Generally, I keep intact the titles of articles written by other writers from other sources. And the heading here “The Marxist Move to Cancel Jefferson” is retained by American Family Association and Dr. Jerry Newcombe.

The heading ought to read though “Spiritual Warfare Escalates in New York City Hall.” And it’s incredible how so many people with the designation “Dr.” in front of their names, with much more education than I have had just can’t seem to GET IT and then SAY IT and or WRITE IT!

ESPECIALLY since THESE ARE PROFESSED CHRISTIANS writing to an audience of supposed professed Christians!

Instead, article after article, report upon report only scratches the surface. Miss the point. Entirely. And repeatedly bows to the evil at work in always, always, always acquiescing to the corrupted made up perverted language contrived in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Enough of this woke dung. And to even use that word is pure dung. Garbage. Find the proper and correct verbiage and use it. Such as EVIL, LOST, SINFUL, WORLDY. Stop falling for the world’s speech, verbiage, and thinking. Playing into their filthy hands.

And the ONLY THINGS that can ever be canceled are magazine subscriptions, credit cards, TV programs…you get it? Okay, so how about putting a halt completely to falling into the world’s snare that was set and every professed Christian jumping into it. Gleefully. Willingly. Without nary a whimper or word of dissent. Just constant compliance.


And it’s well past the time supposed intelligent, educated, knowing folks that call themselves “Christians” cease and desist all this dung and nonsense spoken and written by the world and we speak and write concisely, accurately as to what things really are.

To write and claim such and such is another Marxist move, or this is a sure sign of another leftist political move…and blah, blah, blah, blah the failure to say or write something accurately goes on and on and on!

To write or talk about EVERYTHING professed Christians write and speak about; abortion, homosexuality, the removal of history, the divisions in churches, everything that is taking place everywhere every day and go as far as ascribing a political cause and then stopping there is like needing surgery to remove cancerous cells from a part of one’s body and driving to the hospital and never getting out of your car. Or going as far as getting prepped for surgery and the surgeon puts his gown on, washes his hands for 20 minutes, and comes into the operating room and never picks up an instrument or goes further. That’s it.

None of this — the removal of monuments, curriculums in schools, what occurs in our courts, in our elections, in Congress, in your local city councils, in our schools and churches, at your job, in your town or city, or your nation, abortion, homosexual marriage — you think of it, you name it and none of it ENDS at the political doorstep. And goes no further. If we’re walking up to that door? Time to ring the bell, open the door, and come to the understanding, the KNOWING and thus the WRITING and SPEAKING — do not assume anything — revealing how EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME is part and parcel of the spiritual war escalating within individuals and communities and nations. The spiritual war every person is enjoined in and cannot be removed from except by physical death. And even that is only a temporary pause with the resulting judgment coming for every single person who has ever lived, is living, or is yet to be born.

The removal of a Thomas Jefferson moment is NOT Marxist. Oh, perhaps on the surface. But why only go that far and stop? It’s EVIL. It’s Satan and his legions of minions constantly at work. Preparing the way for the son of perdition and what is coming. It’s the evil, at enmity with God natures within every man and woman.

To go to the point of acknowledging something and then stopping without fully explaining? Completing the journey? That smacks of lacking understanding and being complicit with evil if one cannot bring themselves to state all of this is part of the spiritual war taking place among the two distinct sides, and there being only two sides in this war of all wars.


Ken Pullen

Thursday, October 21st, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


The Marxist Move to Cancel Jefferson


Thursday, October 21, 2021

By Dr. Jerry Newcombe

Reprinted from American Family Association


In our age of historical revisionism, the city officials in New York City have set their sights on a statue of our third president – Thomas Jefferson. This is a statue that has been in City Hall since 1833. It was moved about 80 years ago to the actual chamber where the business of the city is conducted.

“Jefferson Statue Will Be Removed From N.Y.C. Council Chambers,” declares the New York Times. The story notes: “Black, Latino and Asian City Council members who find the sculpture oppressive and racist may finally win a two-decade fight to remove it from their chamber.”

The city’s Public Design Commission unanimously voted Monday to remove the statue.

The Times notes, “Though Jefferson, one of the nation’s founding fathers, wrote about equality in the Declaration of Independence, he enslaved more than 600 people and fathered six children with one of them, Sally Hemings.”

Of course, there is no justification from a moral and biblical perspective for slavery. Sadly, Thomas Jefferson was born into the tradition of slavery, and he did not free his own slaves – even though as a younger man, he did make some attempts to fight it.

Also, there are some who doubt that the DNA testing proved that Thomas was the Jefferson who had children with Sally Hemings.

When Jefferson wrote his first draft of the Declaration of Independence, it contained a strong denunciation of slavery and of the colonists’ attempt to at least stop the slave trade. A measure that King George vetoed.

Unfortunately, this slavery passage from the Declaration got cut so that all the members of the Continental Congress could unanimously agree on independence.

To me, the most enduring legacy of Jefferson is that he helped set the framework by which the slaves could be free one day. As the author of the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, he made it clear that our rights come from the Creator.

Abraham Lincoln was greatly inspired by the truths of the Declaration of Independence. When he delivered his Gettysburg Address, the “four score and seven years ago” refers to the Declaration of Independence. To paraphrase Lincoln, America in 1863 was now poised in this great conflict to make those words of Jefferson apply to all – that “all men are created equal.”

Dr. Mark Beliles is a minister in the Charlottesville area. After the melee in his city in 2017, he and a black minister teamed up to create “Healing4Charlottesville.”

Several years ago, Beliles and I joined forces to write a book on the faith (or lack thereof) of our third president, Doubting Thomas (MorganJames 2014). The book makes two main points: Jefferson was not a lifelong skeptic, and he didn’t believe in the separation of God and state.

I asked Beliles, president of the America Transformation Company, for a comment about this plan to remove the Jefferson statue in NYC. He told me that we find this statue-removal phenomenon in areas dominated by the left, not the right: “It is purely a partisan effort to appease radical elements in their party and get or maintain votes.”

Beliles noted, “But the whole reasoning is hypocritical since that very party was the one that defended slavery, and gave birth to segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, and the Ku Klux Klan and erected all the Confederate statues. Never did the Republican Party advocate those things.”

Beliles observes the irony in all this: “Furthermore, the reasoning for removing these statues is flawed because it requires alignment by historical persons to majority standards that did not exist in their era, and it has no logical end since there will always be found flaws in human leaders.”

Beliles adds, “There is no way to have a unified social identity as a nation with this flawed standard. In reality, it is a tool of disunion used by Marxists to undermine unity in culture and create an environment for revolution. It must be resisted.”

Jarrett Stepman, a writer and commentator with the Heritage Foundation, wrote a book, The War on History. In reference to this NYC-Jefferson controversy, he told me: “Thomas Jefferson was a great man and great American whose words and accomplishments have been a stumbling block to tyrants for the past two centuries….That the New York City Council even considers removing his statue from city hall is an indictment on New York’s political leaders, not Jefferson.”

If only perfect people can have their statues remain, then how many statues can there be? In fact, the only perfect human being who ever lived was Jesus Christ. And yet just the other week a statue of Him was desecrated outside of a church in the greater Miami area.

In this removal of Jefferson’s statue in New York City, the Marxist war on America as founded goes on unabated.