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Seventy-six years ago today…


by Ken Pullen

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path


Seventy-six years ago today Operation Overlord put boots, blood, guts, and the will to do what was right on the beaches of Normandy, France. It had been in the planning stages for a few years. The allied forces to take the fight directly to the Germans in Europe.

American, British, and Canadian soldiers and aviators, navy sailors, specialists, hundreds of thousands of men finally touching French soil to sweat, bleed, struggle, endure, suffer, die and those that hadn’t to continue to press on in order to defeat tyranny, lawlessness, fascism and an evil that had gripped all of Europe and many other parts of the region, as a great darkness of evil was spreading out covering more and more of the earth.

Stalin and the evil of the Soviets.

The Imperial Japanese consuming Asia and the Pacific Islands and lands like a plague of locusts.

Communism rising.

Facsim spreading.

It was only by Divine Providence, the Hand of God, and the spirit put within the fighting men and women on the side of the allied forces that fascism and imperialism were snuffed out, at least for a while.

If one is of the mind God was not on one side in World War II I strongly beg to differ. From occurrences such as weather to Nazi generals wives birthdays and those generals leaving their posts to return to their homes and wives, to the atrocities and oppression of God’s people, which He would only allow for so long — to the knowledge that unless the allied forces, with God’s Hand upon them, kept going and won? The whole world would have become shrouded in the darkness of oppression, tyranny, fascism, communism, and imperialism.

Make no mistake — the Nazis were well on the way to developing and manufacturing nuclear weapons, long-range bombers to traverse the Atlantic, and bomb East Coast cities of the United States. And that is what would have happened were it not for God being in control, the Hand of God in all things, and God being on the side of the allies in World War II. You can refute this all you want, but if this were not so God’s will of keeping the door of grace open longer might not have taken place, and you and I may still have been born, but you and I in all likelihood would not have had, or have now access to the Word of God, to the freedom to worship, to be first Christ’s rather then being first the Furher’s or the Emperor’s, or the head of the communist party, depending on how America would have been divided up and fought for by the forces of evil who hate God and would certainly worked and fought to remove Him, remove Jesus, remove the Scriptures, and remove Christian worship from the face of the earth had they won. There would have been death camps in America, throughout the West for those refusing to denounce the faith in Jesus Christ and serve the Fuhrer, serve the Emperor instead.

I am of a very unique minority. A very small minority on this earth (that according to the Barna Group comprises only 6% of people in America). I see, I hear, all events both past and present with eyes, ears, a heart and a mind of all things happening on earth as a result of the spiritual war between God and His rightness and ways, and the evil of the fallen Satan, who seduced man and woman and caused sin and death to enter this world, and all the men, women and children in this nonstop spiritual war. With no bystanders, no neutrality, no conscientious objectors.

I view everything with a Biblical worldview. Not as a professed Christian still permitting a worldly worldview in, permitting worldly ideologies and philosophies in. But with a Biblical view on all things. All things. Not wavering or weakening on the inerrant living Word of God and all that is contained therein.

What is an example? Well, you ought to know this, but for example, a large percentage of so-called professed “Christians” are accepting and embracing homosexuality and even homosexual marriage, they embrace and permit women pastors and leaders, practicing lesbians and homosexuals as their pastors in their churches. Some and an ever-growing number even promote and endorse abortion, communism, and fascism. Along with myriad other false teachings and doctrines. Or, it could be something as simple as not being Biblical parents to their children. This is why according to the Barna Group’s exhaustive research they determined only 6% of those professing to be “Christian” actually have a Biblical worldview.

I am one of those.

I view and think about all things as being under the eyes and hands of God Almighty. And evil at constant war with God and the people on this earth.

We have legions of lost, clueless individuals imagining themselves so educated and enlightened speaking and writing how war is immoral and man can stop resorting to war and they ignorantly delude themselves there can be world peace, that everyone can get along. They deny human nature. They are ignorant of the Word of God, even if they’ve read the Bible and even can recite parts, or have memorized parts — if they do not have the Holy Spirit indwelling them as renewed creatures, transformed in their hearts and minds by the Spirit of God, then no matter how much they read, how much they memorize their intellectualizing of the Bible is not the same, does not provide the depth of understanding, discernment, and wisdom to glean from reading and meditating upon God’s Word, as those who are disciples of Jesus Christ, true children of God, truly born anew within their hearts and spirits.

What would have been truly immoral, and against God, is if America had remained passive and refused to enter World War II. If the appeasement that had gone on far too long in Great Britain would have continued, and these events permitting the truly evil of fascist Germany and Imperialist Japan to spread ever outward over the earth, which certainly would have.

And it is due to the intervention, the Hand of God, Divine Providence the allies won in spite of the timidity, the hesitation, the blunders and wrong decisions made by FDR (who loved evil Stalin, who was as evil as Hitler and the Nazis, and didn’t really like Winston Churchill), Eisenhower (who had never seen or known combat, who appeased Stalin and communism and wanted Patton silenced and removed even though George Patton was the greatest general in the American military, and among all the allied officers), Bradley, and Montgomery (both timider than bold and often wrong in their tactics). Rather than allowing generals such as George Patton to end the war earlier and save countless lives, which would have happened had the aforementioned men not been more at war with Patton than they were with Germany. Egos, politics, and fear kept the aforementioned men (save Patton) from seeing clearly and acting properly, and it was only by Divine Providence the allies came out on top, along with the heart, spirit, and will of the men on the ground, the average grunt foot soldiers and artillerymen, cut of the same cloth in the air, and on the sea pushing ever onward.

America and the allies won for two reasons. The Hand of God and the brave men on the ground, in the air, on the sea fighting and enduring and sacrificing it all to defeat evil and win the war. And all the countless women in Great Britain and America working and sacrificing for the war effort. All the men and women who lived through it. Endured, kept the faith, kept going on no matter what, and did what they had to in order to preserve, protect, and provide in order to maintain freedoms and liberties. The very foundations, principals, and values America and free nations were built upon.

Man resorts to war for many reasons.

From Genesis through 2 Kings in the Old Testament there are accounts of around 80 wars, civil wars, and battles.

God permits wars. God even instructs or has in the past instructed his people to prepare and go to war. And at times, due to disobedience, turning from God, God has willed and brought about the defeat of His people for their disobedience and turning from Him.

There is a vast difference in killing a person in a war versus killing a person when not at war


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The men who either enlisted or were drafted into military service to go to war were trained in the art of killing. Though in civilian life the vast majority would never have thought about or resorted to killing another human being.

They had a job to do. A very serious, very intense, very troubling within their souls when they thought about it difficult job to do. They did it or they were killed themselves by the enemy opposing them.

They did it for various reasons.

When they killed it was not anything like the killing that takes place on American streets, in American homes, at American workplaces by people not in an openly declared war.

The sacrifices the men and women of World War II on the allied side made were beyond adequate description using mere words.

Millions shed their blood. So that tyranny, fascism, and evil could be slowed, halted, and defeated. At least defeated from the raging level and expanse it had taken on in the world.

While they fought to stay alive, to help keep their brothers in arms, their friends alive, they also fought daily and endured what they did to protect, preserve, and keep freedom and liberties alive. To defend the U.S. Constitution, and the freedoms and liberties of the lands they came from — England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, America…along with other places.


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That incredible generation, who sacrificed so many, so much so that we have what remains of those liberties and freedoms surely would be saddened, were many of them still alive today (as the vast majority have passed on and very few remain living) to see evil and fascism taking root and growing in America, in those once free Western nations that put everything on the line to protect liberty and freedom. The freedom of religion. The freedom of speech. Sacrificing all to defeat fascism and tyranny — not so that those evils could take root and grow in America in the early 21st century.

I’m not debating or condemning the freedom to assemble and express grievances against the government — that is one of our foundational principals and liberties, and when tyranny, fascism, despotism, all and anything going against our foundations, against the principals this nation was founded upon it is the duty of every American to speak up and speak out to protect and preserve those liberties and freedoms — just as their grandfathers, husbands, brothers, and sons did in World War II. Protesting is one thing. Destruction, rebellion, destruction of property, violence against others, killing people while claiming to protest killing? Burning American cities? Looting, stealing that which is not yours and you did not work for? No, this is not the what or the why all those who lived, died, fought on, and returned home from World War II went to war for.

What would sadden greatly all those who endured and sacrificed so much, and ought to truly sadden and cause great, deep meditation and consideration upon, is the surrendering of our nation, the surrendering of our people to tyranny, to fascism, the propaganda, to communism, to socialism, to lies and evil.

On this day, at some point every day, let us pause and consider the blood shed. The lives lost. The futures never known and enjoyed by millions that believed they sacrificed what they did because the freedoms, the liberties known, lived, pursued, and enjoyed in America would go on.

That people would continue to bless God, believe in God, worship God and Jesus.

That freedom and liberty would continue to ring out throughout the land.

They did not sacrifice all for tyranny, darkness, lies, propaganda, fascism, communism, socialism, and evil to begin to cover this land just as it had in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20 — King James Version

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

Proverbs 14:34 — Christian Standard Bible


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Dead U.S. soldier on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, June 6th, 1944

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All those neat white rows are the burial sites of fallen soldiers sacrificing it all, never knowing a future with a family, living a long good life, all that this life can afford — they sacrificed it all. Not so tyranny, lies, fascism, communism and socialism and godlessness, lawlessness became the American way…

The above is only one of 38 military cemeteries in France.

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