Speaking the Truth About Homosexuality is Hate Speech in Canada (Video)


This is an excellent video except for the fact the host and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth keep stating this is something brought about by the left, the left of the political spectrum. If people are intelligent enough to realize what is taking place is an assault on free speech and clearly wrong to permit such a small percentage of the population to have such power and use it to incarcerate and discredit and destroy anyone who speaks out about the truth of homosexuality.

These are faith-based Christians supposedly. Why continue speaking about what is taking place as a leftist political act? Because what has taken place over the past 40 plus years in this homosexual fascism movement is not rooted in leftist political ideology or platform — it is deeply rooted in EVIL. In the escalating spiritual war each person is in whether they think so or not, whether they like it, agree with it or not.

This is about the devil increasing and evil increasing and lies increasing and the erosion and removal of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ, of the Bible, of true Christianity, of all morals and permitting every sexual deviancy and immorality under the sun to increase and be accepted as normal.

And if anyone speaks the truth and says or writes differently?

In Canada, in more and more Western nations, in more and more places all around the world that person most likely and can be arrested and incarcerated.

Think deeply on this. Where this world is presently. The degree of decline, erosion that has taken place in only 20, 30 years.


Ken Pullen

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path


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