The Abandonment of Moral Law


As the illustration aptly suggests people believe they can erase, rewire, reprogram ALL THINKING, all that is known, every foundation, law and hardwired truth and make things how they imagine them, desire them, want everything to be. This is delusion. This is illusion. This is spiritual, emotional, mental and physical illness consuming entire peoples, entire nations — all the world.

This is NOT a “cultural war” as almost every writer, speaker, so-called doctor of this or that, expert, established voice declares. No, THIS IS PURELY a SPIRITUAL WAR. Let us speak plain and clear. Let us speak and write completely plain, clear, direct and true.

Any other words, any other descriptions take the path of euphemism, misleading, distracting verbiage. Plain and simple. A massive last ditch spiritual war.

We, everyone, no one on the sidelines, left out, not in it — we the people of the world — every single man, woman and child on earth are in the midst of Romans 1 among other biblical times.

The Holy Bible did not end 1,900, 2,000 or so years ago. Not ancient history. Not dusty or irrelevant. We are living in the last of the last days within biblical times. We’re in Romans, Corinthians, Matthew 24, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah, Galatians, Ephesians, James, Jude and Revelation. Why, we’re even within Genesis only most fail to see or know! The threads of all of human history from God and Jesus together declaring, “Let there be…” to this very moment, and if alive in moments to come after reading this are all of the constant, never-ending until God determines the loom stops, the weaving ends and eternities begin for all threads of history knitting the fabric of it all.

The Bible is not distant, aloof, ancient or irrelevant. We’re living within the pages and words of the Holy Bible this very moment.

There is no “cultural war.” There is only a SPIRITUAL WAR — taking place around and within every single soul on earth relentlessly. Without let up. Without rest, treaty, pause, coffee break or tea time.

We are right in the midst of Romans 1 in which the people, the overwhelming vast majority of the people of the world have been given over to reprobate minds — depraved, immoral, dark, ungodly, unjust, making no sense, no reason, no truth unrighteous dark and evil minds. Plain and simple.

This is NOT politics. This is NOT left vs. right. This is not America vs. any other nation. This is NOT a cultural war. This is a worldwide SPIRITUAL WAR in which there are no conscientious objectors, no pacifists, no bystanders, no spectators that are not also combatants, joiners, signed up for the duration.

This, that, those are the biblical times in which we all live. Without exception.

As gardeners, stewards, shepherds, disciples of Christ, unless every single one of us in whatever our capacity and spiritual gifts might be, unless we go to the ROOT, the FOUNDATIONS, unless we dig, till, plant and sow as we ought and dig deep enough and around enough to go to the root of the weeds consuming the good fruits, the truth, until we steward as we ought, shepherd as we ought knowing the purpose and use of a rod, of a staff, of the duties of a good shepherd, until and unless as genuine disciples of Jesus we always go to the ROOT, the FOUNDATIONS within the Word we all act and live in vain. We will not be acknowledged as anything other than variations of those in this world.

We will suffer for being a genuine hardworking good fruit bearing gardener, steward, shepherd and disciple of the Lord’s. We will lose friends and family. We may not be read, we will be mocked, dismissed, discredited, scorned. We will almost assuredly lose favor among the many and suffer for the truth.

But appeasement does not lend itself well to walking into the eternity most desire and hope to have.

Lying will not get anyone there. Deception will not get anyone there. Illusion, delusion, tolerance of sin, adopting the ways of the world, euphemisms, appeasement, false teachings will not get anyone to the eternity in which God the Father, Jesus the Lord, the Holy Spirit, the elders and heavenly hosts and the saints will be present and accounted.

The world of entertainment years ago came up with an obnoxious, utterly senseless and ridiculous song for felt and ping pong ball eyed inanimate creatures imagined given life in a song titled, “It isn’t easy being green.”

It isn’t easy being a dedicated daily upright, clear, strong, plain, direct, godly, pure disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord in this world — and yet, at the very same moments it may be imagined being such is not easy being all the above in this overrun sentence is the easiest things in the world to be a disciple of Jesus Christ’s. If we but believe. If we but serve the Lord. If we but live our lives daily in fullness for Jesus, knowing what loving and being a disciple of Jesus truly means. Obeying the Lord. Turning to and trusting the Lord in all things. Living in the Word. Living the Word. Not merely hearing or reading — but doing. Bearing fruit. Being salt. Being light. Being genuinely renewed of mind and spirit — transformed, regenerated to good works as a loving disciple desiring to please the Lord who suffered and died for all who believe though He was blameless and without sin. He died for you. He died for me. He suffered and died in our place. Now we need place our hearts and minds, our spirits in His hands. In Him. In Christ.

In Acts 4 when Peter and John were arrested and taken into custody by the authorities for preaching and healing in the name of Jesus, and instructed to cease and desist this teaching and healing, totally stop the spread of the gospel and the truth, the root and foundation of true life — Jesus — and they suffered for His names sake? Did they cease? Appease? Placate? Abide by the instruction of the men of evil, of the world? NO! They prayed for increased and further boldness. To speak the truth. To live as genuine disciples of Jesus Christ the Lord. To be the true children of God with God as their true Father.

in Acts 5 when arrested and consequently freed by an angel of the Lord did they run and hide? Begin speaking as they were told to appease? Please? Be like those in the evil world? Going against the truth? NO! They were astonishingly found preaching and teaching in the temple to the people. And then brought before the council they again vehemently strongly instructed the disciples of Jesus to cease and desist in speaking His name, teaching and healing in the name of Jesus, and consequently beat the diciples of Jesus before letting them go.

And what did Peter and John then do? Mope? Whine? Despair? Cease and desist? Resort to euphemisms, worldly ways, terms, definitions, practices and beliefs to appease? Following the lies?

NO! They counted it worthy to have suffered, to have suffered dishonor in the sight of men to honor and abide in the truth and for the sake of Jesus Christ the Lord. They did not change the truth into a lie to appease, fill up pews, keep a spiritually dead denomination going with false believers, the apostate, the lying and deceiving. NO! They rejoiced, kept to the root, the foundational truth and returned to peaching, healing and spreading the gospel, the name of Jesus. So I sit here as I do this day. So you are reading this. So that throughout all the world the truth of the Lord and His Word are given to all peoples. With the Word of God still being read, prayed upon, taken as the truth, the way, the light, and the source of true life.

And far too many so-called professed believers can’t be bothered. Can’t take the time. Spend the time. Refuse to become bolder. Fear the judgment of men and women rather than the judgments of God. Would rather appease, tolerant sin, refuse to call sin sin, would rather join in with the world in the lies, in the losing of the mind, in turning to reprobate minds elevating ungodliness, unrighteousness and depraved minds and spirits than to suffer, to speak or write, or preach the truth of the whole of Scripture.

Woe to any and all who seek appeasement and placating this world and its people and ways over the ways and Word, the teaching, the soul and spirit healing of the inerrant infallible living and active whole Word of God. Woe to any and all who imagine they are “Christians” yet no not one iota of discipleship. Going the distance. Fighting the good fight. Putting on the full armour. Realizing the war we’re all in.

I hope and pray, dear one reading this right now you are not among them. On that side of things. And no matter how this war rages and goes on for however long with you in the thick of it in the flesh you will not falter, fall, or go over to the other side due to fatigue, or thinking their rhetoric and cunning lies make everything easier, or that somehow you can win them over.

Fight the only good and true fight there is to fight. Remain and increase in the boldness of the Lord’s truths. If weary, as we all get at times? Then pray, pray fervently for strength and in faith, in believing the Lord will give it He will. And you will go on. Trust in the Lord in all things.

This is not merely politics, a cultural war, mere political or secular upheaval. This is last of the last days living in the Bible times. And you’re in it. I’m in it. Whether we want to be or not. So, then, what do each of us then do?

Surrender? Imagine we can quit or not participate?

Do not allow those lies to enter in.

We fight on. We go on. Thankful each moment of each day. Rejoicing in whatever sufferings. Thankful to be socrned, reviled, hated by the world — FOR HIS NAMES SAKE!

Be the salt not losing its flavor and thus worthless.

Be the light. So the Father is seen and thus glorified.

Do no waver. Do not fall. Do not imagine we can ever quit.

This is truly the war to end all wars and the longest, most trying, highest casualty war in world history.

The spirtual war each is in every moment of every day whether they believe that or not, whether they want to be in it or not.

Yes, there is truly an abandonment of moral law. Of morality. Of sense. Of reason. Of logic. Of truth. Because we’re all living right in the verses and words of Romans 1 and other books, chapters, passages, verses and words of the Living and Active Word of God dear ones…because the people of this world, for their deeds, their beliefs have been given over to reprobate — depraved, ungodly, unrighteous evil minds and ways.

And this evil is never satiated. Always raging. Always attempting to devour, delude and consume.

Turn to the Captain of our faith at all times in this ever raging never ceasing until He places His foot back upon the Mount of Olives spiritual war. And world history ends as it has been known and eternities are about to begin in earnest dear ones…

…the truth can and never will be erased, removed, supplanted in the hearts, minds, spirits and souls of any person no matter how they delude themselves, no matter the lies they attempt to follow and make their truths.

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures are ETERNAL and will reign supreme. For eternity.

And we all know what comes of those who refuse to believe this, who refuse the truth, who refuse the Son do we not?

And, if not? As God blesses you with your next heartbeat, your next breath, if you do not believe, do not serve the Son, Jesus, then while God blesses you with breath and fleshly life seize upon the opportunity to learn the Truth, the Way, the Light, and the only way to Life — Jesus Christ the Lord.

Turn to God and His Word. His Son. Repent. Confess your sins. Repent and believe and take up your cross and be a constant disciple of His, Jesus Christ the Lord while God grants you breath and life in this dimnesion and realm!


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020


The Abandonment of Moral Law


Monday, January 6, 2020

By Dr. Alex McFarland

Reprinted from: American Family Association




After three decades of faithful service to his patients, British physician David Mackereth was not only relieved of his duties, but also chastised in court and in the press for holding beliefs “incompatible with human dignity.”

What controversial positions did this doctor hold that rendered his medical experience no longer useful in the 21st century? Mackereth refused to call a male patient (described as being 6’2” and sporting a beard) “she” and “Mrs.” He insisted that a genetically male patient not be viewed as (or treated as) a female.

“No doctor, or researcher, or philosopher can demonstrate or prove that a person can change sex,” Mackereth said. “My 30 years as a doctor are now considered irrelevant compared to the risk that someone else might be offended.”

Perhaps not incidentally, Mackereth is a Christian. While his scientific bias against gender fluidity was (in the popular press, at least) controversial enough, the fact that Mackereth also defended his position using Scripture clearly undermined attempts to salvage his job at a Birmingham, England, medical facility.

“It is deeply disturbing that this is the first time in the history of English law that a judge has ruled that free citizens must engage in compelled speech,” observed Andrea Williams, an attorney representing Mackereth.

The 21st century is different from all other generations, at least in this way: We are living in the first era of an international attempt to suppress moral knowledge. I refer to the widespread cultural abandonment of belief in “natural law.” How do we know this is happening in the Western world? In addition to cases like that of Dr. Mackereth, the list of examples grows.

In the classroom, through the media, in our entertainment, and via rigidly enforced corporate policies, accommodation of clear moral truth is being squelched with unrelenting pressure. America’s founders (and thought leaders throughout history) often referred to our knowledge of right and wrong as “natural law.” Phrases such as “self-evident truth,” “higher law,” or “the laws of nature and nature’s God” were terms used to describe the awareness of right or wrong known to all people.

Source of moral knowledge
Natural law doesn’t mean that people always do what is right. But deep down, in our conscience, people really do know what’s right. This has been amply documented by many scholars, persuasively arguing that humans are a species uniquely “hardwired” with the ability to know right from wrong.

In his 1943 classic The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis documents precepts of the moral codes held by major cultures throughout history, all of which strongly echo the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20.

Humans are moral creatures, yet no scientific theory can account for why humans are born knowing right from wrong. The Bible points out that God universally embedded moral awareness within the human psyche. Romans 2:14-15 states, “When Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts.”

Moral awareness makes each person accountable to God, our Creator. In addition to our moral conscience, common sense tells people of all cultures and ethnicities that males and females are different. The increasingly-enforced LGBTQ message is counter-intuitive and counter-reality. Yet pro-LGBTQ activists deem disagreement with their message an act of violence on par with physical assault. Their lobbying of corporations and government entities to make policies more accepting of LGBTQ demands has been incredibly successful.

All of this mitigation against morality endangers not only the well-being and eternal souls of people, but it gravely undermines the preservation of the U.S. Constitution. The cultural call to sexual license and gender fluidity is not the innocuous path to personal “freedom” our nation is being led to believe. Abandonment of known truth comes with painfully high costs: The lives and souls of people, and (ultimately) our protected freedoms from the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Torture of moral confusion
One of the jobs I worked during grad school was as assistant manager of a Christian bookstore. Ministry opportunities seemed to walk through the store’s door daily, and one unforgettable person we met I’ll call “Russ.”* He would come to the bookstore many times per week, and he struggled with many things. Physical abuse that went back to childhood had taken a severe toll on this young man.

For Russ, the peace of Christ and a stable spiritual walk seemed very elusive. Russ one day informed us that he was from then on to be called “Courtney.”* The real answer to his problems, Russ was convinced, was to become a woman. Shortly after, Russ told us that he was now living with people who truly loved him – but only as Courtney.

He let us know that his new community had a different understanding of Scripture than we had been sharing. His visits to our store became less common. The last time we saw Russ, my wife and I begged him to seek counseling.

Sometime later, newspaper headlines reported that Russ’s death was an unsolved case. The tragic stories surrounding his death will not be repeated here; whether or not he was murdered, committed suicide, or died accidentally was never known.

But in the gender fluid climate of the 21st century, this is certain: Christians who tried to help Russ would today be accused of hate crimes for refusing to encourage the dark, destructive identity of Courtney. For trying to help this young man trust God’s design for his life, we would be guilty of “misgendering.” We had taken Russ/Courtney into our homes, our lives, and our hearts. But progressives today would say that the Christian context we offered amounted to “acts of violence.”

Statement of moral certainty
Because there is this universal witness of God written on every heart, Romans 1:20 contains some very sobering words: “People are without excuse.” Before the Almighty, we are accountable. Perhaps this accountability to God – and not just ourselves – is why many in our culture wish there were no “natural moral law.” This is certainly what John 3:19 indicates: “[M]en loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

John’s Gospel contains the indictment over man’s love for sin, but John 3:16 records God’s intervention to save us from our guilt: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” The most morally correct (and wisest) thing anyone may ever do is to respond to the gospel in faith and obedience.

*Names changed to preserve privacy.

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