Something Has To Break (Video)


Speaker, Pastor Shane Idelman


In the 1970s, the top problems in public schools are Chewing Gum and Making Noise. You don’t want to know what they are today. Rape, Robbery, and Assault lead the list. I get very discouraged but I have to encourage myself in the Lord. Because there might not be a place where our nation turns to God. It might just be remnants of people, and God brings you revival, and not trusting in a political party or in a person but in trusting in God almighty.

When we say something has to break, sometimes it’s not the problem itself. Sometimes the problem is used to break us. Maybe the sooner you get to realize that the sooner you will have a breakthrough.

Often, spiritual pressure must be applied before there is a breakthrough in heavenly warfare. Listen to this life-changing message, Something has to Break: