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I imagine my wife and I belong to a very small minority of people in America. People who do not watch the Super Bowl. Do not attend any Super Bowl parties. Do not watch the halftime show and know there hasn’t been a good Super Bowl commercial made in years. We don’t care. I catch the score and highlights afterward, and if the Cleveland Browns were ever in the Super Bowl? Then, then we might watch! (But for it to rain pinto horses of the color brown and orange is much more likely to occur than for the Cleveland Browns to be in the Super Bowl!) We’re not slaves to this sinful popular culture, nor do we shrug and make excuses that it’s okay, it’s not really that bad, it’s just football right? Just some singing and dancing right? Just some ads right?

While watching our local news on Monday evening following the game we were subjected to some discussion about the halftime show, and about 60 seconds of video footage of the performers going through their act. After only viewing that brief clip I turned to my wife and said, “Within a very few years the NFL, all the corporations, all the people will bring in an allow actual full nudity on stage during the halftime program, most likely eventual sodomy and the like and it will be all praised, applauded and celebrated as being progressive, moving this vile and disgusting culture forward.”

Go ahead, laugh, mock, deny.

40 years ago, while not a true disciple of Jesus, while not a child of God, while living in California, in Hollywood, working there daily and witnessing what was taking place there FOUR DECADES AGO I told people, “Watch, within 25, 30 years homosexual marriage and homosexuality will be accepted and embraced in this country.”

I had people howling with laughter. I was mocked and ridiculed whomever I said that too, whenever I said it. Anyone and everyone I said that too said it would NEVER HAPPEN! Yeah. Right.  I’m not prophet. I just saw the writing on the wall and know how quickly so-called culture and society erodes and falls closer to the gutter; the cesspool rather than rising as all the lies portend.

The female talking-head anchor, who reads what she is supposed from the TelePrompTer, who has professed to be a Christian in the past on air, said, off script, while having a discussion with two others around the so-called “news desk” about the halftime program —  “I was a little uncomfortable watching it with my children right there, along with my parents, as the show was going on.”

Yet did she turn it off? Switch the channel for a few minutes to return to the game when it resumed?

No, she, like the walking dead slaves they are sat there with their eyes glued, their ears open, their spirits and souls being led down deeper into darkness and destruction. She kept it on for her children to see and hear. Embarrassed in front of them and her parents — she kept it tuned in. Watching.

This, “Oh, it’s just a show, it’s just some performers, it’s just some ads, lighten up!” is NOT the approach to take. ESPECIALLY IF ONE PROFESSES TO BE A CHRISTIAN — which thusly ought to mean a child of God, making God their Father, and Jesus Lord of their lives. Being a true disciple and servant of Jesus. KNOWING AND THUS LIVING THE WORD OF GOD. To the very best of their ability. Not excusing or partaking of the world.

What my wife and I witnessed in the brief 60 second or so video clip from the halftime show imitated, portrayed overt sexual activities. With children on and around the stage. Once again using children as pawns and instruments in the advancement of evil and sin, the furtherance of degradation and perversions.

I am retired from the work I did during my vocational life.

My wife still is employed. By an international multi-billion dollar per year corporation everyone in America is familar with and knows their name.

What is this years main priority in this international, multi-billion dollar company that employs thousands and thousands of people?

Inclusion. Diversity. They are emphasizing as one of their main priorities this year, and into their forseeable future who within the company is homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and or transgender. To make sure they design programs, groups for them. To make sure they are promoted within the company. To bow to and cater to what certainly is not more than 0.05% to at most 2% of their total employees.

But this is this massive corporations priority and objective entering 2020.

Dropping their eye from the ball. Which will inevitably lead to a great fall — one day. Later of not sooner.

Governments, businesses, professional sports, schools, every institution and every people everywhere — other than some Asian and Islamic nations — are putting the abomination, the perversions, the sexual deviancy, the sexual immorality of homosexuality, bisexuality and what is called transgenderism ahead of almost all else. Perversion and immorality is the big push.

Why? Because evil, Satan, he who appears as an angel of light, as do his minions and ministers all know their time is short. They must keep enslaved, snared, in darkness, serving him and them up to the end the majority of people. To drag as many as possible into the fiery pit of eternal hell. Things such as the halftime program are equal to teasing a cat with a laser pen. Only the consequences of each act are vastly different.

Don’t be one of those. Even if you say you’re not. Even if you say you’re a true Christian yet refuse to turn from the darkness. Embracing, accepting and following the world. Turn the channel. Turn from the path you’re on. While you can.

This age and what comes, what is promoted, what is accepted? What is pushed before our eyes, ears, hearts and minds? To numb? To mislead? To shrug and make excuse and accept? To keep in utter darkness? Fallen? Leading to the second death?

REFUSE IT! Turn from it!

Let the Word of God be the lamp unto your feet and begin to walk on the narrow path where few walk, entering at the narrow gate where few enter. Get off the 10,000 lane Interstate where many are, most are, where the allure of this world, the lies of this world exist within all the traffic, all the noise, all the dancing lights and distractions people say mean nothing, are just fun, so on. That road which is very wide, where most are on, and which leads to destruction. Eternal death.

Eternity is quite a long time. Look it up if you do not believe me.

Look into the Word of God if you do not believe — or if you say you do, yet you are not walking the walk. In truth? You are not the light of the world, the salt of the earth, a true servant of Jesus though you claim to be one of His? You love and cling to this sinful world instead of clinging to the words and life, resurrection and life of Jesus Christ the Lord? Woe to you and while the Good Lord, Father of true believers, as Jesus, true Master of His disciples blessed you in the error of your ways with breath, a beating heart, food, clothing, shelter, health, friends, loved ones around you? The freedom to worship in America (at least as of this writing)? Best fall on your knees and commit to God making Him your Father. Being a true child of His. Best while on your knees ask forgiveness, mercy, a pure heart and mind, and commit to being a genuine servant — disciple of Jesus — making Him Lord and Master of your life. Doing this by prayer, by faith, by trust — by living in the Word of God and shunning the evil of this world passing itself off as light, mere entertainment, and such. Is football evil? Not really. But what surrounds it, what it comes packaged in, what promotes it certainly can be, is at often times. Better to walk cautiously not displeasing the Lord than to err in embracing sin and evil thinking the freedom given by bein redeemed in the blood of Jesus falsely means freedom to do or partake of anything and anything you desire. Learn what that freedom in Christ truly means.

As we partake so those things fashion us how are we truly fashioning ourselves? Of what do we partake and permit in our lives? Be ruthlessly honest, objective and sincere in this evaluation and inventory.

Turn from those things in the world which fashion us towards it and way from God, away from Jesus, away from the Holy Spirit, away from the truth and clear instruction within the Word of God.

Let us fashion ourselves as Jesus, as what the Word of God instructs us we ought to fashion ourselves after. While God and Jesus bless each with breath in this fleshly life — because once the breath ceases? The heart stops beating? The blood flowing? There is no “Whoops, I made a mistake, can I have a second chance now that I feel the fiery flames of eternal hell licking at my spirit and soul?”

Game over at that point. No halftime show coming up. No second half.

Think deeply and long on these most important matters. Stop watching, permitting portrayed sexual acts, overt song lyrics, the pelvic thrusts, and the 90% naked women on TV calling it merely halftime entertainment into your life, the life of your children. As well as a very clear political agenda pushed. Indoctrination. Brainwashing. Erosion. Wearing down, wearing away the mores, morals, foundations and replacing them with the ways and desires of Satan to keep enslaved, ensnared the billions keeping their eyes on him and what he pushes rather than their eyes on God, on Jesus, on the Scriptures.

Do not think long and deeply on this and do something about it because I said so. I am nothing. Deserving of only wrath and condemnation as a man of flesh were it not for the coming of Jesus, for the salvation faith and obedience in Him affords, by the gift of grace from God. No! Not because of anything from me, rather, because God is watching everything. He knows our every act, deed, thought, word and where our hearts truly are. What we allow in our lives. What matters most to us — for after all He knows exactly how many hairs are on every head, where every sparrow in the world is, where every fish in the sea is, and He knows our every thought, where we place our hearts, minds and priorities. Are we His and His Son’s? Or are we really the worlds and thusly belong to the Evil One?

Those are the only two options, the only two choices — paths anyone and everyone takes.

Which will you walk upon to the end of your days?

Is football, TV commercials, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, all the three-quarter naked women and men, all the promotion of sexual immorality worth it? Really?

Want to see a really good TV commercial? Watch this one instead…and then turn to the Holy Bible and to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit and turn from this world and the increasing erosion of foundations, the increasing darkness and evil.


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020


The Other Super Bowl Winner – Liberal Activists


February 4, 2020

By Tony Perkins / Family research Council

Reprinted from: Family Research Council  Prophecy News Watch


The Kansas City Chiefs may be the Super Bowl champs, but the real winners, some say, may be liberal activists. If you watched to Sunday’s game, then you know that corporate America didn’t stay on the sidelines — at least not where political advocacy was involved.

After a hyper-partisan year like this one, tens of millions of people probably tuned into the Super Bowl hoping for a break from Washington.

Instead, they were the victims of an all-out political assault from some of America’s best-known brands.

From Budweiser to Pop Tarts, far-Left groups cheered what they called Sunday’s “rainbow wave” — a flood of pro-lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender ads featuring everything from transgenderism to same-sex marriage.

It was a record-setting year, GLAAD insisted, thanks to TurboTax, Olay, Proctor & Gamble, Amazon Alexa, and others who competed to be the darlings of the fringe Left.

In the end, it was Sabra hummus who dropped the most jaws, casting drag queens to pitch its products in a Super Bowl first.

But, as most experts will tell you, companies take a big risk throwing their lot in with the liberal crowd.

Not only do consumers object (63 percent of Americans think it’s “inappropriate” for brands to make political statements), it usually backfires. Just ask Target, Starbucks, GrubHub, and Kellogg’s.

But commercials weren’t the only things chocked-full of propaganda. The halftime show also had more than its share, thanks to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

While “Born in the U.S.A.” blared across the stage, a dozen children seemed to crawl out of cages, an apparent jab at President Trump’s border policy.

Lopez, who said back in November that it was “super important for two Latina women to be headlining [the show]… especially right now in Trump’s America,” made no secret that she was performing to make a political point. (Maybe now, CNN’s Ana Navarro mocked, “Trump will build a wall around Miami.”)

If the cage theme was subliminal, the costuming and stripper pole were not. A lot of parents admitted that they’d turned off the halftime show and, after seeing the publicity, were grateful they had.

Franklin Graham called the performance another example of “moral decay,” calling out the hypocrisy of companies like Pepsi who want to promote things like women’s empowerment while debasing them with routines like this one.

“This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. With the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide, instead of lowering the standard, we as a society should be raising it. I’m disappointed in Pepsi and the NFL,” he posted.

Naturally, liberals didn’t waste a second calling Graham puritanical, insisting that Christians have “no right” to be outraged.

One has to wonder how those same people might have responded had Fox not refused to run the superbowl ad featuring the story of abortion survivors.

Funny, Matt Walsh tweeted, “People always say that we should take the fragile emotional states of adults into account and refrain from doing things that might offend them. But the moment we argue that certain content isn’t appropriate for children, suddenly those same people are all ‘Deal with it, snowflake!'”

Most fans, if you asked them, just want to get back to the business of watching football. It’s a shame that the league and so many liberal-led companies won’t let them.