Terraforming & Transhumanism: Are You Ready To Accept Plus Live By Them? (VIDEO)




By Catherine J. Frompovich

Reprinted from: Activist Post



If readers are leaning toward a more “woke” state of consciousness that truly there is spiritual warfare, which we are living in now, then there is much more ‘wokeness’ to come when 5G ‘finally has arrived’ with super gusto and full throttle.

Current times are running close to empty for human kindness, compassion, civility, truth and facts, accurate science and higher consciousness, but most of all, steadfastly promulgating the demise of a sane and rational human society in general, with emphasis on the United States.

Even though the beginning few minutes of the video below are based in biblical prophecy—how did they foresee such events several thousand years ago—the most important “take away to the bank” information readers need to hear, plus factor into your thinking about high technology devices, is what a current cell phone tower installer reveals about what he’s being taught and learning about the ‘benefits’ of [5G which] is 15 times stronger than what we are pushing out now…” 

He basically apologizes for what he’s being programmed to do, but questions how his ‘work’ will impact fetuses in utero and children yet to be born.  He even comments that he anticipates getting cancer several years later on in life due to the work he will do to install the 5G network and all the millimeter wave exposures everyone will be exposed to, which no one can hide from.

Readers, I’m in my 80s.  I may not live to experience what that cell phone installer describes.  However, I truly feel it incumbent upon me—an individual who has been “fighting the good fight” since I first got “woke” to what was going on in medicine and government in the mid-1970s—the only thing that will set you, and us collectively as a sane functional society, free is knowledge, something the New World Order crowd definitely is doing by using corporations in media control to keep from you.

Why are Internet platforms deleting evidentiary materials about holistic health; organic foods; banning valid neurotoxic vaccine ingredients information, etc. while promoting in-your-face basic counter-culture memes and lifestyles—how about 32 genders and CO2 is harmful—sane humans have NOT lived with or by since the Industrial Revolution?

It now is an Antifa, Left-wing, Socialist, Marxist, Communist agenda for the USA.

Can you accept that?