The so-called first post-Christian generation is not coming, it already is. And the transformation of America, and not only America but the West and the rest of the world is a result of people, including those professing to be “Christian” tossing God aside. Throwing the Bible away or corrupting and perverting what is in the Bible with the lies and confusion and sin entered into their ears and hearts by the ministers and minions of Satan, appearing like the enlightened ones, as angels of light and truth — when in truth they are nothing but lies doing the bidding of their master, the father of lies, the devil.

What we can witness every moment of every day everywhere is the majority of people falling for the lies that to discipline a child is wrong. To discipline will hamper their “creativity” and cause them problems down the road. That’s why we have 5-year-olds still soiling diapers and nursing at mommies breast, and we have created an entire generation of godless, spoiled children.

Who never were told “no.” Who when they are age 3 were spoken to as if they were 33 and fully formed adults. Growing up in mostly single-parent homes, Growing up in homes where their parent, or parents if having two, had shunned God, Jesus, and the Bible long ago and there was no Biblical upbringing. No teaching of the Word in the household. No belief in it! No belief in God! No belief in Jesus!

We told everyone that what was most important was self! Self-esteem! And every child was told how they were gifted and could do anything, have anything and discipline was non-existent as was any instruction in the ways of God. In the foundations and principals that held this nation and the West together.

We flaunted it all. Self is what is most important. People were taught they are their own gods as the New Age (Pagan) doctrines and lies were taught and indoctrinated, brainwashed into the minds of children.

As the adults were null and void and absent in the rearing, the parenting they were supposed to be doing.

Fearful of their children. Bowing to their children. Allowing the children to rule to roost!

And now?

Now we live with the consequences of our ignorance and listening to lies and abandoning God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible, and the foundations of the ages!

We are reaping what we have sown.

Read it and weep. Live it and weep even more.

We’re living directly in the words of Romans 1. Believe it, or not — we are living the words, every one of them from Romans 1:18-32…


God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.

Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.


When we ought to be living Romans 1:16-17…


The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”


And, contrary to the prevalent belief the pendulum will swing back and things will restore and improve and we can go back to how things were? That is like catching mercury in fingertips and foolishness. We continue to move away from God, away from Jesus, away from the Holy Spirit, away from the Scriptures, away from the foundations and the truth. Not closer.

It going to get worse. Not better. The seeds have been sown. The choking weeds now are casting their shadows and folks have never taken what is transpiring seriously enough. Resting no laurels, modernization, technology, what they are told rather than seeking the truth themselves. Spoon-fed the lies growing fat, lazy, and ever more ignorant. Things are going to swing back? Improve? People will wake up and realize the error of their ways? Do you actually read and understand the Bible? Do you actually see and understand what has been sown and is taking place every second of every day on this earth?


The so-called adults refuse instruction, refuse discipline themselves, refuse the truth. So how can their offspring ever do anything but erode, decline further, deeper into the depths of sin, abominations, rebellion, disobedience, and turning from the Truth, the Way, the Light, the Life and God, and the Scriptures? The very bedrock, keystone, of a healthy culture?

And, contrary to the lies and propaganda — this is not a leftist only, progressive only doing. Many professed conservatives and those calling themselves “Christians” are equally to blame, equally responsible, equally lax, equally in the undoing and the falling away, and the leaning towards evil rather than righteousness and the truth. Do not make this merely a political matter, a social matter, a modern-era matter. This is the spiritual war at work.

Ken Pullen

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path


The First Post-Christian Generation Is Coming – And It Will Transform America


October 27, 2020

By Jonathon Van Maren /

Reprinted from Prophecy News Watch

For the last decade or so, those warning of civilizational collapse have been accused of being alarmist. I recently reviewed Rod Dreher’s latest book, Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, and noted that many still believe that a “silent majority” of Americans are opposed to the radicalism of the Left–that eventually, progressives will “go too far” and that the pendulum will back.
I’ve heard that case made by people far more educated and intelligent than myself, and I hope they’re right. But I’d like to share a few reasons that I think it far more likely that Dreher is right, and that Western civilization–not just the United States–is on the brink of a long and dark post-Christian moment.
It is true that most people are still not on board with the radicalism of the transgender movement, for example.  But we need to remember that the public education system has been completely colonized by the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender movement, and children who spend thirteen years in a state school will emerge transformed.
If you are a Christian and send your child to a public school, expect him to lose his views. If public school doesn’t do the trick, college or university might. Essentially, a radical movement has virtually unsupervised access to the majority of the nation’s children for the first, formative years of their lives.
And as Abigail Shrier noted in her recent book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, it is changing the views of the population overnight. Progressives play the long game–in ten years, most of these kids will be voting.
Just this month, Politico published an essay explaining how Generation Z (those born after 1996) will change America’s political landscape. This generation is thus far staunchly progressive on a range of issues, but where the future of religious liberty is in doubt is data that indicates “roughly 1 in 4 identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or ‘genderqueer.'”
That number is mindbogglingly high, especially considering the fact that a few years ago, less than 3% of the population identified as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. To put it bluntly, those stats are hard to believe. But as the Daily Mail noted last year, many teens want to identify as anything but straight: As rates of trans kids skyrocket (a “social contagion,” as Dr. Lisa Littman noted), many students are afraid that they are “dumb and boring” if they do not identify as something other than heterosexual.
Additionally, Politico noted that “a third of Gen Zers say they know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns to refer to themselves and nearly 6 in 10 say forms or online profiles should allow more options than ‘man’ or ‘woman,’ according to Pew Research Center.” According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll, 49% of voting-age Gen Z respondents identified as either agnostic or atheist.
The consequences? Politico noted that “Republicans’ idea of religious liberty, particularly as it relates to discrimination against lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer people…’ does not at all resonate with younger Americans.'”
In other words, young Americans increasingly view religious freedom as overt bigotry, and thus no longer see it as a valid concept. Public educators, university instructors, the media, and the Democrats have all been singing this tune for some time. It’s paying off.
There are other worrisome signs of tectonic shifts, as well. I’ve noted the rise of the “nones”–those who identify with no religious tradition–before. Mary Eberstadt frequently refers to “religious illiteracy,” a population of people who no longer even know what the Bible teaches, or the basic concepts of Christianity.
We’re seeing that now with columns on Amy Coney Barrett, with columnists professing shock that Christian schools she was involved with stipulated that staff and students abide by Christian teaching.
This should not be news to ostensibly educated people. To most people, these teachings are now simply hateful and intolerant, and there is no reason to accept them. Keep in mind that only 11% of Americans have actually read the entire Bible–which means that 89% have not. Even cultural Christianity is nearly extinct.
Self-professed Christians, too, are buckling on key issues–putting even more pressure on traditionalist Christians (that is, those who hold orthodox positions on matters of life and sexuality) to conform. A recent study found that 40% of Christians in the U.S. claimed that the Bible is “ambiguous” on abortion, for example.
Another 34% of self-identified Christians claim that marriage cannot be defined as between one man and one woman, and another 34% stated that abortion is morally acceptable “if it spares the mother from financial or emotional discomfort or hardship.”
This lines up with another recent data set reported on by the Christian Post which noted that globally, atheists and religious people have similar views on homosexuality.
In Sweden, 93% of the religiously affiliated believe homosexuality is acceptable; in Catholic Italy, 81%; in Canada, 80%; in the Netherlands, 86%; and in the United States, a full 66%. “Approval for homosexuality” has gone up by ten points in the U.S. between 2013 and 2019. In short? Polls indicating high rates of self-identification with religion do not necessarily indicate good news for social conservatives or religious liberty.
Unless the upcoming generations magically transform on the fundamental issues social conservatives and Christians care about the most, we will be a minority with very little political power in a very short amount of time. This weird moment in the political sun will not last forever–and probably will not last long.
That is why I believe that Rod Dreher’s thesis in Live Not By Lies should be taken seriously. Those promising a bright American future are simply not looking at the data–and although the judicial firewall Trump has done much work to reinforce will be hugely helpful, progressives are already indicating that they would like to initiate a “reform” of the court system because it “isn’t working.”
That, of course, means it isn’t working for them. If they have the power, they will change the system to ensure that it does. And they will have America’s youth at the back, urging them forward, when they do so.
Originally published at The Bridgehead