To All Subscribers To A Crooked Path


It has been brought to my attention by a longtime subscriber to A Crooked Path depending on the email provider being used the e-newsletter from A Crooked Path appears differently to different folks. The subscriber inquired as to why I had written there were videos in various articles sent, yet no vidoes could be found.

I was unaware of this situation.

I have begun looking into this matter, as I desire the newsletter to appear to everyone in a very readable and usable state. No problems for any of the subscribers. That is my goal.

In the past two days what I have learned is some subscribers receive a once a day delivery system — every article published, no matter the number in a 24 hour timeframe appearing in one single email going out. If you are receiving your e-newsletter in this manner all you need to do in order to begin watching any videos included in posts is place your cursor over the photos in the article in question. Your cursor will change when you place it over a video.

The typical circle with the arrow pointing to the right will not appear. You’ll have to find the videos by placing your cursor over what appears as still photos in the article you’re reading.

The other form of e-newsletter going out to folks are individual postings each and every time I publish something on A Crooked Path. I publish 3 articles, you receive 3 emails. I publish 10 and you receive 10 separate emails. These seem to appear with a blue border around them. It this type of newsletter where the problem of not seeing or not having the videos included arises.

I am looking into this to see if there is a solution and this can be remedied for subscribers receiving this type of newsletter.

Why there are two different kinds of newsletters going out I have no idea. Everything is supposed to be going through one feed service. I am in discussion with them to try and figure all this out.

In the meantime, anyone receiving a subscriber newsletter from A Crooked Path can view all the videos and read all the text, and see all the images included in every article published by clicking on any of the article title headings in blue colored text. Place your cursor over the blue colored title, click, and it’ll take you right to the page on A Crooked Path where that article appears.

Doing such you will find the article easier to read, be able to see all the images included in an article, and be able to easily see the videos as on the web pages the videos do appear with the circle in the center with the arrow pointing to the right.

I hope this helps clarify matters for anyone who has had difficulty in the past, or is having difficulty presently.

I will attempt to make this a much smoother and uniform operation for one and all.

And, if after discussing this matter with all the technical people who know a lot more about these matters than I do, and they tell me there is nothing I can do to change how things are? I will follow up letting everyone know this.

In the meantime, while I have you all here — if anyone out there at any time is having any problems, they have any concerns, any questions — please, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know. I am easily accessible. If any of you have ever contacted A Crooked Path and left a comment or had a question you know I respond to each and every one individually and in a timely manner.

I live primarily to be of service to the Lord our God, and to Christ our Lord and Saviour — and I am here also to be of service to each and every subscriber. You took the time to subscribe. You have evidenced you care about this place and its content, and I want you to know that is greatly appreciated and that I also care about you, and providing you the very best service I can.

I now have a private, secure encrypted email address expressly for A Crooked Path. I’m using a private service from a company based in Switzerland, so you can be sure it is secure and safe to use.

Anyone desiring to contact me regarding anything can either reach me by leaving a comment on any article on the website or…

email me at this address:



Ken Pullen


Friday, February 10th, 2017