaths, second only to cardiovascular diseases. And unlike chronic diseases, infectious diseases are unique in their potential for explosive global impacts.

Throughout these 24 free video lectures, Dr. Barry Fox delivers clear and up-to-date information on dozens of infectious diseases—from where they originate, to how they spread, to how we can overcome their devastating effects.

Whether you have a love for biology, a curiosity about the world’s many infectious diseases, or a certain amount of trepidation about what the future holds, you will enjoy Dr. Fox’s impeccable bedside manner, insider knowledge, and personal stories. And most importantly, you will be empowered to make the best choices for yourself, your loved ones, and future generations.


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